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Hello Neighbors,

We made it to 2021! As things slowly begin to move toward normalcy NANA is looking hopefully toward the future and being able to gather with our neighbors once again. In the meantime we are working on creating some fun events that we can all participate in safely while building a sense of community even at a distance.

This month’s Neighborly Love event is a great opportunity for North Avondale to show the spirit that makes this such a wonderful neighborhood. In partnership with Ronald McDonald House, we are making Valentine’s Day a true celebration of love for folks who surely need a reminder while dealing with the stress of a sick child. All of the details on how to participate are below. We would love for you to contribute!

One other piece of news is the addition of Ryan Jarrell to the NANA board. Ryan is filling our vacant Corresponding Secretary position. We are thankful for his willingness to volunteer! There is a note from Ryan below (In From Your Neighbors) introducing himself, so be sure to check that out.

Please be sure to join us via Zoom for this month’s meeting to hear more about all of the ongoing projects in North Avondale. See you there!
Ethan Perry
 Tuesday, February 9, 7:00 pm

Passcode: 45217

Meeting Agenda Items:
  • Cincinnati Water Works Update on Water Main Replacement Project
  • April from Eden Urban Gardens Plans for Spring and the Future
  • Updates from the Joint Strategic Development Committee
  • Website/Social Media Updates
  • Gavi Begtrup - Candidate for Mayor

Next NANA General Meeting March 9

North Avondale Neighborly Love Event 

Baskets for Ronald McDonald House Residents

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love of community and how that love brings people together. NANA has partnered with The Ronald McDonald House to share our hearts in the form of Valentine’s Day Baskets for the 40 families who are currently residing at the home. These families come from all over the country to seek treatment for their children. It is often a stressful time filled with worry, but our community has an opportunity to lift their spirits and bring them hope this Valentine’s Day!

We need 40 Baskets but are able to take more if we get additional interest.

Basket Instructions:
  • All candy or treats will need to be unopened and/or wrapped in a sealed container.
  • We encourage kids to take part in the activity by making handmade Valentine cards to write words of encouragement.
  • Please wrap basket in cellophane in order to keep items intact during transport.
  • No Monetary Items Allowed
  • For Ideas: https://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=valentine%27s+sensible+solutions This page has everything from small packages of veggie straws, gluten-free cheese puffs, to mini stuffed animals, to candy. Since sugar is not always the best for those fighting chronic illnesses maybe including sugar-free treats along with some sweets, little favors or decorations, etc. would be welcome

If you or your family is interested in making a Valentine’s Day Basket, please email Morgan and include your:
  • name
  • address
  • contact phone#
  • indicate if you prefer text over email
  • how many baskets you will make

Please contact NANA Board Member & Events Chair, Morgan Rottinghaus

Drop off location : Rottinghaus Residence 965 Lenox Place Cincinnati, OH 45229

Drop off Date: No Later than February 8th @ 8pm

To donate for this project: click here & check Other and write valentine's baskets.
Morgan Rottinghaus, Chair


  • When you touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands,
  • When you prepare or eat food with unwashed hands,
  • When you touch a contaminated surface or objects,
  • When you blow your nose, cough or sneeze into your hands and then touch other people’s hands or a common object,

Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others.
HOWEVER, February 2021 marks the return to in-person or hybrid learning for many school-age children. AND regular handwashing may not remain a priority with young people once they get back to school and begin to interact with their friends and have to sit in a formal school setting again.   Schools will have health and safety guidelines in place.
  • Whether your child’s school requires a uniform or not, a MASK is a requirement to enter schools.
  • Many schools will have hand sanitizing stations throughout the school. Students should use them as they enter and leave each classroom, bathroom and cafeteria.
  • Some schools will have plexiglass partitions installed on tables to separate one student from another. Encourage your children to respect them, keep them clean and try to avoid knocking them over as they break easily.
  • Keeping the 6ft distance mandate within an occupied school building will be a challenge for all schools once students return. But students should stay aware of the need to keep their distance.

