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The Western Regional Consultation Program's Summer In-Door Picnic
By Tina Elmer

The Western Regional Consultation Program's (WRCP) Summer In-Door Picnic was a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages, their families, and caregivers to get out of their normal routines and come together with other like-minded individuals to share a meal, swap stories, and make memories. It was a great opportunity to network with other families and professionals that support our families. They have a wealth of information and resources to share.
It was such a nice surprise to get the invitation, especially since we have a large family and everyone, was invited and included. There were many volunteers who appeared to not only help with facilitating the event, but who also have a lot of information to share, resources to offer, and really made us feel welcome.
There may be individuals who choose not to participate in these events, perhaps out of a fear of the unknown. This event was full of opportunity for kids of all ages to color, create, make new friends and even dance! Music has a way of entering the soul and even better, it has a way of exiting that same soul in its own unique way for every person, no matter what their abilities are. This was truly evident as the dance floor was full for the entire time.
If someone is considering attending this event in the future, I highly recommend taking whatever steps you need to make sure you get there. We didn't know anyone prior to showing up for the In-door Picnic, but felt like it was a family reunion the moment we walked in. It was time well spent surrounded by people whom you might not know, but made you leave feel like you are now a part of a larger family.
Picnic de verano bajo techo del Programa de Consulta Regional del Oeste (WRCP)
Por Tina Elmer

El picnic de verano  bajo techo del Programa de Consulta Regional del Oeste ( Western Regional Consultation Program , WRCP) fue una oportunidad maravillosa para niños de todas las edades y cuidadores para salir de la rutina habitual y reunirse con personas afines con quienes compartir una comida, intercambiar historias y crear recuerdos. Fue una gran oportunidad para conectarse con otras familias y profesionales que les brindan apoyo a nuestras familias. Tienen muchísima información y recursos para compartir.
Fue una sorpresa muy agradable recibir la invitación, especialmente porque somos una familia grande y todos fuimos invitados e incluidos. Estaba lleno de voluntarios que no solo parecían estar ayudando a la realización del evento, sino que también tenían mucha información para compartir y recursos para ofrecer, y eso nos hizo sentir bienvenidos.
Es posible que haya personas que elijan no participar de estos eventos, quizá por miedo a lo desconocido. Este evento estuvo lleno de oportunidades para niños de todas las edades para que coloreen, creen, hagan nuevos amigos ¡y hasta bailen!
La música tiene una manera de llegar al alma y, aún mejor, de salir de esa misma alma de una manera única en cada persona, sin importar qué habilidades tenga. Esto fue muy evidente ya que la pista de baile estuvo llena todo el tiempo.
Si alguno está pensando en asistir a este evento en el futuro, le recomiendo muy especialmente que tome todos los pasos necesarios para asegurar su asistencia. No conocíamos a nadie antes de asistir al picnic, pero lo sentimos como una reunión familiar en el instante en que entramos. El evento significó tiempo bien invertido donde estuvimos rodeados de personas que no conocíamos, pero que nos hicieron sentir como parte de una familia más grande.
What are RCPs?
Regional Consultation Programs

A small number of infants and toddlers enrolled in each of the Commonwealth's Early Intervention Programs demonstrate complex and extensive developmental and medical/health needs. Regional Consultation Programs (RCPs), across the state, provide enhanced services to these children and their families. RCPs in Massachusetts: Thom Boston RCP; RCP: Professional Center for Child Development; RCP: Criterion Child Enrichment; Thom Western RCP; RCP: South Shore Mental Health; RCP: Meeting Street. (Learn more about Regional Consultation Programs at www.eiplp.org/regional-consultation-programs/ )
Growth and Nutrition Program
Department of Public Health/Bureau of Family Health & Nutrition (BFNH)

The Growth and Nutrition Program (GNP) under the Nutrition Division in the Bureau of Family Health &Nutrition (BFHN) is a program established over 30 years ago by the Massachusetts Legislature to address the problem of undernutrition among young children in the Commonwealth. 
There are many causes of growth deficiency including medical, developmental, nutritional, and psychological reasons and the most effective treatment involves a multidisciplinary team of experts. All Massachusetts children from birth through six years of age with declining growth can be referred for evaluation and treatment by their primary care providers to these clinics, regardless of the family's income.
Each Clinic includes a pediatrician or nurse practitioner, a dietitian, a nurse, a social worker/mental health worker, and a case manager. Some Clinics offer additional services, such as home visiting and feeding groups. Currently, the GNP serves approximately 1,100 infants and children with six locations throughout the Commonwealth. For a listing of all locations and contact information, visit www.mass.gov/growth-and-nutrition-program .
For more information about the GNP contact Julie Schaeffer, State Nutritionist at Julie.schaeffer@state.ma.us or 617-624-6140.
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