May 2017

At Multicyl we strive to offer innovative punching solutions for a number of different punching applications. 

Once a month we feature an application or process and send out a newsletter to keep our customers up to date on what we are doing.  

Often these include a video showing the application and offering the viewer some information.  Now we are offering these videos on our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to it here  or click on the picture below.  

Take a look! If you see anything you can use in your manufacturing processes or get inspired to ask us for something new don't hesitate to contact us  - as always, we will be glad to help!  
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Tonnage Calculator Use our   Tonnage Calculator to determine your force requirements.

To use our tonnage calculator select either the hole diameter or shear length option. Then select your material or fill in the tensile strength of the material you are using (KSI). Fill in the rest of the data and hit calculate. You will be given the tonnage requirement and a list of potential Multicyl cylinders for the application.

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