Parents should calmly talk with their children about the return to school and strongly advise them to follow the school’s safety guidelines and to uphold their responsibility to keep themselves and their classmates and teachers safe. The objective is to create a safe learning space for children. The news provides frightening data and the realities of families having lost loved ones to COVID increase our children’s concern and in some cases, fear, about returning to school. If we can all do our part in keeping each other safe, we can begin to chip away at the magnitude of the problem.
Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison


Pillar Damage - E. Mitchell Ave and Red Bud Ave

The Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) has been replacing water lines on Avon Fields Ln, Betula Ave, Red Bud Ave moving onto Rose Hill Ave and Beechwood Ave. On Thursday, January 21, a cement truck damaged the planter bringing it to the ground. Ford Development Corp. has taken full responsibility. The restoration team came out, January 29th and took it to their warehouse. It will be re-installed after the winter is over.
Carolyn Gillman, Chair

NANA/NABA Joint Strategic Development Committee (JSDC) regroups to connect North Avondale with key development organizations

The commercial real estate development process is intricate. North Avondale’s business district, between Clinton Springs Avenue and Paddock Rd. brings further considerations. The North Avondale business district is best described as an urban business district in revitalization phase with architecturally significant buildings situated along the busiest line in the Metro system (according to Better Bus Coalition) and surrounded by a passionate, residential community that has been researching and planning what the neighborhood wants for most of the last decade.

Post 2008, the Cincinnati region has been aggressively improving multiple urban business districts, with capital-infused Over-the-Rhine leading the way. The success of OTR’s revitalization continues to inspire North Avondale nextdoor neighborhoods like Clifton, Norwood, St. Bernard, Avondale, Evanston, Paddock Hills, and Walnut Hills to reinvest in their communities. There is no one ideal community formula for setting up infrastructure to focus on economic development. A typical trio of neighborhood groups includes a community council, a business association, and a community development or community investment corporation.

North Avondale’s business association is NABA, dedicated to building a vibrant business community. The business association has over 40 members and has been the backbone of business district beautification projects like the flower pots with Cincinnati Park Board; the Artwork’s mural, and seasonal banners. In addition, NABA facilitated a North Avondale Urban Planning Workshop; a community survey; restoration of the city-owned lot at the corner of Paddock and Reading Roads, and stabilization of the historic Rupel House, designed by Samuel Hannaford.

View this presentation to catch up on the last decade of NABA’s work invigorating the business district.

The North Avondale version of a community council is NANA, the North Avondale Neighborhood Association. This is a group of committed citizens dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life in the neighborhood celebrating its 60th year in 2021.

What North Avondale has lacked is a dedicated development group that can act as a bridge between the community and key development organizations like The Port, SORTA/Metro, and Cincinnati City Planning. To make it more streamlined to do business around development opportunities, challenges and concerns, NANA and NABA have authorized the Joint Strategic Development Committee (JSDC) as an aligned voice and point of contact for the North Avondale neighborhood in communications with these key groups. The JSDC is not a decision making body, but a liaison and advisory committee to facilitate communication between business and residential organizations and outside organizations.

Jeff Herr, of Betula Avenue, will serve as Chairperson of the JSDC. Beth Ewing, of Winding Way, will serve as Vice Chairperson. To date, Jeff and Beth have met with members from The Port to formalize a mutually agreed upon process for prospective buyers to follow for any properties held in the Landbank including the Rupel House property. At the January JSDC committee meeting, Jeff and Beth walked through the proposed multi-step process to gather feedback and answer questions. Next, they go back to the Port to confirm the process.

The Joint Strategic Development Committee includes 6 NABA members — President Mike Caporale, VP David Emery, Secretary Maura Wolf plus Tim Harkavy, Heather Herr and Pamela Winston — and 5 members of NANA — President Ethan Perry, 1st VP Heather Herr, 3rd VP Patrice Watson, Recording Secretary Morgan Rottinghaus and Law and Safety Chairman Carolyn Gillman. In addition, the following people have volunteered to serve on the committee including Andrew Beiting, Mary Beth Ottke, Tina Dyehouse, Amy Harten, Teresa Harten, John Jones, Hanne Larsen, Doug Louder, Geoff Milz, Brian Mitchell, Shannon Monti, Rocco Rossi, Jay Rottinghaus, Rick Ruehlmann, Brynn Walden, Jocelyn Williams, Wendi Wilson, Vanessa Wong, and Amy Yosmali. The JSDC is honored to have so many talented members of the community join together to assist in the transformation of the business district. Multiple sub-committees are being formed.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more, please contact nana@northavondalecincinnati.com and Beth Ewing will reply. The JSDC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Jeff Herr Chair & Beth Ewing Co-chair

