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TeamSmile Kicks Off the Summer of 2022!

TeamSmile is diving into our summer schedule and will be heading to Cleveland for our program on July 22, 2022. TeamSmile is providing 300 children with free dental treatment and oral health education from the Cleveland community. The program is being hosted at First Energy Stadium and is being sponsored by Delta Dental Foundation.
Upcoming TeamSmile Programs

TeamSmile + Milwaukee Brewers: June 30, 2022
TeamSmile at First Energy Stadium: July 22, 2022
TeamSmiile + Washington Nationals: July 29, 2022
TeamSmile + Chicago Bears: August 6, 2022
TeamSmile + Tampa Bay Buccaneers: August 6, 2022
TeamSmile + Washington Commanders: August 19, 2022
TeamSmile + New Orleans Saints: August 23, 2022
TeamSmile + El Paso Chiuahuas: September 12, 2022
TeamSmile + Kansas City Chiefs: September 27, 2022
TeamSmile + Minnesota Vikings: October 11, 2022
TeamSmile + Denver Rockies: November 11, 2022

We still need volunteers for upcoming TeamSmile programs, so please click below and register to volunteer to make a positive impact in your own community.
Partner Spotlight
“We’re thrilled to have Primus & Blue Sky engaged with TeamSmile, they are a logical fit for TeamSmile, as Primus and Blue Sky are highly engaged with dentists throughout the country. It’s wonderful to see that they are using their platform as a force for good in communities throughout the country.” TeamSmile Executive Director John McCarthy.

When the opportunity to partner with TeamSmile was presented, it was an immediate yes! We love the mission of TeamSmile and know that our partnership is helping impact the lives of thousands of children across the country! Primus has had the privilege of helping hundreds of dentists build their offices, and through these relationships over the past twenty years have come to learn just how vital proper oral health is to everyone. This is especially true for children, as good oral health practices are critical to their long-term well being and confidence. " Jason Drewelow, President & CEO of Primus & Blue Sky.

About Primus Companies:
Primus Companies has extensive experience constructing ground-up and remodels in the financial services, multi-family, religious, healthcare, office, and retail industries. 
As one of the country’s leading fully-integrated consulting, design, construction, & development companies, we know the only way to create a structure that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing is by spending plenty of time at the drawing board. Our experienced design team consistently goes above and beyond to craft buildings that truly are works of art. With guaranteed pricing as a hallmark of our process, we do all of this without ever exceeding your budget.
With more than 1,000 projects completed across the country over 30 years, we know a thing or two about what it takes to get past all the regulatory red tape with ease. Don’t lose sleep over government approvals, land acquisition, missing out on potential cost saving tax benefits, portfolio analysis, or legal necessities. Our team has a wealth of experience and follows a strict regimen for streamlining the development process

“As a brand, PURELL is committed to equipping all healthcare environments with safe and effective solutions for germ control and infection prevention. When we learned of the opportunity to partner with TeamSmile, we were immediately excited at the chance to support their mission of providing children in need with top quality dental care." Mitch Barley, Non-Acute Marketing Director, GOJO Healthcare.

“We are very grateful to Purell for their partnership with TeamSmile, as they are an excellent fit for us. They help keep our volunteers and patients safe and sanitary. We’re proud to use Purell products at our TeamSmile programs throughout the country.” TeamSmile Executive Director John McCarthy.

About Gojo Purell:
Our story begins in Akron, Ohio, during World War II. Goldie Lippman was a supervisor in one of Akron's many rubber factories, manufacturing life rafts and rubber products for the war effort, where she and her co-workers discovered how difficult it was to clean their hands after a day’s work. The men who had worked in the rubber factories before the war had dipped their hands in chemicals like kerosene and benzene at the end of a shift in order to remove the graphite and carbon black. These harsh chemicals took a toll on workers’ hands, and Goldie and her husband Jerry set out to find a better solution. This kindled the spirit of innovation that led to the founding of GOJO in 1946.
Everything we do is founded on The GOJO Purpose: Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-Being Solutions.
Staff Spotlight
Gwendlyn Gonzalez

Gwendlyn Gonzalez has joined the TeamSmile staff as the Program Assistant and Director of Information. She comes with over 8 years of experience in the dental field. She has worked in private practices and corporate offices as a hygiene coordinator and insurance coordinator.
Gwendlyn LOVES vacationing with her husband. They always look forward to their yearly trip to Mexico to see family. She enjoys camping, painting and any place with a beach or lake. On any given weekend day, you can find her, her husband, and their dog Skipper enjoying the outdoors.
“We’re really excited to have Gwendlyn on our team. Not only does she bring experience in the dental field, she has a positive energy, a great personality and a genuine interest in helping children. She’s a tremendous addition to our team, and I look forward to working with her as we serve thousands of children throughout the country.” John McCarthy Executive Director.
“I have volunteered for multiple TeamSmile programs in the past, however, working as a TeamSmile member it will be exciting to see all the behind the scene planning and work that goes into getting a program setup. I'm super excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity and I'm ready to help make a change in the world for these children." Gwendlyn Gonzalez

TeamSmile and VOCO
VOCO America Partners with TeamSmile to Help Bring Healthy Smiles to Children in Need
Through material donations and employee participation, VOCO aims to assist in elevating oral health for the nation’s under-served youth
VOCO is proud to announce a new partnership with TeamSmile, a national non-profit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri dedicated to the oral health of under-served youth in America. VOCO has established an ongoing material sponsorship, that includes restorative and preventive materials, as well as a presence at local TeamSmile events in support of the dental professionals who volunteer their services. The VOCO America team is excited to support TeamSmile in the execution of their mission to “provide children in need with a life-changing dental experience through the power of sports.”

  “We are very happy to join Team Smile,” said Leif Ebert, CEO of VOCO America, “I can’t think of a better organization that combines the family values of our organization with the rewarding purpose of our profession. It’s a great volunteer opportunity for our team members to become engaged in their communities and give back while providing support to local dental professionals that volunteer their services all in an effort to help local children in need.
“We’re incredibly grateful to VOCO for their support of TeamSmile,” shares John McCarthy Executive Director of TeamSmile. “By contributing restorative and preventative materials, as well as their volunteer time, they are helping TeamSmile serve children in need throughout the country. The TeamSmile model is unique, and our impact is deep, and it is partners like VOCO that help provide top-of-the-line materials to the dentists and hygienists to make this a first-class operation. We truly appreciate the support from VOCO.”
VOCO America will participate in various upcoming TeamSmile events across the nation including Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and others.
For more information, visit or
Thanks for Supporting TeamSmile
Your Gift Matters
Please contribute to TeamSmile to help us provide free dentistry to underprivileged children throughout the country. Through our partnerships with professional and college sports teams, we’re able to create a lifetime experience AND provide life-changing dentistry for children in great need. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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