NJPGA e-Regulator
2019 - Issue 4
In this Issue:
  • Employee of the Year Award Recipients
  • NPGF Scholarship for 2020-21, Application Deadline: Feb. 15, 2020
  • Meet the New CEO & President of NPGA - Steve Kaminski - December 5th at NJPGA Board Meeting & Holiday Luncheon - Click Here to Register Now!
  • NPGA's Propane Logistics Analysis Network (PLAN) is Now Live!
  • New NJ PERF Project - Water Heater Safe Installation Rebate Program
  • NJ School Board Association Workshop 2019 - Atlantic City, October 22-23
  • ROUSH CleanTech Update: A Call to Action for Sustainability

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NJPGA Employee of the Year Awards
Awarded on October 17, 2019
Transport Driver of the Year
Michael Dakin of Blue Flame Gas of NJ Nominated by Michael Santiago
Michael Dakin, NJPGA’s Transport Driver of the Year, has an outstanding record of driving propane over 250,000 accident-free miles over the past 3 years, with 80,000 accident- & incident- free miles for Blue Flame Propane of NJ this past year alone. Mike maintains his vehicle and his personal appearance in an exemplary manner and demonstrates a superior level of public relations and courtesy.

Mike Santiago, who nominated Mike Dakin, praises him as the epitome of a team player, who’s always willing to go the extra mile for Blue Flame Propane of NJ and its customers. While in the field, Mike is an ambassador of safety. Frequently customers call the office to praise his service. 

In addition to Mike’s superior work as a Transport Driver, since joining the company, he has often volunteered to train new employees and support other drivers seeking assistance on the road. Blue Flame would not be the company it is striving to be without an employee like Mike Dakin. It is NJPGA’s pleasure to recognize Mike’s contributions to Blue Flame Propane of NJ and New Jersey’s propane industry.
Service Person of the Year
Mark Emmons of Woodruff Energy Nominated by Staci Rammel
Mark Emmons, NJPGA’s Service Person of the Year, has been working with the LP GAS industry for 25 years. The knowledge that Mark has amassed over a quarter of a century in the propane industry shines through every day. Staci Rammel, who nominated Mark, praises his hard work, dedication, and emphasis on safety. 

Mark arrives at every shift in his proper uniform. He carries spare PPE on every job to ensure that he’s prepared. He is the consummate professional with customers and the public. Mark’s key focus with customers is safety; he makes it a point to thoroughly review safety information during every installation.
Mark consistently gives feedback on processes, procedures, and installation plans. Because of his exemplary knowledge and dedication, Mark is a critical part of Woodruff Energy’s propane team, winning the company-wide customer recognition contest in March and July for positive reviews that he received following installations. When not installing or servicing systems, he tirelessly contributes to Woodruff Energy’s sales efforts, excelling at making cold calls and speaking with potential customers. It is NJPGA’s pleasure to recognize Mark’s contributions to Woodruff Energy and the propane industry in New Jersey.
Cylinder Driver of the Year
Charles Leavy of Suburban Propane, pictured with Jayson Schneider of FW Webb Company who presented the Awards at NJPGA's Award Dinner on Oct. 17, 2019 at Forsgate Country Club
Cylinder Driver of the Year
Charles Leavy of Suburban Propane Nominated by John Schwarz

Charles Leavy, NJPGA’s Cylinder Driver of the Year, has an impressive record of driving propane. He has totaled almost 200,000 miles, with 15,600 miles in 2018 alone.

As Charles’ Manager for the past 11 years, John Schwarz of Suburban Propane commends Charles for his can do attitude and contagious positive personality. According to John, Charles has always been an outstanding employee. He shows up early every morning and is prepared for the day of deliveries. His assigned truck is neat and clean, and has never received a violation at a DOT roadside inspection.

Even more importantly, Charles has earned the respect of his customers and fellow employees. He’s always willing to help them out as needed, often taking on work beyond his regular duties. This past year Charles volunteered to mentor the newest employee and show him the ropes. It is NJPGA’s pleasure to celebrate Charles for the positivity and selflessness that he brings to Suburban Propane and NJ’s propane industry.
Salesperson of the Year
Dennis Rambone of Woodruff Energy Nominated by Staci Rammel  

Dennis Rambone, NJPGA’s Salesperson of the Year, has been an asset to Woodruff Energy since coming on board 3 years ago. He has brought in many large volume commercial accounts, hundreds of residential accounts, and sold a large amount of HVAC equipment. Additionally, Dennis, who has many CETP certifications, serves as a CETP proctor. He’s also actively involved with local Chamber of Commerce groups.

Highly skilled in teaching customers about the versatile benefits of propane gas, Dennis has been able to grow Woodruff’s propane division, converting many heating oil and electric customers to propane gas. Using his knowledge of propane’s versatility and his HVAC experience, Dennis consistently helps customers make the best choices for their home comfort needs. Dennis’ customers value his honesty, integrity, knowledge, professionalism and sense of humor, often calling him to survey new propane jobs.

