July 25, 2016 |

Law Shield
To Our Texas & U.S. Law Shield Members and Friends:

Watch Now 
Last month, Texas & U.S. Law Shield launched a series of special events entitled "Surviving an Active Shooter." 

The response we received was overwhelming -- many of those events sold out immediately.
However, some members were disappointed because they were unable to register for these events, which include the advice of law-enforcement professionals, lawyers, and combat-trained emergency medical personnel. They asked us to  assemble a video program that all Texas & U.S. Law Shield members could see, and we've done that.

Click on the links below to view 11 individual  YouTube videos excerpted from a 3-hour program produced at the Redneck Country Club in Houston on July 12. For simplicity and easy access by members across the country, and because the tactical and medical advice is appropriate for members in any state, we placed all the posts on our U.S. Law Shield blog. 
The legal advice in this production is specific to Texas, so we suggest you attend a  "Surviving an Active Shooter" special event in your state to get briefed on local laws. Click GunLawSeminar.com to find local listings.
If you would like to watch  the all videos consecutively, there's also a YouTube playlist you can access by clicking here.

Also, we will soon post the full  Redneck Country Club  program in three segments, which include Q&A from members, so we urge you to subscribe to the U.S. Law Shield YouTube channel to receive updates as new material becomes available.

If you have questions about the events, please call customer service at (877) 474-7184 (option 3).
-- Kirk Evans President, Texas & U.S. Law Shield