Winter Wonderland was held on December 20, from 5:30 to 9:00pm. Thank you to everyone who made this a successful event: Morgan Rottinghaus (Chair, Fire Pit and Treats); Beth Ewing (Presents & Treats); Heather & Jeff Herr (Santa and Treats); Valerie Williams & Robbert Dejong (S'mores & Fire Pit); Sarah & Jason Rich (Candy Cane Lane); Carolyn & John Gillman's (Holiday Blow Up Parade). See the pictures below
Sarah & Jason Rich
Candy Cane Lane
Santa at Jeff & Heather Herr's Home
Carolyn & John Gillman's
Holiday Blow Up Parade
Beth Serving Treats and Santa's Treasure Chest at Beth & Brook Ewing's home
The Taco Food Truck
Sassy Cassie Burgers
Morgan & Jay Rottinghaus
Fire Pit, Beer & Bourbon Bucket, and Treats
Thank you to Morgan Rottinghaus for Chairing this successful event.
Jeff & Heather Herr's Home

Heather Herr (Betula and NANA 1st Vice President) We love St. Ursula Academy (Cincinnati, Ohio) because they empower young ladies to be confident, independent and strong leaders from day one. The annual event hosted at the school will be virtual this year and I am so impressed with how the community has come together to make the “show go on”!

The Palooza is this Saturday! If you interested please consider registering using the link below to take a peek at some of the fantastic items up for bid in the auction, or buy raffle tickets for a chance to win $10,000, a solo stove bonfire, a basket of bourbon🥃, a Yeti cooler 🧊, or a purse! Etc., etc., etc.! It’s free to attend the event!

Jeff and I, as well as Team Herr Real Estate, are grateful to be involved as sponsors of this years event. SUA strives to make sure that every student benefits each from this important event!❣️  

To take part in the event and to sign on: https://ita.com/sua-palooza
CONTEMPORARY DANCE THEATER moving bodies moving souls

Experience dance differently... Try out a new Master Class!


October 10, 2020 originally submitted to the Cincinnati Enquirer
    December 30, 2020 amended

The October 10, 2020 letter to the Editor by ex-Judge Norbert Nadel requires a response. It is not absurd to consider that a psychiatrist would help respond to a 911 call. Consider this history in Hamilton County of which ex-Judge Nadel should have known. In 1987, a patient went AWOL from the now closed Rollman Psychiatric Institute. Cincinnati Police were called, and in an attempt to return him to the Institute, he was tragically shot and killed.
In response, then Mayor Charles Luken authorized the formation of the Mental Health/Law Enforcement Committee. Members included (1) Police Chief Col. Lawrence E. Whalen, (2) a representative from the City of Cincinnati, (3) The Hamilton County Mental Health Board (4) UC Psychiatric Emergency Service and (5) myself, a National Board Certified General/Forensic Psychiatrist.
The Committee quietly worked for 27 years, although membership changed and grew, I served as Chair for 15 years.
Initially, Chief Whalen attended every weekly meeting with his 2 top assistants, the latter eventually replaced him.
Essentially, the Committee was represented by all Hamilton County Law enforcement that included the Sheriff's Department and all mental health agencies, Over the course of time, some 110 individuals participated.
  1. Educating all Cincinnati Police Officers in conditions that likely represented an individual's possible mental illness, which continues today.
  2. Catalyzed the enlargement of Mobile Crisis Response Team operating out of UC Hospital Psychiatric Service. Members often responded upon police officer's request for help on the street.
  3. The Committee worked with the Ohio Department of Mental Health which led to reducing the size of the then Longview State Hospital from 3000 beds to current 300 beds. Eventually, that ended police involvement with hundreds of patient awols who disrupted the Roselawn community.
  4. Served as a clearing house/coordinator for groups helping those with homelessness, substance abuse, child/adult abuse and neglect, the elderly and members of the National Alliance on Mentally Ill.
  5. Had ongoing involvement with the Hamilton County Justice Center personnel.

