September E-Newsletter 2019
Institute for Applied Ecology
The Institute for Applied Ecology works to conserve native species and habitats. With offices in Oregon and New Mexico, our work puts restoration, research, and education into action. Volunteer or become a member with a donation today!

"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days."
- John Burrows
Featured Articles
Every early-career scientist needs it, and IAE's Intership Program provides it
Experience required. ’ Look through any science or land management job board and these words will be there. Real field experience, skill-building and mentoring are the needs that Institute for Applied Ecology has filled for 200 alumni in 20 years of its Internship Program. Read More
New mapping reveals Lost West Coast estuary habitat - and potential for restoration
An unprecedented survey has revealed the loss of about 85 percent of historical tidal wetlands in California, Oregon, and Washington. The report, published in PLOS ONE, also highlights forgotten estuary acreage that might now be targeted for restoration. Read More
Comparing Dobermans to Chihuahuas: Great Basin plants are adapted to local conditions
A new study published in the most recent issue of the journal Ecology and Evolution shows that plant species native to the Great Basin are generally adapted to local conditions, a fact that could be a key to the success of future wildland restorations.  Read More
Weed warriors unite for the 8th annual Invasive Species Cook-off
Nonnative plant infestations are a huge struggle for land managers and community members alike. Here at the Institute for Applied Ecology, we take the serious issue of nonnative plant invasions and try to have fun with it in order to increase community awareness. Read More
TONIGHT! Willamette-Laja project presentation at the Corvallis Audubon Society meeting, 9/19
Learn about the Willamette-Laja project and how IAE is teaching children in Oregon and Mexico about their shared migratory birds in the Classrooms Across Borders project. First Methodist Church in Corvallis, Oregon, 6:30 pm. Presentation begins at 7:30 pm. Read More
Park(ing) Day, Friday, 9/20
Stop by our pop-up park-in-a-parking-spot on SW 2nd near Adams for a nature prescription.The  Corvallis Sustainability Coalition  is hosting PARK(ing) Day with 6 sites around town. Ours will be celebrating Outdoor Rx and The Confluence—a conservation collaborative coming soon to the 400 block of SW 2nd. Read More
Help Restore Pioneer Butte! Monday, 9/23
Pioneer Butte is a mid-elevation prairie northeast of Marys Peak. Mid-elevation prairies in the Coastal Range are rare and continually threatened by conifer encroachment.To restore the prairie we need your help piling branches to facilitate restoration activities. Read More
Brief Updates
Southwest Office
We had a great day with Bamert Seed Company in Muleshoe,Texas, planting 3 acres of new native grass seed production fields with blue grama, side oats grama, and sand dropseed from our wild-collected, locally-sourced seed. After three years of collecting seeds from multiple populations for enhanced genetic diversity, it is exciting to see them growing. Native seed production will improve the supply of regionally-appropriate seed available for land managers to use in restoration projects. Production fields will yield restoration quantities of seeds in 3-5 years.
Habitat Restoration Program
The Habitat Restoration Program and the Seed Collection crew joined forces at Mary’s Peak this summer to collect to collect native seed for future seeding in the meadows. It was a great way to spend one of our last field days with Restoration Ecologist Andrew Esterson, who has taken a new job in Salem. He will be greatly missed by all of us!  The HR crew (L to R): Jessica Celis, intern Rachel Livingston, Rolando Beorchia, Andy Neill, Andrew Esterson, and Emily Wittkop
Ecological Education
We are gearing up for our first lessons of the school year with 4th graders at South Shore Elementary in Albany, Oregon, in IAE's part of the Willamette-Laja Twinning project, Classrooms Across Borders. You can hear more about the project this Thursday September 19th, in a presentation at the Corvallis Audubon meeting at the First Methodist Church on 1165 NW Monroe, Corvallis, 6:30 pm. Visit our calendar for details!
In Appreciation: Liz & Bob Frenkel
The Institute for Applied Ecology would like to thank the estate of Liz Frenkel (1927-2019) for a generous bequest. Liz and her husband Bob Frenkel (1927-2017) were longtime residents of Corvallis, Oregon. Liz developed her love of the outdoors growing up around the West, including Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Douglas, Arizona. After moving to Corvallis in 1965, Liz worked on civil rights and anti-war issues for the ACLU and League of Women Voters. She took her leadership skills to the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, fighting a proposed nuclear power plant on the South Santiam River in the 1980s, and lobbying for many years in support of environmental protections. She shared a life full of hiking, mountains, and environmental activism with Bob, who was a geography professor at Oregon State University, prominent wetland ecologist, and conservation scholar. Liz and Bob Frenkel were tireless supporters of environmental conservation. Their legacies will have a lasting impact on Oregon, its wildlands, and its residents.