Should Your Campus Bookstore Sell Books?
The college bookstore will always be a fundamental part of the campus experience, but as students shop around for course materials, typically online, schools are reconsidering the role of their on-campus hub. Check out our white paper to learn how schools are using a “Hybrid Bookstore Model” to increase course materials accessibility and affordability. 
Ambassador Increases Access to 60,000 Engaging STEM Tutorials
Through an exclusive partnership between Ambassador and ProPrep, educators have access to 60,000 STEM tutorials led by top lectures and academics. Faculty can supplement their print and digital course materials with this content, which is designed to increase students' interest in STEM, further engage them in the subjects, and improve learning outcomes. 
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Courseware Now Available Through Ambassador
Thanks to a collaborative initiative between Ambassador and In the Line of Duty, high school and college educators, as well as law enforcement trainers, can supplement print and digital course materials with high-impact courseware that provides real-world perspective and insight from those on the front lines. 
Inclusive Access: Is it the Answer to Course Materials Accessibility and Affordability Challenges?
Students who have their course materials on day one have a greater chance of success. Yet, cost is the biggest factor in students' decisions to delay or skip buying materials. Check out our article in Career Education Review to learn how Inclusive Access automatically puts materials in students' hands, lowering costs and improving outcomes, plus how our dynamic functionality makes the Opt-Out Cycle easy and straight forward .
Managing Pre-Bundled Course Materials Has Never Been Easier!
Ambassador's TAG simplifies the way schools receive, manage and distribute pre-bundled student orders, and even how returns are handled for full refund. Our integrated tracking technology makes the entire process more efficient, notifying schools of exactly what has been delivered and picked up by students, and what can be returned after the distribution period, not only increasing accuracy, but also saving time and money.    
Did You Know? Ambassador's Pub PinPoint Takes the Guesswork Out of Digital Content Costs
Ambassador's Pub PinPoint solution takes the guesswork out of digital content costs for schools and publishers alike. We translate the school's course enrollments and drops data, including duplicate access of the same digital content by the same student, and reconcile it into accurate payment information. This ensures schools don't overpay, while publishers receive what they are owed. 
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