The sun finally set on the formal Committee, residual work transferred to the Hamilton County Mental Health Recovery Board.
Absurd to help those in need who call 911 ?
Not in Hamilton County where Mobile Crisis Team, backed by psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals are actively involved.
Respectively submitted,
Melvyn M. Nizny, MD
Retired after 54 years of General. Occupational and Forensic psychiatric practice.
Past President of North Avondale Neighborhood Association
Past President of Ohio Psychiatric Association
Melvyn M. Nizny, MD (Rose Hill Ave)

Hi everyone!
I have been a resident of North Avondale since 2017. My first home in the community was on Revel Ct. I currently live on Avondale Ave with my partner of 10 years, Chad Siegel, and our three dogs. I’m a former elementary teacher but now am a Regional Director for a medical company.

I love North Avondale because of the community and architecture. We have so much to offer in North Avondale, and I look forward to serving on the NANA Board as Corresponding Secretary and assist in making this wonderful place to live, even better!
Ryan Jarrell

Hollis (Holly) Samuels Oseas (formerly of Marion Ave.), loving mother of Andrea (Gary Jefferson) Oseas, Eric (Lyn) Oseas (Redway Ave.) and Emily (Eric) Routman, beloved grandmother of Jesse, Dylan, Jeremy, Adam and Nathan passed away on December 9, 2020 of natural causes. Her loving family was with her at Wellspring in Cincinnati, in whichever forms were permissible during a pandemic lockdown. Holly was born in Chicago on October 3, 1925. She received her BA in Music from Northwestern University, and a MA in Education from the University of Cincinnati. Always a talented violinist and artist, she found her true calling and creative outlet as a teacher specializing in learning disabilities. Active in civil rights beginning in the 1960’s, she dedicated her life to all forms of equality, especially helping the learning disabled get a productive foothold in a complex and challenging world. Holly will be remembered for her ready laugh about any and all funny aspects of life, not the least of which was herself. She was, by all accounts, a true original, warm, joyous, creative, and fun. Private services held at the convenience of the family due to COVID-19. Memorial contributions to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (lls.org) would be appreciated.

  • She was, indeed, a memorable person. She was among those very special people who lived in North Avondale during the 1960-1980's who made North Avondale the very special neighborhood - multi-racial, multi-cultural, economically diverse - that it still is today. I will always remember her positive attitude and wonderful smile. The thing I hate most about the pandemic is our inability to say our final "good-byes" to the Hollys of the world with a proper funeral.
 Gerry & Marvin Kraus

  • As NANA Administrator, when I had a complaint about barking dogs in the neighborhood, I would call Holly. Somehow she would work with the neighbors who issued the complaint, the owners of the barking dog(s) and when necessary the police and the problem would go away! She was the best Barking Dog Fixer!
Charlene Morse

Vanessa Sorensen (Marion Ave.) will be participating in the Tiger Lily Press annual exhibition, "Pressing On". The show will be February 6-28 at Caza Sikes gallery. The exhibition will include Vanessa’s “Magic Lily” linocut alongside the work of more than 30 printmakers. The show includes framed etchings, screen prints, woodblocks, collagraphs, lithographs, monoprints, letterpress, linocuts as well as three-dimensional explorations and artist books. The opening is all day February 6 from 11am to 7pm. Caza Sikes is located at 3078 Madison Rd. or visit CazaSikes.com for an online viewing option.

 Jack Wolking (Belvedere)

A transfer of trust.

