Greetings NCUFC Members,
Hello again, its October and fall is definitely here. What a welcome relief to the heat and a great joy to start seeing leaves slowly turn color.  I cut open a persimmon recently and could see a shovel in the seed, so here’s my warning get prepared for some snow.  I hope you enjoy the season and look forward to winter and what it brings. 

This is also the season for planning for the Council. Our Board of Directors will be meeting next month to put together our 3-year strategic plan. New and exciting programs and partnerships will be discussed as we consider our future endeavors. We also begin our Membership Campaign this month, which will include new offerings and benefits for NCUFC members like merchandise discounts and members-only discussion groups. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one!

Stay well and healthy.

Jason Combs
Board Chair, NC Urban Forest Council
Division Vegetation Management Specialist, Duke Energy Progress, Inc.