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June 13th, 2017
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Local strawberries are here!

Local, organic strawberry season has started off with a bang and we are excited to offer them in all the produce baskets this week. You can also order them a la carte.

The strawberries will arrive to us Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday as well as later in the week. Flats of strawberries (8 quarts) are also available for $42.00 (market pick up). To reserve a flat, call 413-442-0888 or email info@berkshireorganics.com

Just a reminder that local and organic berries need to be consumed usually within 48 hours because they are more delicate compared to the variety of strawberries that are shipped hundreds or thousands of miles.

Local strawberries freeze well so now is a great time to store some away for when they are out of season. The local strawberry season usually only lasts the month of June. This year we got a later start than usual so we will hopefully still have them into July but that will also depend on the weather.
We hope you will get a chance to stop in the market THIS FRIDAY 4-6pm for a free wine and cheese tasting. Vendors will be set up out outside our front doors. Over 10 organic rose wines will be sampled and 15% OFF will be offered on bottles of wine purchased.

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company will be sampling the 3 varieties of sheep cheese that they offer.

Thomas Farm from Sunderland, MA will be sampling their goat cheese chevres along with their cow's milk gouda and colby cheese. 
Local Strawberries 2016
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Featured Local Produce

The first local cabbage to arrive to us is a variety called Tiara which is tender, sweet and perfect for salads and slaws.

Only $2.99 / head!

Hakurei Turnips 2015
Local Hakurei Turnip is often a vegetable that is overlooked.

Sweet and crunchy, they are absolutely delicious to eat raw, roasted or cooked. Kids like to munch them like apples. They're   great dipped in hummus or pesto and to sliced into salads.

Bunched local beets are also available.

All $2.99 / bunch!
The first local summer squash is available this week.

$2.99 / pound

Organic Fruit Update
Organic Stone Fruit
While we are waiting for the local stone fruit season to start, we have been enjoying organic peaches and nectarines from farther away. You'll notice this week that nectarine prices have come down nicely but that may only last this week and we wanted to be sure to pass the savings onto you because the nectarines have been very good so far.

Two weeks ago we saw organic peach prices increase dramatically and much of that has to do with supply and demand issues. Recent reports have told us that Georgia lost roughly 80% of their peach crop this year and since Georgia is one of the country's main peach suppliers that is causing shortages and higher prices.
Organic Red Plums and Pluots return this week!
Organic Produce Specials
$1.99 / pound
North Carolina
$3.99 / pound
Green Beans
North Carolina
$3.99 / pound
$2.99 / package
Cantaloupe Melon
Fair Trade
$2.99 each
$4.99 / pound
Libations & Cheese of the Week
Available to market & delivery customers
15% OFF
Berkshire Bloom
Cricket Creek Farm,
Williamstown, MA
Berkshire Bloom is a semi-soft bloomy rind cheese inspired by a Camembert. It has a supple white rind and a creamy, earthy, pungent layer surrounding a mild, firm center. Simple and approachable, it is the bloomy rind cheese that you can count on.

10% OFF

2015 Les Brebis

Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley, OR

SALE Price $17.99

Regular Price $19.99

Grape Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir

Designation: Dry farmed and using Organic and Biodynamic practices


Notes: Pleasant purplish-ruby-red color in the glass. The nose is full of fresh red and black fruits with hints of herbs and spice.  On the palate the fruits persist, releasing strawberry, red raspberry and black plum along with thyme, cloves and white pepper. Well balanced fruits and acidity with this lighter bodied Pinot Noir, very approachable and drinkable!


Drink if you enjoy: Quality made lighter style Oregon Pinot Noir wines!

10% OFF
2016 Divisions L’AVOIRON Rosé
Columbia Valley, WA
SALE Price $17.99
Regular Price $19.99 

Grape Varietal: Gamay Noir 

Designation:  Practicing Sustainable and Organic


Notes: The result of our 2016 ”L'Avoiron” Rosé of Gamay Noir is yet again a crisp, vibrant and mineral intense rosé wine with a perfect peachy pink hue, and harkens more of white wine in body and texture. We are reminded of Beaujolais rosés with the aromatics that include strawberry, peach, and chalky lime. The palate is bright and mineral rich with a distinct berry intensity. 


Drink if you enjoy: Domestic rosé wine made in the Corsican or Loire Valley style which is dry and mineral driven.

10% OFF

2016 Teutonic Wine Company Sprockets 

Willamette Valley, OR

SALE Price $17.99

Regular Price $19.99

Grape Varietal:  50% Scheurebe, 25% Huxelrebe and 25% Pinot Noir 

Designation:  Dry farmed and following sustainable practices


Notes: A wine done in the style of Austrian Gemischter Satz, where a bunch of different grapes are grown in the same vineyard and then blended together to make one wine. The aromas and flavors of orange zest, apricot and capsaicin with a dry talc minerality that goes on forever. The steely acidity is off the charts but given the amount of fruit here, that's a good thing.  The balance and complexity of this wine is amazing!


Drink if you enjoy: Wines that are, to quote the producer, “Kick Ass!”  And German or Austrian style wines made domestically on the West Coast.

10% OFF
Consolation Prize
Lord Hobo Brewing Company 
Woburn, MA
SALE Price $16.19
Regular Price $17.99 

Double IPA, 9.5% ABV


A dangerously approachable and juicy Double (almost Triple) IPA.


4-pack, 16oz cans

Grocery Sale Items
Sale Online This Week Only
20% OFF
NOW $4.39 
Regularly $5.49
Pear & Apple Sauce
Hudson Valley Harvest
NOW $3.99 
Regularly $4.49
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Ancient Harvest
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Milk - 12 oz
Mapleline Farm
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Coconut Secret
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Things That Work
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Field Day
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Mixed Nut Butter
Tierra Farm
NOW $15.49
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NOW $4.59
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Frozen Green Beans
Hudson Valley Harvest
NOW $3.99
Regularly $4.49
I love it when you discover a new taste! Previously, I had only eaten cooked turnips, so imagine my delight when I bit into a crispy slice of raw turnip and loved it. The flavor is completely different than when in its cooked form. and there's a slight little kick at the end. From there, I started grating turnips and this slaw evolved.
Strawberries, Banana & Nectarine Smoothie
This strawberries, banana & nectarine smoothie is an easy and healthy drink. It is a very good way to include many vitamins, fiber and minerals in your diet, with very little calories.
A dairy-free vegan super refreshing smoothie that you should definitely enjoy this summer.
Spinach and strawberry salad had its moment in the '80s, but this version will surprise you with its refinement. The salad is not sweet, just aromatic — and coming across fresh berries every now and then provides bursts of fruitiness. The pecans are simply toasted, but once they're coated with vinaigrette, you'd swear they were candied.

Roasted vegetables side wonderfully with a main protein dish of chicken, beef or pork, as roasting brings out a sweeter, more caramelized taste. 
Or this dish can be eaten as a main dish as it is satisfying and filling. 

Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 
Aleisha & Brian Gibbons
Owners, Berkshire Organics, LLC

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