September 2015

The leaves in New England are beginning to change and at NETCO we have a full slate of projects for the upcoming months. As usual, the summer is a quieter time as our clients enjoy their beaches and coastal properties.

We hope you enjoyed your summer and that you'll also enjoy our first fall newsletter. We're enthusiastic about introducing Elcorock, and new product that provides an additional option for coastal erosion project. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

New for NETCO

For a number of years, NETCO has used biodegradable coir envelope systems in coastal stabilization projects in New England. While we will continue to install coir systems to protect and restore the shoreline, we are about to begin a revetment project using a new product at White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA.

Developed over the last 25 years, Elcorock containers consist of highly durable non-woven, needle punched staple fiber geotextiles. The Elcorock containers are manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia Pty., Ltd. Enhanced filtration combined with resistance to abrasion and UV damage makes this material ideal for coastal applications. Elcorock installations are highly stabile and durable in turbulent coastal environments even under the harshest of conditions.


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Beach Notes
Coastal News

As glaciers melt and seas rise, the oceans are claiming land that humans thought they dominated. In Massachusetts, defiant coastal homeowners rebuild homes again and again. But in other places, people are taking action... Read More


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Tampa Bay Times St. Augustine's centuries-old Spanish fortress and other national landmarks sit feet from the encroaching Atlantic, whose waters already flood the city's narrow, brick-paved streets about 10 times a year - a problem worsening as sea levels rise. The city has long relied on tourism, but visitors to the fortress might someday have to wear waders at high tide... Read More
Climate news Unprecedented ocean temperature rises off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US may be linked to sea level rise or the recent pattern of "weird" weather... Read More 
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  • Rock gabion construction (wire & HDPE gabions)
  • Boardwalks, dune crossovers, walkway construction
  • Wetland/salt marsh restoration
  • Infrastructure protection

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