December 11th FEATURED ITEM
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Gulf of Maine
The Best Haddock we Have in House
Whole, Head on Fish
Tonight's Price:  $4.50/lb
The Best Selection, Globally Sourced
Fresh Grouper
Caught in the Gulf of Mexico
Skin off, PBO Loins
Tonight's Price: $18.99/lb
American Red Snapper
Caught off Florida
2-4 lb Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $18.99/lb
Gulf of Maine Cod
Ikejime Harvested, Bled
Whole Fish, Head on
Tonight's Price:  $7.50/lb
Local Opah
Landed in Massachusetts
Fresh House-Cut Loins
Tonight's Price:   $11.99/lb
Wagyu Ribeye
A5 Grade
Raised in Japan
 Tonight's Price:  $78.00/lb

Wild Monchong
Caught off Massachusetts
Skin-off Loins
Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb
The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program helps seafood buyers make choices for a healthy ocean.

Check out our Seafood Watch choices on special tonight!
Monkfish Osso Buco
6 oz, Bone in
Meaty Portion
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb

Yellow "Good Alternative"
Lophius americanus
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl
Texas Gold Shrimp
41/50 Count
50 lb Case
Tonight's Price:  $4.75/lb

Yellow "Good Alternative"
Farantepenaeus aztecus
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl
Mahi Mahi
Wild Caught
Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $9.99/lb

Yellow "Good Alternative"
Coryphaena hippurus
Wild, Ecuador

Golden Tilefish
Caught off Florida
Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $14.99/lb
Caught in the Gulf of Mexico
Skin off, PBO Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $18.99/lb
Black Trumpet
Smoky, Seasonal
Tonight's Price:  $25.50/lb
Martha's Vineyard
Raised in MA
 Tonight's Price:  $.65/ea
West Coast Shucked Oysters
  Medium Size. 1/2 Gallon Unit
Tonight's Price:  $32.99/ea
Local Pollock
Caught off MA
Skin off Fillet
Tonight's Price:  $4.99/lb

Wagyu Ribeye
A5 Grade
Raised in Japan
 Tonight's Price:  $78.00/lb
Heritage Kurobuta Pork
Bone-in Loins: $4.25/lb
Babyback Ribs: $6.99/lb
Unfrenched Rack: $6.99/lb
(PIG200 / PIG500 / PIG401)
Golden and Automatic
Tonight's Price:  $12.50/lb
Raised off Panama
1 - 1.25 lb Whole Fish
Tonight's Price:   $7.99/lb
Ducktrap River of Maine
Smoked Haddock
Pin Bone Out Fillets
Tonight's Price:   $13.50/lb
Premium Butter
Unsalted Country Maid
1 lb Sticks, 36 per Case
Tonight's Price:  $104.99/cs
Shumai Pork & Shrimp Dumplings
227 Pieces per Case
Tonight's Price: $32.50/cs

Aunt Connies Ocean Clam Juice
46 oz Cans, 12 per Case
Tonight's Price: $24.99/cs
Fresh Sablefish
Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $17.95/lb

Special of the Week!

Oishii Shrimp
U/12 All Natural Easy Peel
Frozen 20 lb Case
Our Price:   $12.99/lb.

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