Have you stopped by the shop lately? 

 We've been spruc ing up the place:  
  • We've put up a new outdoor sign;
  • Installed new floors and;
  • Have a brand-new POS system and Online store

A huge Thank You to the entire X-Ring team (and their families), who helped with every aspect of our upgrades.
Online Shopping Is Now Even Easier
Welcome to our new online store, where shopping is better than ever before.  

New Features:
  1. Our in-store inventory is listed on the web site
  2. Easily find and view available accessories for the firearm you are purchasing 
  3. Purchase our Pre-Owned FIrearms online.  

*As exciting as this new feature is, we urge you to purchase with caution. Keep in mind, that you have not held, inspected or touched the firearm. If, once you come into the store to pick it up, you change your mind, you will be charged a 20% restocking. So, be careful with that late night shopping.  We know how tempting it can be to click and buy, then have buyer's remorse. 

Online Shopping Features
Let's take a little tour of a typical firearm entry.  For our discussion of new the features, we will be referencing a  Ruger 10/22:  


#1:   We now have the capability to identify merchandise that is physically in our store.  Look for "Available in Store" right above the UPC code. 

#2:  A quick glance at the specifics of the firearm:  Brand, Model and Caliber, etc

#3Tech Specs:  Action, Barrel Length, Type of Safety, Capacity and Weight, etc

#4:  Need magazines, sights, ammunition, furniture?  No searching necessary -- it's all listed for you under Outfit this Item.

#5:  What other models of this firearm are available?  Want a wood stock?  Different caliber?  Click Also Available and select the exact firearm you are looking for.

#6:  Hit Buy Now and the item will be added to your cart.

#7:  Not ready to place your order, or you want to do some more research?  How about keeping a list of items that you may want to purchase in the future?  Just click the Save For Later button.

TIP:  Before you get started, you may want to create an account.  (Go to MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page.)   It's better to get it out of the way, up front, so that you don't have to interrupt your shopping.

Please note:  If you previously had our online store bookmarked, please update the address to:  
Pre-Owned Firearms

We are always looking for quality pre-owned firearms.
If you have a firearm that you no longer need, bring it in. You can trade it in towards the purchase of another firearm, sell it to us outright, or put it on consignment.
Before coming into the shop, make sure the firearm is unloaded. Bring all accessories, magazines, case, etc. The firearm must function with no issues.

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