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One Company's Rad Focus Sets a Big Example

Happy Earth Day! Today, April 22, is Earth Day. On this day, we encourage everyone to examine his or her positive impact on our planet. With everyone and every company working to reduce carbon emissions, imagine the significant impact we’ll have on our planet. Here’s an example of one’s company’s rad contribution.
I was introduced to a company called Ecorad whose mission is to eliminate the wasteful practice of scraping old cast-iron radiators. Ecorad Sales Director Patricia Cloutier described the misconception that those old radiators can no longer be used. She explained that she works with architects and restoration experts to turn those old radiators into beautiful electric-powered units.
Ecorad recently worked with Stanford University to do just that. The company restored the university’s radiators offsite beginning with disassembling and cleaning each unit. Those old layers of paint (including lead paint) are safely removed. The inner parts were replaced and some units were electrified with an electric insert. The units were then filled with water and recycled antifreeze before being sealed tight.
Once back on site, those electrified units were wired by an electrician and ready for use to heat a room, a unit, or an entire building.
Walter Cronkite Covered the First Earth Day in 1970
Anchorman Walter Cronkite declared that Earth Day is a “unique day in American history, dedicated to mankind seeking its own survival.” Both CBS and ABC featured his news cast. Public response to the White House encouraged Nixon to take action. He created the Environmental Protection Agency,
the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act.
Click HERE to read the Vanity Fair article by
Mark Hertsgaard And Kyle Pope.
Did You Know
Earth Day began in the United States in 1970.
It was not recognized globally until 1990.
Earth Day is always on April 22.
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