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February, 2019
Golden West College Digital Media/Computer Science Pathway Day
On Friday, November 30th, 150 HBUHSD CTE students from MHS, HBHS, OVHS, and FVHS attended the Golden West College Digital Media/Computer Science Pathway Day.

Students participated in hands on workshops that were taught by Golden West College CTE Instructors. Students were able to choose sessions from ProTools, Video Production, Illustrator, Photoshop, Game Development, Robotics and Music. The final session included a mini financial aid workshop where students earned prizes for answering important questions about applying for financial aid. March 22nd GWC will have a second Digital Media/Computer Science Pathway Day.
Virtual Enterprise at FVHS, MHS, and WHS
Our Virtual Enterprise Teams have already attended 3 Trade Show Competitions. Marina HS will also be competing at the Bay Area Trade Show and the New York Youth Business Summit. Our schools received the following awards:
MHS Awards (Advisor- Kathe Hayden):
San Diego Trade Show
  • 1st Place-Novice Booth Design 
  • 1st Place-Novice Salesmanship 
  • 3rd Place-Company Branding 
California State Trade Show Bakersfield
  • Online Sales Materials - Bronze Award
  • Booth Design - 3rd place 
  • Salesmanship - Bronze Award
  • Sales Pitch - Gold Award
Pasadena Trade Show
  • Silver Company Branding
  • Bronze Employee Handbook
  • Bronze Booth Design
  • Bronze Elevator Pitch
WHS Awards
(Advisor-Todd Shafer):
Business Plan Presentation
  • Qualified for the Business Plan Finals in Bakersfield
San Diego Trade Show
  • Sales materials - Bronze top 15 
  • Video Commercial - Silver Top 10 
  • E-Commerce Website - Silver Top 10
  • Novice Salesmanship - Gold Top 3 
  • Novice Booth Design - Gold Top 3
LA Trade Show
  • Financial Statements - Bronze Top 15
  • Sales Materials - Bronze Top 15
  • Impact Marketing - Silver Top 10
  • Booth Design - Silver Top 10
WHS Business Essentials Industry Field Trips
  • Students went on a field trip to Yakult to see the manufacturing process
  • Students will attend a job shadow at Luther Burbank Savings on 3/21
  • Female students will attend the 2nd Annual Leading Ladies - Young Women's Empowerment event
FVHS Awards
(Advisor-Sarah McCance):
Business Plan Presentation
  • Qualified for the Business Plan Finals in Bakersfield
San Diego Trade Show:
  • 1st Place Sales Materials
  • Bronze in Commercial
  • Bronze in Website
  • 3rd Place in Radio Commercial
  • Bronze in Impact Marketing
  • 1st Place Perfect Score in Booth Design
  • 1st Place Perfect Score in Salesmanship
California State Trade Show Bakersfield
  • 2nd Place in Website
  • 3rd Place in Commercial
  • Top 10 Finalist in Job Interview
  • 1st Place State Business Challenge
  • Silver Impact Marketing
  • Gold Booth Design
  • Bronze Elevator Pitch
  • Silver HR Presentation
  • 8th Business Plan Presentation
Pasadena Trade Show
  • Bronze Website
  • Silver Commercial
  • Top 3 Sales Pitch
  • 1st Place Sales Materials
  • 2nd Place in Branding
  • Bronze Newsletter
  • Silver Employee Handbook
  • 1st Place Impact Marketing
  • Bronze Marketing Plan
  • Bronze Elevator Pitch
  • Silver Booth Design
  • 1st Place Salesmanship
MHS Welding Pathway
For the past few months Gary Adams, President of Adams Welding Inc. has been working with Matt Wilfert's Welding Pathway to teach students about the Welding Industry. 
On May 11th, Gary will be taking Marina's welding students to Hoskins Equipment to get them a mini certification. This certification will show employers that students have knowledge of heavy equipment. Another planned trip will be to Accurate Weld Testing Lab where students will learn about the welding certification.

