Issue 10 | July 25, 2019
July 2019 News & Updates
As of the end of June 2019, we have provided 10,512 bed nights for families here in Sun Prairie.
Addressing Trauma...

Meet Kimberly Robertson MSW, CAPSW

Kimberly will be offering trauma therapy on site at Shelter from the Storm Ministries, Inc. two nights a week to resident Mothers or play therapy for their children if they request help. Kimberly is privately contracting with the Shelter at a very reduced rate to provide this service to our Moms who often don't get help because when it is off site-it means additional costs to a family that is already struggling financially, or working around class/work hours, or figuring out childcare and transportation. If you would like to sponsor a trauma therapy session, it is $25 per session or $100 for the 4 sessions she is offering per week.
"Trauma is most often the root cause of homelessness"
Dogs on Call "Miss Mia" is an Australian Shepherd that will be coming every other Saturday to calm and play with the Children at SFTSM.
We help with that.
Prayer Requests
- Pray for resident families. Pray for safety, health, healing of trauma, wisdom and opportunities.
-Pray for Volunteers, Staff and Board of Directors. Pray for wisdom, patience, grace, energy and compassion.
-Pray for our Finances so that we have what we need to continue God's work here at shelter and grow His mission as He sees fit.
Three CHEERS!!!
The Garage is Done! It looks AMAZING! Thank you to the donor who sponsored this much needed space for SFTSM.
Many, Many Thanks
Thank you to Michael and Mallory Hartman, Kirby & Amy Davidson, and Suzanne and Geff Blaydes for their hard work cleaning out the POD and other storage in the shelter and carefully organizing our new garage structure. Thank you also to everyone who helped us clear out the storage early into the POD to make way for the newborn baby and his Mom!!! Bless you all for your hard work!
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