Your May 2017 Newsletter 
Since our last publication many items have evolved within the realm of our work that are worthy of a read, view and update.  Enjoy, and if you are looking to get involved in OneHitAway's Mission or want more information relative to our sports related brain healing process, please let us know at 

The OneHitAway Foundation Village came together again to make the 3rd Annual Charity Golf, Auction & Dinner Fundraising Event the most successful yet!

Cal Hi Sports Bay Area kicked off this year's event with this two minute video - Click Here to Watch

170 Supporters, including 52 golfers attended!  The Grand Ball Room was packed with the contagious OneHitAway (OHA) vibe! 
Over 45 silent auction items were successfully bid on, which was followed up with a lively and prosperous live auction.  Thanks to the voice of the day,  Mitch Juricich from "Hooked on Golf" TV Show.

The Audience was exposed to a mix of videos and speakers about what OneHitAway Foundation, along with the how and why, with various videos from the OHA  press box .   Heart strings were tugged on by an emotional testimonial of a OHA recipient, Mercedes Maidana a famous athlete in the "World Big Wave Riding Surfing Circuit "  

Case Presentation (see below) -  Dr. Daniel Emina of OHA's Advisor Council from Amen Clinics, highlighted the significance of brain healing evidence and future possibilities.  The SPECT Image below displays the before and after (left to right) progress of blood flow of a 19 year old male brain after proper treatment. 
Thanks to Everyone's generosity that evening, OHA increased its total gross intake from last year by 15% - that's is significant!  OHA's current and future recipients are that much better off with their "brain healing" journey and their need for resources. 

BIG THANKS - We could not have done this without the silent & live auction gift donations. Another shout out to those that donated the evening's refreshments and golf items. We are so grateful to all (individuals and corporations) who donated without hesitation to this important movement of healing this "invisible injury".
Everyone who participated in the golf portion of the day were ALL winners!  The team above from St. Ignatius College Prep...Check out those Pants!  

Congratulations to the 1st place team (not pictured) was made up of Pritchett, Marciano, Lovaglia & Weisgerber.

The team that traveled the farthest (below) from Mexico, Oklahoma and San Diego. Thank You Gents!  

Big Thank You to the fabulous ladies and Mitch Juricich (last pic) that ran the Golf Portion to a Tee.  Mardi Mahoney, Erin Humeny, Betty Shank and Lee Baldi. Couldn't have done it without you!  
OHA Website Update - Nutrition Action Plan
The Brain Healing Section of OneHitAway’s website is upgraded with a comprehensive Nutrition Action Plan.  Thanks to the collaboration with  As shown, now an individual and or a team can have an immediate go-to nutrition destination for both Acute (Under Eight Weeks) and Chronic (Over Eight Weeks) phases of concussion symptoms. The reviews have been fantastic! 
A Must Read and A Great Start!
SACRAMENTO – (Tuesday, April 25, 2017)
California State Assembly Woman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) won approval of legislation she authored to create the nation’s first body overseeing the health and safety of college athletes. Assembly Bill 1435 was approved by the Assembly Committee on Higher Education on a vote of 9-3.  Click onto the State of California above to read the entire bill.  Yes, the grass roots are working! Tap on the Purple Button below to read the letter OneHitAway Foundation sent to California's Assembly.
This wonderful family is a great example of the dedication required in the brain healing process (Tap Title or Pic to View).  Recipients of the OneHitAway Foundation are given the option to improve their health of their brain.  Depending on the situation and history, the journey can be very challenging for the individual and or the family. The combination of proper medical guidance, a plan of healing modalities and a support system again proves to be successful. 
Most Interesting Recent Press on Concussions
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             OneHitAway Brain Healing TIPS              
T for Take High Quality Omega 3 Fish Oil
 I  for Importance of Hydration
P for Practice Good Nutrition
S for Safe Aerobic  Exercise
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