Dennis works hard to accommodate his customers, making appointments on weekends, evenings, and even holidays to ensure he’s available when customers need him. He continues to build relationships even after a job is completed – dropping by to visit customers to make sure they’re happy, or checking on Will Call customers’ tank percentages -- if they need a delivery, he’ll call and let them know. As Staci Rammel points out, “Dennis truly goes above and beyond for both the customers and the company. He’s a great asset, not only for Woodruff Energy but for NJ’s propane industry as a whole.” It is NJPGA’s pleasure to recognize Dennis.
Salesperson of the Year
Dennis Rambone of Woodruff Energy pictured with Bob Petracci of Woodruff Energy 
Office Person of the Year
Elizabeth Reynolds of Blue Flame Gas of New Jersey
Nominated by Michael Santiago

Elizabeth Reynolds, NJPGA’s Office Person of the Year, has been working with Blue Flame Propane of New Jersey for a year. Prior to that, the mother of seven beautiful children, was running her household full-time. Upon entering the world of propane, Liz quickly became a key asset to the company. She has shown outstanding eagerness to learn as much as she can, and before her first year anniversary assumed responsibility for Billing, Service Scheduling, Customer Service, and Account Maintenance. 

Liz has shown superior willingness to exceed job expectations and exceptional organizational skills. One outstanding contribution has been her complete overhaul of Blue Flames’ Service Department. Through Liz’s efforts, scheduling has been modified, streamlining tank installs, increasing efficiency, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

As Michael Santiago points out, Liz has been an amazing addition to the Blue Flame family. Customers have come to know her and frequently ask for her when they need assistance. As a woman, mother, and office person extraordinaire, Liz has been a great representative for Blue Flame and the NJ propane industry. It is NJPGA’s pleasure to celebrate Liz's contributions to Blue Flame Gas of NJ and the state's propane industry.
Manager of the Year
Lynn Rozmus of Eastern Propane Nominated by Michael DelMauro
Lynn Rozmus, NJPGA’s Manager of the Year, has been working with Eastern Propane for 23 years. She is a key contributor to the company, often discovering problems before they become major issues. Staff members look to Lynn for her guidance and leadership. She is respected amongst her peers in Eastern’s Oak Ridge office and throughout the region.
Michael DelMauro greatly appreciates Lynn’s positive attitude and her contributions as a driven problem solver with everyone’s best interest in mind. As Michael says, “Lynn is the glue that binds the Oak Ridge office and the go-to person for many other districts throughout the region.” It is NJPGA’s pleasure to recognize Lynn’s contributions to Eastern Propane and the propane industry in New Jersey.
Applications due Feb. 15, 2020!

National Propane Gas Foundation (NPGF)
2020-2021 Scholarship


  • The 2020-21 National Propane Gas Foundation (NPGF) Scholarship application is open. The submission deadline is 2/15/2020.
NPGF’s program offers $1,000 and $2,000 undergraduate college and technical, trade and vocational school awards for children of employees of NPGA member companies and state propane gas associations. Only one application is needed to be considered for its 88 awards in the 2020/2021 academic year.

In the continuing effort to keep expenses down, NPGA no longer prints and mails brochures or flyers. All marketing materials can be found on the NPGA’s Scholarship website under the “ Promotion Materials ” heading to help announce that $121,000 in 2020/2021 NPGF awards will be bestowed.

Applicants will need their parent’s NPGA member ID to apply. Email info@npga.org and insert in the Subject line, “NPGA Member Number Request.” In the body of the email, include the following:
  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Parent’s Full Name
  • Local Company Name and Complete Address
  • Parent’s Phone
  • Parent’s Company Email

NPGF Scholarship eligibility Information can be found here .

In the 2020/2021 academic year to help with the industry’s work force planning issues, NPGF will continue to offer $1,000 scholarships to applicants attending accredited vocational, trade or technical schools pursuing these propane-related fields:
  • Commercial Truck Driver
  • Electrician
  • Gas Fitter
  • HVAC Technician
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Plumber

To read the bios and view the pictures of the 2019/2020 NPGF scholarship recipients click on the link.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Dec, Scholarship Coordinator, NPGA at ldec@npga.org or 202-355-1328.

NJPGA Board Meeting & Holiday Luncheon
with Special Guest
Steve Kaminski,
New CEO & President, NPGA

Thursday, December 5 th
Maggiano's Little Italy, Bridgewater, NJ
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Propane Logistics Analysis Network
(PLAN) is Now Live!

NPGA announced the launch of the Propane Logistics Analysis Network (PLAN). Previously there was no centralized tool to help drivers maximize their hours of service. NPGA developed PLAN with the support of the Propane Supply & Logistics Committee, and with the assistance of state and regional association executives as well as propane businesses. As of today, there are more than 400 supply points listed in PLAN.

PLAN is a crowd sourced online tool, which means it relies on active user input. Everyone is encouraged to enter wait times at supply points, including drivers, dispatchers, terminal managers, and wholesalers. Please note PLAN does not represent supply levels, pricing, or other market variables, and may be subject to error.