Mr. Adams will be hiring a few of the welding students at the end of the year.
MHS Hosts FCCLA Meeting
Leah Bratcher from Marina High School hosted the region 9 FCCLA (Family, Community & Career Leaders of America) meeting. Teachers and students came to hear region & state news, learn leadership skills and hear about competitions .
On Saturday, February 9th, our FCCLA teachers took their students to the Spring Region 9 meeting and competition at Newport Harbor High School. Below are the competition results.
MHS-Advisors Deanna Lee & Leah Bratcher

  • Riley Keaney - 1st place - Interior Design - Jr. Division
  • Haley Van Hoepen - 2nd place - Menu Planning and Table Design - Jr. Division
  • Kaitlyn Brand -1st place - Menu Planning and Table Design - Sr. Division
  • Eren Avila - 2nd place - Menu Planning and Table Design - Sr. Division
  • Cailyn Disberry-Harter - Fashion Construction - State qualifier
HBHS-Advisor-Maria Georgakopoulos

2 nd  Place & Advanced to State
  • Allison Stauffer
  • Anthony Egan
4 th  Place & Advanced to State
  • Isabella Lopez
  • Destiny Van Wormer
  • Chelby Strain
Advanced to State
  • Nikki Chavez
  • Sabina Anderson
  • Anna Garcia
  • Andrew Jones
  • Lilianna Morales
  • Jose Calderon
EHS-Advisor-Rebecca Richter

  • 2nd Place-Cake & Bread, 2 EHS 3rd Place Salad & Menu
  • 5 State Qualifiers 
Cori Raina & Armida Gordon
  • Students placed first in the Recycle & Redesign-Qualified for State

FVHS Culinary
On Friday, February 8th, FVHS Culinary students participated in a Chili Cookoff. Below are some of the themes that were presented.
Wild Wild West
Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives
Mardi Gras
Five of the FVHS Culinary Arts Students will be competing on March 15-16 in Pomona for the Pro Start Culinary Cup which is sponsored by the California Restaurant Association. This event requires students to create an appetizer dish, Main dish and dessert, within a one hour time period. Students research and create their dishes, practice their skills with knives, kitchen technique and safety and sanitation. Judges are industry people who also help to sponsor the event. Some of the sponsors are BJs, Cane's, and Cal Poly Pomona. Students only use two butane burners to create their dishes. Students are also required to cost out their recipes and create a written presentation of their food. Our Pro Start students are given the opportunity to apply for scholarships through the CRAF foundation.

Armida Gordon and Cori Raina, FVHS Culinary Arts instructors, were give a grant from the California Restaurant Association for $618.00. This grant is to help offset the cost of supplies for the student competition.  

FVHS welocmes former alum and former student teacher, Alissa Hernandez to their Consumer & Family Studies staff at FVHS. They are thrilled to have her enthusiasm and expertise!
Apple covering "Playlist."  Apple sent a group from their PR team to cover MMET's "Playlist 2019" on Friday. They documented the show and interviewed select students and staff. Apple chose to cover "Playlist" because they believed it to be a "prime example of modern teaching methods," and because MMET has modernized traditional music education. They'll be featuring "Playlist" on their website and publications. 
Technical Theatre department built a booth for NAMM!  APA students designed and constructed the Alan Parsons booth at National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)--one of the most popular and visited booths at the convention!
MHS CyberSecurity Team
Carrie Peterson  took her CyberSecurity team to the semifinal round of competition in the Gold category. While they did not make it to nationals, their advancement in this competition was quite impressive. The students who competed were Louis Nguyen, Jonathan Gaytan, Kevin Kersey, and Garrett Crippen.
HBAS has 3 externship sites for their current Medical Billing & Coding students. They have had 12 students (since September) complete their CTE program, with 35 more students working towards a June completion.
They had a great guest speaker from one of their sites that came to encourage the billing students and let them know what to expect as an extern.
HBAS CTE will have their annual Community Advisory meeting in April to hear from community members on how they can send them better applicants to fill their needs.
FVHS teacher, Zoe Seals, had an industry field trip to Disney Studios in Burbank. Each year she takes her Digital Photography & Design students to visit her former colleagues in the TV Animation division and also to visit the studio lot where they learn about design, production and the history of Disney Studios.
OVHS Business Academy teacher, Roger Keating, shared that on February 26th & 27th Steve Yang, CB (Customer Business) Services Support Officer from Union Bank will be focusing on Financial Literacy and Business Outreach to the community.

On February 27th the Marketing Students will be visiting Chapman University for a tour of the campus and Business School