It's About People DVD's

       For your convenience we have now added the series "It's About People" to our Youtube Channel. All you have to do is go to > type in Jim & Sally Hohnberger and you'll get a long list of videos. Usually at the top or close there, they will have our picture and Channel listed. Click on the word Channel. Otherwise scroll through the videos until you find the one that lists channel.

       Once in our channel All you have to do is click on one of the the top four--new videoes added there and view the message of your choice for free. Or you can access it using playlist and it will give you the It's About People playlist of 4 videos.

       May God empower His people to live each message; "It's About People" "Love Without an IF" "Tinkering, Meddling or Prescribing" and "Please Understand Me". We can't live these messages without Christ indwelling in us or without our surrendering and choosing to be Under God. He is the Vine. We are the Branches that receive life only from Him. Without Him we can do nothing to change our character from serving Self-centeredness to  Christ-likeness.

       Use these video to enhance your personal walk with God or to share with a friend.

God bless you one and all,
Jim & Sally   
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