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I'm so lucky to have a job I love that provides interesting and rewarding experiences daily.

Posting on my Altogether Organized Facebook Page has been a fun way for me to share these projects and as 2021 draws to a close, I thought you might enjoy revisiting some of the audience favorites!

I look forward to the new year and all the organizing fun to come. If you would like to see my weekly posts about these experiences, click this link (and like my page) to follow along throughout the year.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

My Wedding Dress
I received many ideas from my Facebook audience about how to reuse my wedding dress -- including ways to incorporate the dress into my own daughter's upcoming wedding. Suggestions included updating it to a more modern style for the rehearsal dinner or using the fabric to create a robe for the bride or ring bearer pillows.

Others ideas included creating a variety of items from it including a baptismal or christening gown, a baby quilt, throw pillows or a communion dress.

Additional uses included donating it to a theater group to use as a costume or give it to an organization that accepts wedding dresses.
This post also generated a lot of great ideas including researching their value and possibly selling; keeping just a favorite and taking photos of all the rest; or donating the collection to a retirement home or a worthy charity. 
Dining & Bed Rooms
I love helping my clients to transform their spaces and to realize that change IS always possible. 
Turns out that many people enjoy a good pun and can also relate to inadvertently buying duplicates -- especially when it comes to spices.

I'm still surprised that not one of my Facebook fans came up with a great pun for over buying cinnamon!
Old Dresses
Many of my page visitors related to holding onto special occasion clothing past the point that they might ever be worn again.

Luckily in most cases we have photos of ourselves in these outfits -- so we won’t forget them! 
Can you imagine shredding all of this yourself? I am thankful for companies like ShredSpot that offer this service, particularly for projects that generate a great deal of paper to be shred.
Entry Way
I think this was post was especially popular because so many of us were able to imagine how different it felt for my client to leave and enter her house now that the clutter was gone. 
To Do Lists
Sometimes people write the same “To Do’s” over and over on different pieces of paper because in the moment it’s a stress reliever. But having just one place that you check regularly (whether paper based or digital) will give you tremendous piece of mind.
One Facebook follower asked how to find a “trusted resource” to sell unwanted jewelry. I replied that I am happy to share the several sources I use and have confidence in to give a fair price.

I also let her know that another option is to take the same items to three different sources in the same day and see what they offer you. You may be shocked at the difference! 
Being screamed at by a 3-year-old can be terrifying! But as noted in this post, my new friend now asks her mom when I’m next coming over to organize. And she actually came up with a great idea for how to store her various baby dolls -- putting each of them in a different piece of doll furniture (a doll bed, a high chair, a stroller). It just goes to show that the “user” of the system is the best judge of what will work for them!
This post generated so much interest that it was the inspiration for my last newsletter.
This was a link to a blog post I wrote about why my professional practice of never giving away anything without permission needs to extend to my family as well.
How Many Do You Need
The above four posts on cookbooks, handbags, user manuals and legos were also follower favorites and demonstrate how items can easily multiply out of control!
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