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In our fast paced world it can be hard to keep track of everything that's happening, especially when it comes to technology solutions! We are here to help you with that. If you haven't already, be sure to request a periodic Technology Strategy Review and Client Check-In so that we can stay up to speed with your ever changing business environment and upcoming needs. With our thorough review process, we can help identify cost savings, harden security, add needed features, and improve business efficiencies. We only grow when our customers grow so our interest is in helping you make the best decisions for your business.
Too often we think, "it'll never happen to us."
Mutli-Factor Authentication / Single Sign on
"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran loses $388,700 in...

Barbara Corcoran of ABC's "Shark Tank" has lost nearly $400,000 in a phishing scam. Corcoran, who has an estimated net worth of $80 million, according to Investopedia, told "People" that she was tricked as a result of an email scheme.

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Hyopsys is incredibly happy to provide MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) as well as SSO (Single Sign On) services which will help create an efficient and much more secure workplace for your teams and businesses. Multi Factor Authentication is a security mechanism that utilizes multiple layers of security checks to ensure users are who they are claiming to be. This is done by verifying their identity in at least two steps like a txt message, app push notification, biometric login, or additional input beyond just a single password.

Password hacks account for 80% of all digital break-ins nowadays. It is an important solution that not only secures you from threats online, but also assists the onboarding and offboarding process for your own staff by providing a central authentication hub for your most critical applications.
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Email Signature System
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Remote Work Quick Tips!
Saving Together!
  • Ensure your remote internet connection speeds are adequate for you and your household
  • If other users at work or in your remote office are streaming video or doing other work, it may bog down the speed of your connection
  • Use MFA security methods to ensure access to your work as well as the networks are as secure as possible
  • Webcams and Laptops have been incredibly hot sellers, many popular models are back ordered! If you're thinking about adding to your remote or flexible work needs, order your hardware and services now for efficient delivery!
Keep in mind, Hyopsys is uniquely positioned to help you consolidate services and improve your business in the quickly changing environment:

  • Bring your Microsoft 365, Recurring Cloud Services, and Annual subscriptions to us for a reduced cost! Whatever the brand software it is, we are likely partners with them already.
  • We offer well priced hardware, including Laptops and Desktops better than popular online retailers like Amazon.

Take this 13" X390 Business Lenovo Laptop. Comes with a 10th Gen Intel i-5 Processor, 256gb SSD, and 13" 1080P FHD Screen.

*Limited time offer, pricing level is temporary and not guaranteed.
End of Life Support Reminders!
Here are the latest updates on popular products that have reached or are approaching "End of Life" -- meaning they will no longer be supported or updated by their manufacturer:

  • SQL 2008 - July 2019
  • Windows 7 - January 2020
  • Windows Server 2008 - January 2020
  • Office 2010 - October 2020

If you currently have or utilize any of these products, we may have already discussed this with you. Otherwise, please contact us to find out more about transitioning to newer software.
Thoughts from Tim Wicks
We want to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation during these most interesting times. As we move forward we must look towards each other for guidance and support and remember that our personal and business networks are resources for success. Together we can achieve our goals and build whatever it is we look to build and go wherever we are looking to go. As always, we pull out stronger than ever before and we look forward to achieving that with you.
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