LOVE WINS! I know it doesn't always look like it , but there is nothing that I believe in more than those two words. Why? Two reasons.

The first is biblical. When I read beneath the surface of the stories in the Bible I see a thread that ties all the biblical stories together. In the beginning God's love is seen in creating a beautiful world, paradise. In the middle God's love is seen in Jesus loving everyone, regardless. In the end God's love is seen in making all the crooked paths straight and restoring the world back to paradise. It began in a garden, Jesus encountered God's love and strength in a garden to face a cruel world, and the end of the story is set in a garden where heaven and earth are joined as one.

The second is practical. Whenever I opt to not love, I create a mess of my life and those around me. However, when I choose to love, as hard as it is at times, then God's love changes me from the inside out and instead of creating messes, I create opportunities for love to win.

I don't know of a more important message to share than love wins. Last week I quoted Brian McLaren on how important love was to Jesus. I have heard several positive comments about it and so I want to include it here.

Of the many radical things said and done by Jesus, his unflinching emphasis on love was the most radical of all. Love was the greatest commandment ...
his prime directive—love for God, for self, for neighbor, for stranger, for alien,
for outsider, for outcast, and even for enemy, as he himself modeled.
The new commandment of love meant that neither beliefs nor words,
neither taboos, systems, structures nor the labels that enshrined them mattered most. Love decentered everything else; love relativized everything else;
love took priority over everything else—everything.

Love decenters everything! That's why I believe love wins. Even when I don't see it in the news or in the behavior of others I still believe it. How about you?

This Sunday we will be talking about love winning, on earth as it does in heaven.

I hope you can come and join the conversation. How about inviting a friend?
Again, we all need this message now, more than ever before. Linger Longer is going to be great. A Hot Chocolate Bar and an opportunity to write valentines to residents at Heritage Hall and our brothers and sisters living on the street in DC.

This week I want to highlight TREK to Reconnect . This is a new way to be together during Linger Longer. We will be offering it once a month. You will both love and be inspired by participating.

TREK to Reconnect for Families 
(of all kinds and sizes-with or without children)
Sunday, January 27 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Reconnect is a play-based one hour experience featuring connection games, mindfulness, breath work and simple standing yoga movement.

 Weekly Series: Love Wins
It all begins with questions

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Together we grow deeper in love with God, others and self
Christmas Offering Update

Wow! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our Crossroads family, we have received $183,012 towards our Christmas offering goal of $175,000.
We will be receiving Christmas gifts through this Sunday.  
Job Opportunity at Crossroads

We are looking for a part-time Finance Coordinator.
Want Help Discerning Your Way Forward?

Pastor Dave has just completed 60 hours of Life Coach Training through ICF, International Coach Federation and is available to
help you prayerfully discern your way forward.

This is part of Crossroads pastoral ministry and is free of charge.
For more information email Pastor Dave .
ESL Teachers and Assistants Needed

Registration is on January 24th from 7-9pm. Classes are being held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm from January 30 - April 11.

CARE (Compassion, Awareness, Resilience, Encouragement) Support Group 
Meets Sundays from 4-5:30 pm starting January 20
This bi-weekly support group is designed for friends and family members who have a loved one with depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges.  

TREK to Transformation Leadership Gathering
Sunday, February 10, 11:30 am -1:30 pm

This gathering will focus on The Bible with the community practice of story sharing and listening.

Women's Soul Renewal Winter Retreat!
February 23rd and 24th
 Blueridge Summit Retreat (Dave and Cathy's home)

This winter, come to this cozy little retreat to be with other women and share in community, moments of silence, relaxation and the presence of God.

Enrich Your Marriage Workshop
March 8-9

In this workshop you will learn how to create the “couple bubble” that allows for meaningful connection, sense of trust, and a secure relationship.

Mission Trip to Guatemala
Porch de Salomon - Panajachel, Guatemala  
March 9 - 16

This is a one week experience where team members take part in building a small concrete block home for an impoverished indigenous Mayan family. 

Pittsburgh Project Middle & High School Mission Trip
July 15 - 19

This year's Pittsburgh Project Mission Trip is open to students in both middle and high school. 

Nature and Soul Events

Each of these experiences is designed to share the restorative gifts of God revealed in nature to nurture your mind, body and soul.  

For  more information and to register  for these events. 
Questions?  Email Cathy Norman  
Imagine Well Being
Cultivating wholeness in body, mind and soul!

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Crossroads Kids (Nursery - 5th Grade) 

Children will meet in their classrooms at 10am this Sunday.

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Students (Middle and High School)

Middle School Students will meet in the Discipleship Room and High School Students will meet in Ryan Chapel at 10 am this Sunday.

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