Robot System Products End of Arm Tooling Solutions
Swivels (Rotary Unions)
Spin the 6th Axis Free from Hoses and Cables

With Robot System Products‘ Swivels, axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely. Wear on the hose package decreases, while up time and productivity increases. If the swivels are used with our hose packages, axis 4 and 5 are also able to rotate unimpeded. The full working range of the robot can be utilized.

Tool Changers
High Repeatability with RSP Tool Changers

RSP has a wide range of automatic tool changers with a load capacity of 5 kg up to 1,250 kg. The tool changers are robust and can manage continuous changing operations with maintained reliability and safety. Depending on model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water and compressed air can be transferred from the robot side to the tool.

Swivel Tool Changers
Automatic Tool Changing Combined with Free Rotation of Axis 6

RSP’s Swivel Tool Changer is a unique combination of a swivel and a tool changer. As the sole supplier, RSP offers integrated swivel- and tool changing functions, which combine the free rotation of axis 6 with compactness and minimal extension from the robot’s tool plate. RSP‘s swivel tool changers unite the best of two technologies.

Maximize your Hose Package Lifetime with CiRo

• Up to ± 250° rotation
• Cables and hoses can be selected
freely to suit any application
• Extended hose package lifetime
• Quick and easy installation
• High reliability
• Enables offline programming

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