Dear Families,

In our very busy times, we would like to take a moment to draw our attention back to our preparation including the process of prayer, catechesis and family faith sharing and attending Mass.

Please take a moment to go through our to-do list again, below. Please take the time to catch up, as some of us have become a little behind on our preparation tasks.

A reminder to all: In order to complete First Reconciliation and First Eucharist the preparation must be completed and sacrament celebrated.

Each family and child is expected to either be active in Family Faith Formation or in Catholic School, participate in our in-person and zoom gatherings for catechesis and prayer, weekend Masses and most of all, make this time a priority for your family. Catholic School Families are expected to do the Immediate Preparation for the Sacraments; separate from their Catholic School Classses.

If for any reason, the current time is proving to not be working for your family's schedule, you are welcome to postpone First Reconciliation and First Eucharist until a later date; the next formal sessions will be in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. We have families and children of all ages who go through the preparation.

Questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or one of our team members and we are glad to meet with you and guide you through your Faith Formation Journey going forward.

Blessings to you and yours,

Nancy Veronesi, Director of Worship

and your First Eucharist Team

First Eucharist Hub

View Fr. Jim's video on 'fasting' during Lent

All of the most updated information and directions will always be found on the 'hub' page. See you, there!

Visit the Hub to see the new videos that we watched last Tuesday!

Going Forward:

Ongoing Suggested To Do List!

All links below are also found on the HUB PAGE

Before the session in Feb.

  • Bookmark and become familiar with the First Eucharist Hub Page.
  • Add the preparation zoom and in person catechesis dates from the hub to your calendar. (link will be sent in email-same link for all sessions)
  • Textbooks and parent/family books will be handed out at our first session.
  • Check the Syllabus & Suggested Reading Schedule link – you can move through this at your own pace
  • Read through the Pew Banner Directions and note the final date --ON OR BEFORE APRIL 16TH--to hand it in. Purchase materials for your pew banner. There are kits available online or you can do your own pattern. Early turn-in is appreciated!

February-March 2024

  • Sign up for Blessing and Enrollment on Feb 17-18, 2024 – we are ‘officially’ enrolled as candidates for First Eucharist in the Spring. If you missed this enrollment - there is a ritual provided for you to do at home: At Home - Ritual
  • Add Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter dates to your calendar and attend Masses. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday - wknd of March 23-24. See full schedule on left column of this page and opportunity to sign up to volunteer at Mass for Holy Week. Full Schedule
  • Move through the textbook and do some of the Family Activities in the Parent text. You can use the Syllabus and Suggested Reading Schedule or go at your own pace.
  • If your family has been able to participate in the process, then Request three optional dates for your First Eucharist Celebration. Most will get their first option.
  • Request to have your child/children to do a liturgical ministry at their Mass. We will work with you to find just the right fit!

Beginning of April, 2024

Your team is here if you need assistance. Please be in touch.

Nancy Veronesi,

Director of Worship

St. Joseph's Church

Review: Our second gathering:

Tuesday, February 20

at 6pm on ZOOM

Topic: First Eucharist Family Gathering

Time: Feb 20, 2024 06:00 PM

Visit the First Eucharist Hub to view:

Videos for the children, PPT and Parents Mtg. video

Link to join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 872 4565 7482

Passcode: 493230


Our first gathering:

Tuesday, January 23

at 6pm at St. Joseph's Church

Visit the First Eucharist Hub to view:

Videos for the children, PPT and Parents Mtg. video


Feb 17-18 at Holy Spirit and St. Joseph's Churches

IF you missed this weekend's blessing - you may do the 'Practice at Home' version with your family. WE will do a blessing over ZOOM on Tuesday eve. You're welcome to ask one of us at a Mass in the future and our priest or deacon will do the blessing portion.

Holy Sprit Church * 585-585-671-5520

St. Joseph's Church * 585-586-8089


[email protected] - pastor

[email protected] - parochial vicar

[email protected] - dir of elementary faith formation

[email protected] - materials and data coordinator

[email protected] - team coordinator & dir of worship

[email protected] - dir of music

[email protected] - liturgical ministry coordinator

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