This week we encounter a story of palace intrigue as John the Baptist falls victim to power, pride and revenge. It just might sound more like something from current day news reporting, but then, power, pride and revenge seem to infect every generation.

While the story from Mark 6:14-29 reflects the sinful behavior of those in power, it is more so a story which marks the breaking in of God into the world in the person of Jesus, the Christ, who, like John, will fall victim to the same sinful behavior of the authorities.

As you enter the 10 am service, please make a nametag so that we can learn each other's names during the month of July. Find someone you don't know by name and introduce yourself!

Also, a reminder that there are several weeks coming for which altar flowers are available to place in honor or in memory of someone. Simply call Marie in the church office at 570-342-8263.

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