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Inflammation and vulnerable plaque are the leading factors that drive cardiovascular disease.

Important Biomarker Tests:
  • CardioMPO & OxLDL measures inflammation
  • The Plac Test measures vulnerable plaque,
  • NMR measures LDL particle size

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Inflammation Biomarkers for
Heart Disease & Stroke,
Kidney, Liver Testing & more

  1. CardioMPO
  2. The Plac Test 
  3. OxLDL  
  4. CMP - Complete Metabolic Panel 
  5. hs-CRP - High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein
  6. Cardiac Risk Assessment ($25 Value) 
  7. Cleveland HeartLab's "Know Your Risk" ($25 Value) 

Testosterone Test for Men
TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone for Women
Add any optional tests from below
SAVE up to $40

Heart Disease, Kidneys,
Liver Testing & more
  1. Complete Lipid Profile  
  2. CBC - Complete Blood Count  
  3. CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  4. hs-CRP - High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein
  5. Cardiac Risk Assessment ($25 Value) 
  6. Cleveland HeartLab's "Know Your Risk" ($25 Value) 

PSA for Men
TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone for Women
Add any optional tests from below
Covid Antibody Test Available
1. ApoA1, ApoB & Ratios $65 12hr fast
Advanced lipid test from the Cleveland HeartLab. Individuals with a high ApoB/ApoA1 Ratio have more than 3x greater risk of heart attack.
2. CardioMPO $133
Detects the MPO enzyme that can help determine if you have inflammation in your arteries from damage to your artery walls. Proprietary test from the Cleveland HeartLab.
3. CBC - Complete Blood Count $29
Panel of 17 tests
Screens for: Anemia, Leukemia, Infections, Bleeding & Inflammation.
4. CMP - Complete Metabolic Panel $29
Panel of 20 tests
Screening used to evaluate organ function, including kidney & liver.
5. Colon Cancer Screening - iFOBT At Home Testing Kit $40
Convenient screening at home kit for colon cancer.
6. Covid-19 Antibody Screening $80
Screens to see if you have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. For those who think they may have had Covid-19 and currently have no symptoms.
7. Complete Lipid Panel $29
Fast 8 hrs or Non-fast 
Includes: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides & Ratios.
8. CoQ10 $75
Useful for individuals on statin therapy and those who are at greater risk for vascular disease.
9. DHEA $48
Referred to as an "anti-aging" hormone, precursor to the sex hormones, estrogen & testosterone.
10. Diabetes Screening HbA1c $29
Measures blood sugar over a 3 month period.
11. Estradiol $56
May help to evaluate menopausal status.
12. Fibrinogen $38
Contributor to blood clotting. May help predict risk of heart disease and stroke.
13. Hepatitis C Virus Antibody $52
Identifies the Hep C virus which may cause liver damage, cirrhosis or even death. Can be successfully treated with meds.
14. Hepatitis B Virus $62
Identifies the Hep B virus attacks the liver. Causes acute and chronic disease.
15. Homocysteine $58
Elevated levels in the blood may be associated with hardening of the arteries, heart attack, strokes, blood clots & possibly Alzheimer's disease.
16. hs-CRP - High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein $56
Identifies inflammation that may contribute to heart attack or stroke. 
17. Mercury Screening $78 
No fish for 72 hrs prior
Detects mercury levels in blood.
18. NMR - Advanced Lipid Panel $125
12 hr fast
State-of-the-Art method for testing lipo proteins. May help establish the most effective treatment for abnormal cholesterol levels.
19. Omega 3 & Omega 6 $140
Evaluates levels to help identify individuals who may benefit from supplementation.
20. OxLDL - Oxidized LDL $65
Individuals with high levels of OxLDL are 4x more likely to develop metabolic syndrome. Increased levels are associated with presence of coronary artery disease.
21. The Plac Test $125
Helps measure vulnerable plaque in your arteries. FDA approved.
22. PSA for Men $42
Used to help detect prostate cancer, prostatitis & benign prostatic hyperplasia.
23. Testosterone $46
Levels decline with age. Important for fertility, libido, muscle mass & more.
24. TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $32
Thyroid function, critical to metabolism.
25. Vitamin B-12 $52
Low levels can lead to fatigue, pale skin, difficulty walking, weight loss, bleeding gums, memory loss & depression.
26. Vitamin D $52
Crucial to immune function, bone health & prevention of some cancers.
27. Uric Acid $28
High uric acid may cause gout, liver disease, acute leukemia, kidney stones and more.
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