Fresh AAA Beef Blade Roast
Antibiotic & Hormone Free
$5.99 /lb $13.21kg
Cook on low in your slow cooker for a minimum of 6 hours.
Fresh Marinated
Boneless Chicken Breast
$7.99 /lb $17.58kg
Whether you're cooking for one or planning a family feast, chicken breast makes a great go-to meat for many a satisfying meal.
Fresh Pork
Side Ribs
$3.99 /lb $8.80kg
Meatier than the Back Rib, Side Ribs are thick, juicy, and come from the belly section of the pig
Fresh Organic
Red Seedless Grapes
$1.99 /lb $4.39kg
Produce of U.S.A. No.1
Grapes not only make for a healthful snack, they are tasty additions to smoothies, salads and desserts. Include them in your meal plan to give your diet a nutrient boost.
Cousin’s Store Made
9" Meat Pies
Only...$1.99 /100 grams
Hand crafted in small batches. Available in Beef & Mushroom, Chicken or Free Range Turkey. Our AAA beef is raised without hormones or antibiotics, we sear and slowly braised the beef to a melt in your mouth doneness. Our chicken and turkey are poached ensuring a supple texture, the pies are heaping with our silky scratch made veloute and a classic trio of diced carrots, celery and green peas. Our meat pies are second to none!
Simply Heat, Serve & Enjoy!
Szechuan Chicken
$1.99 /100 grams
Available in Single Serve and Family Size. Another wholesome chef prepared meal solution, from our kitchen to your table.
Simply Heat & Serve!
Cousin’s  Potato
and Kale Soup
Only...$7.99 /1 Litre Jar
Regular Price $8.99/1 Litre Jar
Chef prepared in-house in small batches and without additives or preservatives. Wholesome and packed full of flavour, this vegan/vegetarian soup is certain to warm you up on the coldest of days!
Simply Heat, Serve & Enjoy!
San Carlo
Potato Chips
 2 for $7.00
Regular Price $3.99/each
Assorted Varieties
Premium Teas
2 for $7.00
Regular Price $4.49/each
Assorted Varieties
Mini Cans
2 for $6.00
Regular Price $3.99/each
Assorted Varieties
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December 6th - 12th
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