PLAN is available online at https://plan.npga.org and through an update to the NPGAction app. To download the NPGAction app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store .
NPGA thanks all of the industry members and state executives who volunteered their time and resources to help with development of PLAN. With your help and continued use, this tool can grow and provide timely information to the industry. Please contact NPGA at plan@npga.org with any questions.
New! Water Heater Safe Installation
Rebate Program

The NJ Propane Education and Research Foundation (NJPERF) is launching a Water Heater Safe Installation Rebate Program for 2019-2020. 

Modeled after the Mid-Atlantic Propane Gas Association's Rebate Program, the purpose of the NJPERF Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program is to help ensure the safe installation of propane appliances, specifically propane-fueled water heaters, in new or existing construction. Consumers will receive a rebate through a participating propane retailer.

Additionally,  the program is intended to increase propane use statewide by adding new propane water heater users, and to create an entry opportunity for installing additional propane appliances. 

NJPERF's safe appliance installation rebate program will offer up to one hundred $200 rebates upon safe installation of propane-fueled water heaters. For installations in existing homes, the new propane water heater must replace an existing electric or natural-gas water appliance. Both tank style and tankless water heaters are eligible. Program participants will be issued a rebate only after a safety audit has been conducted by a qualified technician and documentation is processed by the program administrator (such as a proof of gas check or leak test).  A rebate application must be submitted by a propane company in NJ to NJPERF within 30 days of the final safety inspection following installation of the water heater. Checks will be sent directly to the homeowner or builder, with up to 6 weeks allowed for processing. The installation and inspection of a water heater must be completed within 12 months of the project kick-off date, November 1, 2019.

Call to Action:

We're creating a digital campaign to promote the new
NJPERF rebate for safe water heater installation. 

Help us target digital ads to potential customers!

Tell us where you see the greatest potential for
new propane water heater installations

By Nov. 15, please click here to email us
the zip codes where you see:

1) a need for propane water heaters to
replace non-propane water heaters

2) a potential market for propane water heaters
for new construction

October 22-23, Atlantic City
NJ School Boards Association 
Workshop 2019

For the third year, NJPERF, in association with Blue Bird, Hoover & ROUSH, hosted a booth and provided presentations to promote the use of propane school buses in New Jersey at the Annual NJ School Boards Association Workshop. Many thanks to PERC for supporting this important program, and to the volunteers who staffed the booth and provided the Learning Lab presentations!
From Roush CleanTech -
A Call to Action for Sustainability

About a dozen countries and 20 cities around the world have proposed banning the future sale of passenger vehicles powered by fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, in an effort to reduce harmful emissions.
As the year end approaches and companies plan for 2020, they should consider a strategy that will include reducing emissions for the long term. This includes in fleets, but also recycling programs, energy-efficient business practices — even encouraging employees to carpool.
According to a recent study that asks CEOs about sustainability strategies, the majority of respondents “face a key trade-off in the pressure to operate under extreme cost-consciousness while seeking to invest in longer-term strategic objectives.” The study, entitled “The Decade to Deliver: A Call to Business Action,” points out that only about half of the CEO respondents say they’re deploying low-carbon and renewable energy and are decarbonizing their supply chains. Only half see a net-zero future for their company in the next decade.
But companies can use a sustainability plan as a competitive advantage. Solutions, such as adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, deliver both environmental and economic sustainability. Significant change is never easy. Having a partner at your side can help facilitate your organization in making the transition to a cleaner and lower cost fleet.
To learn more about ROUSH CleanTech’s alternative-fuel vehicle technology that powers school buses and Ford commercial vehicles, please visit ROUSHcleantech.com .
Todd Mouw is president of ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology. Mouw has more than two decades of experience in the automotive and high-tech industries. As former president of the NTEA Green Truck Association, Mouw helped set standards in the green trucking industry. To learn more, visit ROUSHcleantech.com.
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Officers & Board of Directors 2019-20
Michael G. Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services
Vice President
Henry S. Papiano
C Three Logistics

Beth Karr

Staci Rammel
Woodruff Energy
Immediate Past President
JD Stem
Stem Brothers, Inc.

National/State Director
Beth Karr
Michael DelMauro
Superior Plus Energy Services, Inc.

Peter Gilman
LP Transportation, Inc.
Chris Mohler
Chesmont Engineering Company, Inc.

Jack Neff
Blue Flame GAS of NJ

Jayson Schneider
Victor Division of F.W. Webb Co.

Tom Tarantin
Tarantin Industries, Inc.

Mike Taylor
Combined Energy Services

Jim Wiltshire
Ray Murray, Inc.
Director of Public Affairs
David Smith
Princeton Public Affairs Group
NJPERF Officers &
Board of Trustees
J.D. Stem
Stem Brothers, Inc.
Vice President
Henry S. Papiano
C Three Logistics

Beth Karr

Corrine Walker
Suburban Propane
Peter Gilman
LP Transportation, Inc.

Michael Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services

Thomas A. Tarantin
Tarantin Industries, Inc.

NJPGA and NJPERF Headquarters
Debbie Hart
Executive Director

Katina Pearl-Blando
Managing Director
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