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Check Scammers
DO Get Caught!
While we at OBLIC want to raise your awareness of check scams, we thought we would also share some positive news.
On January 10, 2020, a U.S. District Court Judge in Boston will sentence a Belgian man that pled guilty to participation in an email scam that used counterfeit cashier’s checks to defraud charities and law firms.
Since 2013, the man and his co-conspirators sent fraudulent checks and convinced law firms and non-profits to wire money to members of the scheme with the lie that a portion of the supposed valid cashier's check would go to pay the victim's fees and expenses. Inevitably, the checks were found to be fraudulent and the victims' bank accounts were debited to cover the bank's transfer. The charity and law firm victims were left with thousands of dollars in losses.  Click here to read more
This is only one group of scammers; there are many more still operating. Be vigilant! If you suspect you are dealing with a check fraud situation, please contact OBLIC   BEFORE you deposit any check or disburse any funds!  We have dealt with these scams and are here to help you identify red flags to avoid being the victim!
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential situation!

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