A sincere note of gratitude to Clients, Friends and those I know for once again affording me the opportunity to achieve this award. For those who have engaged our services and for those who have referred new Clients, thank you !
Jack Wolking, Comey & Shepherd 1st Level 16th Year Circle Of Excellence Individual Award
Heather Herr, (Betula)
So proud of my team for our BEST year ever and achieving the Teams Circle of Excellence again this year

I am also beyond grateful to our clients that have supported us along the way! Today marks the annual Circle of Excellence celebration but due to covid there was no event. You know we like to celebrate together!👏

Celebrating success and hardwork is as important as the climb. Sooo...five cheers to our girls gang for the highest level of achievement together. 🥂🍾

  • Teen Fabulous LLC at 919 Barry Ln.
  • Sean Mclaughlin & David Sims at 756 Clinton Springs Ave.   
  • S2k Holdings LLC at 128 Clinton Springs Ave.
  • Justin Smitherman at 3912 Glen Lyon Ave.
  • Duskin Properties LLC at 638 Greenwood Ave.
  • RV Multi Family Investments LLC at 638 Greenwood Ave.
  • Mara Constance & Jonathan Pallett at 3905 Leyman Dr.   
  • Marvin Ernest Jr & Jennifer J Gentry at 849 E Mitchell Ave.
  • Catalytics LLC at 3896 Reading Rd.
  • Cameron & Jessica Marie Johnson at 3936 Red Bud Ave.
  • Benjamin A & Patricia Miller at 4216 Red Bud Ave.
  • Caroline Thomaes at 4003 Rose Hill Ave.
  • Joseph M Wayne & Eileen Marie Morgan at 4192 Rose Hill Ave.         
  • Soli Cayetano 809 S Fred Shuttlesworth Cr.
  • Redonica Jackson at 3928 Vine Vista Pl.
Healthy Wines: What the Labels Really Mean | Earth 911

Fellow wine lovers, I have good news and bad news. Here’s the bad: Two-thirds of all wine production originates in Europe where grapes receive higher doses of synthetic pesticides than virtually any other type of crop. Since the U.S. is currently first in the world for the total amount of global wine consumption (gulp), this should give you (and me) something to whine about. See more of the article

3. Biodynamic. You could call this the Zen of wine. I call it the gold standard. Created by Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School, biodynamic farming takes the entire ecosystem into effect by following the cycles of nature. It incorporates not just organic farming, but the astrological and lunar cycles and seasons as a holistic, unified organism.earth911.com

Yard Waste Collection Service is suspended on January15. It will resume on April 5, 2021 where it will be collected on Recycling weeks.

Additional Items can be placed in your biweekly Green Bin :
Services have been modified to limit contact and ensure safe distance. As a result, all sites are operating at reduced capacity and many sites require you to remain in your car while completing the intake paperwork. If you do not have a car, you are encouraged to call the site before arriving. 


Cincinnati-Hamilton County Public Library – Reading Branch - 8740 Reading Road, 45219
Dates: Saturdays 10AM – 1:00PM from February 13 – March 6
APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Click here to schedule online.
Northminster Presbyterian Church- Finneytown: 703 Compton Road, 45231
IF THE COUNTY IS PURPLE, THIS SITE WILL BE CLOSED. Dates: Every Wednesday 11AM - 4:30PM from January 25 - April 14
Xavier University Cintas Center - Norwood/Evanston: 1624 Herald Ave, 45207
Dates: Every Monday 6-8PM from February 8 – April 10

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio (Multi-Language /English Language Learners) – Bond Hill/ Roselawn: 7162 Reading Road, 45237
APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Call 513.800.5062 to schedule. 
Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency/Bond Hill Library – Bond Hill: 1740 Langdon Farm Road, 45237
APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Visit CAA’s website for details; online appointments will be available soon.
Cincinnati-Hamilton County Public Library- Groesbeck Branch - 2994 Galbraith Rd, 45239
Dates: Every Saturday in February, 10AM – 1:00PM 
APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Click here to schedule online.
Cincinnati-Hamilton County Public Library – Harrison Branch - 10398 New Haven Rd, 45030 APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Online appointments will be available soon. 
Elder High School – Price Hill: 3900 Vincent Ave., 45205
Dates: Every Saturday, 9AM – 12:30PM from February 6 – April 10
APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Click here to schedule online. 
Hearing Speech + Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati – Mt. Auburn: 2825 Burnet Ave., 45219 APPOINTMENT REQUIRED: Call 513.206.9424 to schedule. 
Madisonville Recreation Center - Madisonville: 5320 Stewart Road, 45227
Dates: Every Saturday, 9AM- 4PM from February 6 - April 10. 
Millvale Recreation Center - Millvale: 3303 Beekman St., 45225
Dates: Every Saturday, 9AM - 1PM from February 6 - April 3. 
North Avondale Recreation Center - North Avondale: 617 Clinton Springs, 45229
Dates: Saturday 9AM – 1PM on February 6 and 27th; March 20th and April 10th 
Ohio Means Jobs – Cincinnati/Hamilton County Over-the-Rhine: 1916 Central Parkway, 45214 Dates: Every Saturday 9AM -1PM from February 6 - April 10
Virtual Drop Off - Available beginning February 1. Click here to complete a virtual intake through a secure platform. 
Free Tax Prep Coaching – Available by appointment. Online scheduling coming soon. 
Do It Yourself – Free Tax Software. Available beginning February 1. Online scheduling coming soon.


