Wichita Wurlitzer
May 2019
Interview with Brett Valliant and David Bernstorf by Deborah Shaar
Pipe Dreams: Effort To Keep Famous Wurlitzer In Wichita...

A famous Wurlitzer pipe organ has been based at Wichita's Century II for about as long as the performing arts center has been open. With Century II's future in question, the organ's caretakers are working to increase public and city support so...

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with Mark Herman
Monday, May 6, 2019, 7:30 PM in Exhibition Hall at Century II
People may expect music from Star Wars . but there is more space music than Star Wars . Williams and other composers are included in the program, an outstanding collection of music from space.
Mark Herman
Mark Herman is one of America’s busiest theatre organists, performing over 30 concerts and silent film presentations each year across the US and abroad. In 2012, he was named the American Theatre Organ Society’s Organist of the Year and is the youngest person ever to receive the prestigious honor. Click Here for More about Mark Herman
Wichita Wurlitzer Associates
$8,175 donated towards $15,000 goal
More than half way to the goal. The $15,000 will assist with the spring 2019 shows and support the 2019 Riverfest show. Still need to fund the Riverfest show so people can attend using only a Riverfest button. The Wichita Wurlitzer uses funds for artists, show costs, and instrument tuning. The staff is all volunteer. Donations and revenue for shows and recordings restored, installed, and maintained the Wurlitzer for 50 years.
Visit Wichita Wurlitzer's webpage for the latest Associates donations. You can make donations on the webpage.
If you prefer, send checks to Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc., 2475 N Greenleaf St., Wichita, KS 67226-1535
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Watching the videos on YouTube is only a start. Experiencing the Wurlitzer in person will get you hooked. The Wurlitzer has been supported by the citizens of Wichita from the beginning and your support is needed today.
Mark Herman
and The House with a Clock in its Walls
Mark Herman played a Wurlitzer in the movie The House with a Clock in Its Walls. The Wurlitzer, originally installed in the 20th Century Fox scoring stage and moved to Nathan Barr's studio, has 1500 pipes compared to Wichita Wurlitzer's 2700 pipes.

The YouTube 'video' is the Wurlitzer solo for the movie's closing credits. Mark played the Wurlitzer with an orchestra for other parts of the soundtrack.
Wichita Wurlitzer YouTube Channel
Click HERE to Join Wichita Wurlitzer's YouTube Channel. Subscribers are notified as new videos are posted. 72 fans have subscribed since October 2018. People have accumulated 5,700 views totaling 290 hours. People can watch and listen to the Wichita Wurlitzer. The only thing missing is the experience of show in person.
Wichita Wurlitzer Tour
Many people see the Console and think it is the Wurlitzer. The console is impressive in size at more than 6 feet tall and weighs 1700 pounds? But wait, there is more to the Wichita Wurlitzer, more than 55,000 pounds!
Many people ask where the speakers are. Well, there are NO speakers! Everything in the Wurlitzer is either a wind blown pipe or a wind actuated percussion instrument. Click on the console to see Clark Wilson's tour of the Wichita Wurlitzer.