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New Web-Site!
Check It Out!  And Win?  

Check It Out!

I just finished updating the look of the Forever In Stitches web-site: www.ForeverInStitches.com! It took two weeks! Can you believe it? I spent the first week trying out a new web-publishing tool [which failed! or I did!]. I then spent a week re-building it using the old tool! [No, not me! The web-publishing tool!]

As I said, I just finished.

There are 19 pages to the site! "It looks a lot like the old one", you say! Well, it does. I liked what Peter Grihalva did last time he designed it, so I built off of the look and feel that he created.

So, what's different? When Peter designed it we had the full service quilt shop. Things have changed and they needed to be reflected in the site. Some pages are gone. Some pages have been moved. Some pages have been added.

The most notable change is the new Newsletter page with all the last year's newsletters. As time goes on I will add more history to it so that it is more than just a year's history. I did this because it bothered me that one had to be a member of Facebook in order to read our old newsletters.

Please check it out. I'd like to know what you think of it.

And, Win!?

Win a Raggedy Ruth Designs pattern of your choice by being the first to find a given link error.

How do you do that?

There are links all over the site. By a link I mean:
  • A link to another page on the site
  • A link to another site
  • A picture that doesn't show up
  • A PDF that doesn't load

Simply go to the site and find the listed error types.


What isn't included: grammar, spelling, wording choices.


What do I mean by "a given link error?"  There are scores of the abovementioned links in the site. Find an error and report it to me in an email [RickG@ForeverInStitches.com] or by phone [419.358.0656]. Tell us what the error is and where it is found.


If you are the first to report that error at that place on the site, then you will receive a free Raggedy Ruth Design pattern of your choice.


So, if you find one error, let us know immediately so that you will be the first. Then keep looking to find other errors, and because someone else may have beat you to that error. 


Limitations and other small print 

  • Limit of two pattern awards per person.
  • An error that repeats itself because of its position [e.g.a header or footer] counts as one error and not 19 [because the same header and footer appear on all 19 pages].
  • The error must be repeatable on our computers. We have Androids, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008. The reason for this "repeatable" requirement is that many errors are caused by a computer's configurations, security, browser [we have Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Fox].
  • The errors found must be on www.ForeverInStitches.com or our linked Raggedy Ruth Designs/Forever In Stitches web-store. For example, there is a link to Accomplish Quilting's site and we want to know if that link does not work, but we will not give prizes for errors found on that site. The same exclusion is true of our other sites: RGrihalva.com, RaggedyRuthDesigns.com, and PerfectCornerRuler.com.
  • The challenge will end when 200 errors are found or when the conclusion is announced in an email.

Thank You 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Your feedback and assistance are appreciated.   
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