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Beijing 2017
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2017 SVEF

 May 2, 2017

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The just-published Forbes Asia list of under 30s highlights the talent and energy that this region continues to develop. 
This second annual listing of up and comers throughout Asia envelopes con sumer and enterprise tech, social enterprise, finance, healthcare, media and industry as well as the arts, fashion and sports.  It showcase the diversity of talent rising from Asia, from experienced expats to first-time founders, and from all nations.   
See  Forbes Asia Under 30, plus full analysis.  
  The project took six months, from nomination, research, judging, fact checking and writing. The judges included a who's who such as Kai-Fu Lee.  
It helped if the candidate had something special or cool that made them stand out. Having recent achievements helped too.
Congratulations goes to all winners, and a  special  congratulations goes to these superstars profiled and researched by Silicon Dragon founder and editor Rebecca Fannin. 
Victor Chua, Gobi, China
Nick Molnar, Afterpay, Australia
Nguyen Hong Hai, Canavi, Vietnam
Alfred Boyadigis, Forcite, Australia
Sui Shaolong, RoboTerra, China
Alexander & Harrison Chen, Trainerbotics, China
Dai Ying, Beiing Beauty of Fashion, China
Shreya Mishra & Pranay Surana, Flyrobe, India
Christina Surladjaja, Travelio, Indonesia
Sasha Tan, Favful, Singapore
Huang Hao & Huang Xiao, Xberts, China
Abby Zhang, Yeechoo, Hong Kong
Richa Singh, YourDOST, India
Tom Williams, WeTeach, China
Guo Xiaoqian, Tezign, China
Victor Liew Jia Hao, Xfers, Singapore
Eric Gnock Fah, Klook Travel, Hong Kong
Oswald Yeo / Ying Cong Seah / Qin En Looi, Glints, Singapore
Sun Tianqi, Vincross, China
Tyovan Widagdo, Bahaso, Indonesia
Taro Fukuyama, AnyPerk, San Francisco/Japan
Lucas Ngoo and Quek Siu Rui, Carousell, Singapore
Justin Sun, Peiwo APP, China
Liv Donglong, 360zfw, China
Jazz Tan, YouthsToday, Malaysia

Highlights from SILICON DRAGON Hong Kong 2017

Among the new trends discussed? 
Conversational commerce, emergence of AI across consumer and business sectors, and more IPOs in Hong Kong  after recent listing of Meitu.
The videos are coming in next week's issue. 
Watch for them here: Silicon Dragon Videos 

Speakers, SDHK17 Rebecca, Tim Zanni
Adam Lindemann Nisa Leung Tytus Michalski, Victor Boyajian
Above: Tim Zanni, KPMG; Adam Lindemann, Mind Fund; Nisa Leung, Qiming Ventures; Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital, Benjamin Joffe of HAX, Itai Damti, Leverate;
Victor Boyajian, Dentons and many others.