Check Out Our New Website! Please!
Welcome to ForeverInStitches.NET! Why ".net"?

When we opened Forever In Stitches, it was the "in thing" to use acronyms. So, we used "" as our address, as it stood for "Forever In Stitches, Limited Liability Company."

It didn't take long for the "builder" [the software that you use to construct a site] to become a legacy [out of date] product. So, we created a new page "" with a new "builder" and pointed "" to it. That way whether you went to "" or "", you would be at the same place.

Then, that builder became legacy and we built a site as "". When that site worked, we immediately had the builder do the building on, you guessed it, "" and everything was seamless to our clients.

Time went on until this year, when our now "legacy" builder could not publish the websites, including ours. So, we went through the same process: copying bits and pieces of the legacy builder to the "new" builder. As we had amassed 30 pages of information in out web-site, The process took just over one week to complete.

Now we have the final status: whether you go to "", or "", you end up at the same place...".net:" And, since the hosting company can not get the forwarding to work on ".com", there is a big sign to "Click here" to be forwarded to the new site: ".net".

Now for the good part. As of this moment, Arlene D. has earned a 15% discount on her next longarming project. Join her in finding errors on our site: "".

As I said, we are up. Those reporting a new error will receive 5% off of their next longarming charges up to a maximum of 50%! Report the error to me at or by calling me at 567.208.3572!

What counts as an error? Any, or all, of the following:

  • Spelling errors;
  • Grammatical errors;
  • Link errors;
  • Sentences that do not make sense;
  • Etc.

Your review of our site is most welcome!

PS: Our emails have been setup on "" and "", but as of now have not been set up at the ".net." That's why the above email is to a ".com".
Al Fin

I trust that this was of assistance or interest. If you have any questions that need to be answered, on this or other longarming or quilting topics, then please write to me at or call 219.255.8085.

Thank you for your time and interest.
May The Lord Richly Bless You!
Rick & Ruth Grihalva
At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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