North Avondale Recreation Center - 617 Clinton Springs Ave. 513.961.1584 

Athletics Winter Programming
Adult Leagues (January 11, 2021)
Monday at North Avondale Starts
Thursday evenings at North Avondale

Adult League – North Avondale Adult Men’s Basketball League will begin Wednesday, January 6, 2021. This is an 8 game league with the top 4 teams making it to the playoffs. 

Athletics Spring Programming
Adult Kickball League at Oakley on Tuesdays
Flag Football ages 10-12 & 13-15 April – May
  • Registration February 8 to April 2
Soccer League – stay tuned. Working with FC Cincinnati

Special Events
Teen Esports league - TBD
Brittany Barrett Community Center Director 

Hirsch Recreation Center - 3620 Reading Road ● 751.3393

  • Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday thru Friday
  • Closed February 15
  • Many recreation centers are offering full daycare or afternoon/afterschool care. Check out cincyrec.org for your childcare needs.
  • Our weight room has reopened by reservation only. There are seven one hour time blocks within the day that customers can call to reserve.
  • Spinning classes: Monday at 5:15pm to 6:00; M/W 6:15 – 7:00 pm. It is necessary to sign up before class. To register call 751.3393 or go to the front desk.
  • Teen and young adult dance (20 spots max. reservation required): Friday 6:00 to 7:00pm
  • Teen and youth open gym is open for reservations. Call for availability.
  • Gym Schedule click here for all programs
  • Program Schedule click here
Blake Williams, Service Area Coordinator

The New School Montessori (TNSM) 
● 3 Burton Woods Lane  281.7999 ●www.newschoolmontessori.com   
New School Montessori Preschoolers Hone Mighty, Mighty Powers of Observation

As superpowers go, you might think that employing the powers of observation are not as cool as say, swinging from spiderwebs cast from your wrists, but for thousands of years, regular people have been making amazing discoveries by simply observing a change.

Alexander Fleming made a mistake when the bacteria he was growing on a Petri dish got contaminated by what he called "mold juice." He observed that the bacteria didn't grow up close to the "juice." This "contaminant," named penicillin, prevented bacterial growth and has saved millions of people from succumbing to bacterial infections.
New School Montessori children are encouraged to use and hone their powers of observation. Whether looking at nature through binoculars, discerning differences in snowflake patterns, measuring animal size differences, matching colored bird forms to templates or observing how their classmates handle tough situations, students are fine-tuning their mighty, mighty powers of observation!
Ann Baumgardner, Communications Director
  • Tuesday, February 9, NANA General Meeting 7 pm Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7228542133 Passcode 45217
  • Tuesday, February 16, JSCD Meeting
  • Tuesday, March 9, NANA General Meeting 7 pm Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7228542133 Passcode 45217
President: Ethan Perry
1st VP: Heather Herr
2nd VP: Laura Pike
3rd VP: Patrice Watson
Corresponding Sec.:  Ryan Jarrell
Recording Sec., Events: Morgan Rottinghaus
Treasurer: Robin Senser
Block Watch & Law & Safety: Carolyn Gillman
Membership: Tristen Yarborough
NANA/NABA Joint Strategic Development
Jeff Herr - Chair
Beth Ewing - Vice Chair
Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229