Remember when everyone loved the way ZYP worked, but no one loved the price?

Well, we are very excited to find a new product called MO-RE.

This is being introduced at the Glass and Bead Show. More reasonable pricing and supposed to work as well as ZYP. 

There are very specific directions for use. 
Instructions for MO-RE:
1.      Stand can upside down for 30 minutes before using
2.      Shake vigorously for AT LEAST 1 minute
3.      Spray from about 12" (30cm) from the mold taking care to apply to
all parts of the mold, but not so heavily it runs. Apply 3 coats allowing 5
minutes drying time between each coat
However, there was a bit of a false start and Techniglass is replacing the
first batch with reformulated ones. 

If you don’t know if you have the first batch or the reformulated one,
the reformulated one has an American flag on it. 

We have taken ours off the shelf right now, but when you see the picture change to one with an American flag on it, it is good to go!