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Join us for Worship and Religious Education Sunday at 10:15 a.m.
Sunday, November 6 
Keep reaching together: a sermon for our democracies
Rev. Joanne will preach.
New Member Ceremony.
Children begin in the sanctuary. 
Children’s Choir and CrUUners’ Women will sing. 

Sunday, November 13
Rev. Joanne will preach.
Adult Choir will sing.
Children have their annual rake-a-thon.

Sunday, November 20
Rev. Joanne will preach.
Children begin in the sanctuary.
The Children’s Choir sings.
Dedication of the daughter of Dana and Michael Antonelli.
Guest at Your Table begins.

Sunday, November 27 
Advent: Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace 
Worship Committee will lead the service.
The Adult Choir will sing.
No regular RE classes; special craft activities for children.

Kid’s Klub sign up for a trip to Prairie Fire Glass Blowers in Monticello on Saturday, November 19, 2016. Sign up sheet is on Religious Education table in Fellowship Hall. Limited space so sign up now. Cost is $7.00 for each person that makes an ornament.

Meditation Class Update  On November 6, the group will meet and setup at 9:20.  The meditation practice will start at 9:25.  Meditation Group leader, Marie McEnroe, will be away so the group will follow a guided meditation.  On November 13, the group will meet at 9:05 and start at 9:10 and will follow guided meditation. 

Sunday, November 6, noon – final Carbon Diet “weigh-in” party!

Whether or not you participated in the “Five Thousand Pound Carbon Diet Challenge”, all Green UUs (and wannabes) are invited to celebrate the losses amassed by our teams of “dieters”.  Find out how our members responded to the challenge to lower their carbon footprint as they share tips, big and small, which added up to a successful “diet plan”, lowered utility bills, and empowered us as earthcare proponents.  Refreshments – “low carb”, of course!

UU Coffeehouse
Saturday November 5, 7 pm  

Come join the fun at the UUCUC Coffeehouse
Autumn Variety Show

What:  Music, Dance, Laughter, Stories, Food & Fun! 
When:  Saturday, November 5, 7 pm
Where:  Fellowship Hall at UUCUC

Questions:  Email

Would you like to share Thanksgiving dinner with U-U friends? There will be a sign-up in Fellowship Hall after the service on Sun., Nov. 13, and Sun., Nov. 20, or you can contact me directly:  Sylvia McDermott, 217-398-1948.

The McDermott family will provide a turkey, stuffing, and gravy, & beverages; please indicate what side dish (to feed 8-10) you will bring.  If there are fewer than two dozen of us, we’ll dine at the McDermott home (407 Van Buren St., Savoy); more than that, we’ll gather in Fellowship Hall. Festivities begin at 5:30!

Screening/Discussion of "13th" 
Saturday, Nov. 5, 6:30-9 p.m.
Channing Murray Foundation, 1209 W. Oregon, U 

Ava DuVernay's new documentary chronicles how our justice system has been driven by racism from the days of slavery to today's era of mass incarceration. The film, "13th," is named for the constitutional amendment that abolished slavery with the exception of punishment for crime.  Ava DuVernay's previous work includes the hit 2014 film "Selma." 

Co-sponsors include CU Citizens for Peace and Justice, Build Bridges, Not Jails, Channing Murray Foundation, the Social Action Committee of the UUCUC

“Social Hour” Activities for All Ages
Take advantage of the various activities in our Fellowship Hall after Sunday services. 

• Each Sunday there are board games, checkers, chess & cards available for all ages.
• Each Sunday there will be a table designated in Fellowship Hall for those who wish to discuss the sermon topic delivered during the morning service.  Look for the table top sign.  These will be informal, self-guided discussions.
• The 3rd Sunday of most months (check the weekly eNews) is our Magazine Exchange Sunday.  Magazines can be for children and adults.  No more than 10 magazines per person please.  Remaining magazines will be recycled.
• The 4th Sunday of most months (check the weekly eNews) is our Book Exchange Sunday.  Bring in a book or two for adults or children to exchange.  Remaining books will be donated to the Books for Prisoners Program or the Urbana Free Library.

Questions?  Contact  Peggy Patten of the Membership Committee

Be the Face of Sunday Morning: Join a Hospitality Team!
Hospitality Teams are in charge of Sunday morning hospitality (e.g. announcing, welcoming, ushering, providing decorations and refreshments) for two months during the year. Hospitality Teams are a great way to meet people and serve our congregation in a fun and important way.  All members and friends are encouraged to join a Hospitality Team.  Each Team has 30-35 members so you do not need to help on every Sunday assigned to your Team.  Stop by the Hub table on Sunday mornings to sign up for a Hospitality Team (or to find out if you are already assigned to a Team.) Questions?  Contact  Peggy Patten of the Membership Committee

Thanks to Anne Sharpe and Sharon Michalove, Hospitality Team Leaders for the month of October.  And thanks to all the Hospitality Team volunteers who assisted Anne and Sharon each Sunday during the month.  October Hospitality Team volunteers will be acknowledged in the eNews in early November.

Policy regarding "Spoken Announcements"

Have you noticed a change in spoken announcements? We have reduced the length and quantity of spoken announcements and tried to integrate current info into the service. This change is part of our exploration of different worship styles. But, it means that Church volunteers must rely on you to respond to their written announcements. It’s easy. Sign-up early for events you plan to attend or tell the writer that you saw his/her announcement.

Spoken Announcement Policy
If you want the Board "Welcomer" to read an announcement or you want to make a LIVE announcement, let the minster know by noon on Wednesday. She will tell you yes/no. .

1. As a part of the Order of Service, the Board Welcomer will tell people what’s happening right after church. If you want them to add a sentence or two, submit your request. Notify the Board Welcomer of any last minute changes that need to be announced (e.g. cancellations, change in location).

2. If you want to show/tell people something that is coming up, in the next week or so, and your announcement is really, really, engaging, submit your request.

3. If you want to show/tell people something that’s coming up AND it connects to the service theme, submit your request. Here’s an example: SAC will give a LIVE announcement on November 6 about Nominations for the 2017 Shared Offering meeting. 

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