The Value Review: Hunton Services' Quarterly Update

Your equipment has a future. 
Let us help you to ensure it's a good one.
No crystal ball needed, just proper maintenance.  
Why Energy Matters Now More Than Ever 
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Texas leads the nation in energy consumption, accounting for more than one-eighth of the U.S. total. Texas also produces more electricity than any other state, "generating almost twice as much as the second highest-producing state." What this means for Hunton Services is that the market here reflects the needs of our customers.

We live in a climate that is constantly changing, and Scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies reported that August 2016 was the warmest August recorded in their 136 years of record-keeping. Total energy consumption last reported in 2014 was reflected as 12,899 trillion BTU's, with industrial use taking the the lead of that consumption at 1,639 trillion BTU's. As an energy services provider, this means that the market is rife with potential savings. The $68,411 million that our commercial and industrial sectors spent on energy in Texas is a reflection and indicator of the importance of your company's energy future.

Most recent EIA End-Use Consumption Report

  Proper maintenance of equipment and refreshing and/or replacing inefficient equipment is no longer just an option, it's a necessity that you should not put off. Your processes and building depend on the functionality of your equipment, and the longer you put off upgrades and improvements, the more money you are losing. If it is part of your energy spend ( BAS upgrades, system optimization, lighting), it should be in your future energy budget.
At Hunton Services, it is our job to find out how to best save your energy dollars.

Coming in 2017: Hunton Services' Energy-Focused Lunch & Learns
To further increase awareness of changes in our energy market and assist our customers with an action plan for the emission reductions put in place by The Clean Power Plan (CPP) issued under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act, Hunton Services will be implementing quarterly lunch and learns around Houston that focus on energy and potential energy savings! Dates and locations to come!  

Hunton Group  
attends Top Workplaces Gala 

Hunton employees had a great evening with Richard Hunton at this year's Top Workplaces Gala that was held at the Bayou City Event Center on November 3rd.

This year, all employees were extended the invite, and the winners were drawn at random from across the companies. It was nice to spend an intimate evening with leadership and coworkers!


          Top Workplace 
          '11, '12, '15, '16

Hunton Safety Minute:  
Reviewing the Big Picture When it Comes to 
Lock Out / Tag Ou t
Prior to placing a piece of equipment into a Lockout/Tag Out state, we need to step back and look at the "big picture". We need to plan and prepare for the task.

Questions to ask yourself: 
  • What equipment is needed?
  • What are all the energy sources?
  • What methods will be used to control energy sources?
  • Are there hazardous substances that need to be drained?
  • What protective equipment needs to be worn?
  • Could energy re-accumulate while work is being performed?
  • Does adjacent machinery need to be locked out as well?
Gather all information necessary.

The more information exchanged by those involved in the job, the less likely an accident will occur.

Tommy Denning,
Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager


Once again, Hunton Group will be holding a toy drive and sponsoring children through the BEARing Gifts Program here in Houston!

We will be collecting toy donations at all Hunton locations from now until December 9th! If you'd like to sponsor an individual child, please contact  
Ashlynn Ivy at:

Things to remember if you'd like to participate:
  • New gifts only.
  • No candy or food items.
  • Please include batteries if needed.
  • Do not put cash in gifts.
  • Do not wrap gifts.
Click here to access the  

Delivering Breast Cancer Awareness + Cupcakes With a Smile =
In October, we delivered information on Breast Cancer Awareness with the "sweet" help of a Cupcake and a Smile, LLC. All donations received during the month of October went to benefit The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization. With a match of all donations from Hunton Group, we raised $1,736.90 for The Rose. #huntoncares

As a result of low energy prices, energy efficiency and improvement projects (capital) may no longer seem financially viable.  As a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), I have an obligation to educate you on how you can and need to continue with energy efficiency improvement efforts rather than abandon them. Contact me to learn more about BAS upgrades, remote monitoring, and energy optimization.

Leanne Stiers, BAS Service Manager, CEM

Hunton Hosts the Annual 2016 ae3
Energy Conference in Houston

November 9-11th, Hunton Services joined over 150 energy professionals at the JW Marriott Downtown as part of ae3's 2016 Energy Conference. Workshops in the fields of leadership, technology, and sales were presented by key leaders and featured the work of bestselling author and keynote speaker, Stan Phelps , who "believes that brands must focus on meaningful differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers."

ae3, the Alliance for Energy, Economic and Environmental Building Solutions, is a national alliance of energy service providers whose focus is to design and implement total integrated comfort and building energy management projects.

Caryn Sterling's Graphic Recording of Stan's Workshop- @drawinginsight

From speakers to best practices, the event was a success.  This year the presidential torch of the national alliance was passed to Hunton Group's very own COO Richard Hunton, a founding member of the organization. As of June 2016, ae3 has helped save their customers $70MM in Energy Service Projects.

ae3 Recognized Energy Leaders -from left to right-  Bob Case,
Shawn Doherty, Richard Hunton, & Art Hallstrom

Hunton's Industrial Plant Services

Our Industrial Plant Services Team provides qualified technicians to service, troubleshoot, and repair your process equipment. We also provide temporary solutions to meet the high demand of your production needs. Our Industrial Plant Services team and Hunton Trane Rental Solutions work as one to minimize downtime and to mitigate any unforeseen risk.

Let Our Industrial Plant Services Team Help You Today:
  • Emergency response for unplanned equipment failure
  • Additional capacity due to seasonal limitations
  • Planned outage
  • Production area dehumidification and cooling       
  • Dense air intake cooling
  • Debottlenecking critical path process
  • Augmenting existing equipment

Additional Offerings Include:  

  • Unitary HVAC Comfort Cooling
  • Process Absorption Chillers
  • Process Ammonia Chillers
  • Process Centrifugal, Scroll, and Screw Chillers
  • Compound and Cascade Systems
  • Multi-Stage Gas Compression
  • Cooling Tower Repair
  • Trane OEM, York, Carrier, Frick, Vilter, Bitzer, and more!

Lease-to-own Available- New chillers (Water or Air Cooled), Air Conditioners, Air Handlers...

Contact: Gary Campbell
Hunton Trane Rental Services Manager
24X7: 713-580-4612


Hunton Services Gives Thanks! 
 We gratefully celebrated our Thanksgiving together at Hunton Services with our work family on November 18th. It was a delicious affair.
 We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Special thanks to Randy Wallen, the Hunton Group, and leadership for providing such a delicious meal, and to Victor Hernandez, for once again, frying up our delectable birds!

Thank you for taking the time to view the latest news from Hunton Services. 
See you next quarter!


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