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May 2016 E-Newsletter 
The mission of the Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty is to increase the achievement of children of poverty by improving the quality of undergraduate teacher preparation, graduate teacher preparation, and the professional development of in-service teachers.
COE 9th Annual Summer Institute
June 22-23, 2016 
Important Work: Teaching Children of Poverty 
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Chapman Auditorium- McNair Science Building
Francis Marion University
4800 Patriot Drive - Florence, SC 29506

The COE Summer Institute  is a two-day event designed to provide participants with research-based information focusing on the needs and abilities of children of poverty. The theme of the Summer Institute is "Important Work: Teaching Children of Poverty." This event will feature four keynote addresses and over 40 breakout sessions focusing on classroom strategies and best practices for under-resourced students.

Keynote Speakers!
"Spreading Humor Through The World of Education"  
Have you heard the news?  Kentucky Principal, Gerry Brooks, will be joining us at the Summer Institute! He is a new internet sensation for educators across the nation. What began as a fun video has exploded into a regular commentary that he describes as "spreading humor through the world of education." We are so excited to share his comedy and insight on school climate and culture. If you have not already been introduced to Mr. Brooks, add him on Facebook or follow his channel on YouTube here to see his regular dose of humor. 

June 22: "Every Child Deserves a Rock Star Teacher"    
Principal Baruti Kafele is America's leading authority for providing effective classroom and school leadership strategies toward closing the "attitude gap."   He will make the case that all children deserve a phe nomenal, "Rock Star" teacher. What makes a teacher a rock star?  Kafele asserts that it is all about the teacher's attitude toward his or her students, the practice of teaching, and an "obsession" with continued professional growth.   This session is a great chance for all of us to learn how to be rock stars!  Learn more about Principal Kafele at his website.

Jo Ann Burroughs was an elementary school principal and a classroom teacher for 31 years before her retirement. As the author of the books, Johnathon and Techr, and a presenter, Jo Ann has carried her message, "Children Need Love, Too," throughout the United States. Her portrayal of "Johnathon" is a must for every person who truly cares about children. She believes many children enter classrooms so loaded down with problems from home that they have great difficulty settling into class routines. It is often the teacher of these children who can and does make a difference in their success or failure.    Learn more about Ms. Burrough's books here.  
June 23: "Invitations to Learn:
                                   Creating Classrooms that Support Learning"  
Carol Ann Tomlinson's career as an educator includes 21 years as a teacher, 12 years as a program administrator of special services for struggling and advanced learners. She has authored over 200 articles, book chapters, books, and other professional development materials. Dr. Tomlinson's interests include differentiation and encouraging creative and critical thinking in the classroom.  She understands that "the idea of differentiating instruction to accommodate the different ways that students learn involves a hefty dose of common sense, as well as sturdy support in the theory and research of education." (Tomlinson & Allan, 2000)  Find out more about her work here.


Do you have an innovative strategy or activity that improves student achievement or
engagement and is focused on one or more of the six Center of Excellence's Star Strategies?
Life in Poverty 
Language and Literacy 
Family and Community Partnerships 
Classroom Community
Curriculum Design and Instructional Assessment 
Leaders, Learners, and Advocates

Now is the time to share with colleagues in our new Summer Institute poster session.  This is a low-pressure way to try out the presenter role since no 'big presentation' is required.  Just create your visual representation of your strategy or activity and stand with your poster during the session.  You and other poster presenters will informally share project details with interested attendees.  No pressure! Complete the poster template attached here and return it to Dr. Erik Lowry at
  ELowry@fmarion.edu.   Not sure?  Send us your questions---we'll walk you through the process! 
Submission deadline: May 27, 2016    
Student Teaching Award     
Congratulations to Alison Huggins!  

Student teaching affords each Francis Marion University teacher candidate the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for the 21st Century.   One FM School of Education goal is for prospective teachers to excel in their connections with students and families who have limited resources, and the Center of Excellence annually recognizes one candidate that excels in this important dimension of teaching.  Alison Huggins was selected as the Spring 2016 student teacher who best exemplifies those characteristics addressed within the six Teaching Children of Poverty standards adopted by the School of Education.  Congratulations, Alison! 

Family and Community Partnerships  

NNPS Promising Partnership Practice!

Greenwood and the City of Florence Night at the Museum     
In recognition of Read Across America week Greenwood Elementary collaborated with the City of Florence to have 'A Night At The Museum' with the Florence Museum serving as   the location for a night of family, food, and fun. As part of their adventure, parents and students explored the museum exhibits by participating in a scavenger hunt. The reward other than valuable family time was a book of their choice. Each student was given a book to take home to keep. Many local vendors such as the Florence Literacy Council and Barnes and Noble were on hand to share information. There was pizza and drinks for all and a variety of door prizes for families to win!    
Brain Breaks    
Change up your boring routine!

Brain breaks are a short period of time when you change up the dull classroom routine of in coming information that arrives in very predictable, tedious roadways. Our brain lives and thrives on novelty because we pay attention to every stimulus that is out of the ordinary. Consider the following brain break ideas in your classroom this month!
A Wealth of Resources!  
Need Resources? We have what you're looking for!

Did you know you can check out books from our resource library in the COE office with a collection of over 400 books?  The COE website also has hundreds of helpful articles that are free and just a click away.

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