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This deeply researched biography follows Ashe’s career through epochal shifts in tennis and society; Ashe practiced on segregated courts in Virginia in the 1950s, matured as the sport opened fully to African-Americans in the ’60s, and became an antiapartheid activist and integrated the South African Open in 1973.

Historian Raym ond O. Arsenault is a specialist in the political, social, and environmental history of the American South. His previous work , Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice (2006), was the basis for the 2010 Freedom Riders documentary.
Roland Ford is on the trail of a mysterious killer who is beheading CIA drone operators and leaving puzzling clues at each crime scene. His troubled friend Lindsay Rakes is afraid for her own life and the life of her son after a fellow flight crew member is killed in brutal fashion. Ford strikes an uneasy alliance with FBI agent Joan Taucher to catch the killer before he strikes again.

Author T. Jefferson Parker is the winner of numerous accolades for his thrillers, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Silent Joe (2001), and the Mystery Writers of America's Best Novel 2005 for California Girl .
This western adventure hopes to bring new fans to the genre. In the spring of 1885, seventeen-year-old Jessilyn Harney finds herself orphaned and alone on her family's homestead. Desperate to fend off starvation and predatory neighbors, she cuts off her hair, binds her chest, saddles her beloved mare, and sets off across the mountains to find her outlaw brother Noah and bring him home. A talented sharpshooter herself, Jess's quest lands her in the employ of the territory's violent, capricious Governor, whose militia is also hunting Noah--dead or alive .
In this optimistic, solution-packed book, author KJ Dell'Antonia asks: How can we change our family life so that it is full of the joy we'd always hoped for? Drawing from the latest research and interviews with families, KJ discovers that it's possible to do more by doing less, and that family life should be a refuge and pleasure. Focusing on nine common problem spots that cause parents the most grief, this book offers small, doable, sometimes surprising steps you can take to make days less hectic and parenting a joyful experience.
In this mystery set in Minnesota, Cork O'Connor and his son Stephen work together to uncover the truth behind the tragic plane crash of a senator on Desolation Mountain and the disappearances of several first responders. In their quest to find the truth behind conspiracy theories, Cork and Stephen are joined by Bo Thorson, a private security consultant whose unnamed clients have hired him to look quietly into the cause of the crash. Who can the trio truly trust in their quest for the truth?

Fans of WIlliam Kent Krueger will recognize Cork O'Connor as a recurring character who was first seen in 1998's Iron Lake . Readers who enjoy Desolation Mountain will easily find all the books in this series in the library catalog.
When American Martha Wallace searches for her birth mother in Dublin, she never imagines that she will lose her heart to the charming JP Deverill. Surprises are in store for her after she discovers that her mother comes from the same place as JP, sealing her fate. Bridie Doyle, now Countess di Marcantonio and mistress of Castle Deverill, is determined to make the castle she used to work in her home, but struggles with her marriage. As long-held secrets come to light, the Deverills will have to heal old wounds and come to terms with the past if they hope to ensure their legacy for the future.

Continuing the Deverill family saga that began in the wildly popular The Girl in the Castle, this historical romance is set in 1939.
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