Evoque is a boutique communications firm that specializes in creating custom communications programs for utilities and nonprofits. We focus on helping our clients effectively engage with their diverse audiences, motivating behavior changes in essential areas like water conservation and education. 
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Fall in Colorado vertical
Dear colleague,
Here in Colorado, the fall season never ceases to surprise us by bringing a little bit of everything mother nature has to offer. So far, we've experienced 90 degree temp's followed by 6 inches of snow, 80 mph winds and wildfires that have devastated our beautiful mountains, and the most beautiful fall foliage many of us have ever seen.

Some of these days have provided the perfect opportunity to stay warm and cozy at home while working on projects for our clients, and others have provided an in ideal backdrop for some fun activities outdoors before winter sets in.

This month, we'll talk a little about each by spotlighting a recent campaign we created for a new client, as well as our official foray into one of the most "Colorado" activities one can attempt: mountain biking! Read on for more, and we hope to connect with you soon whether for work or for play.

Stay safe and stay warm,

Natalie J. Miller & Jessica H. Ouwerkerk
Project Spotlight: Prairie-Smart Watering Campaign
Earlier this summer we took on a new client, Pueblo West Metropolitan District, and we're excited to share some of the work we did for them!

Located about an hour south of Colorado Springs, Pueblo West is a lovely town with a prairie landscape and a large number of residents who have relocated from other states (where green lawns and that scarce commodity called "rainfall" abound). The baseline survey we conducted revealed a need for additional education regarding water supplies and home water use, especially in relation to outdoor watering.

To address these needs, we collaborated with them to create the "Prairie-Smart Watering" campaign focusing on outdoor water use and simple ways to be more water efficient. This included a strategic communications plan, custom logo (featured in photos), website content, social media posts with custom branded template (see first photo), a watering fact sheet (see second photo), and targeted letters to high water users. These materials are making their way out to Pueblo West residents as we speak, and we can't wait to see how they help educate and motivate customers to save water outdoors!

As many of you know, this current winter season is projected to be a dry one, so now is the time to start building awareness of home water use and providing resources to help your customers conserve. Interested in a water efficiency or drought outreach campaign of your own? Just drop us a line or give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss!
Evoque mountain biking
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When in Colorado...Mountain Bike!
At Evoque, we're always looking for fun new ways to embrace the Colorado lifestyle. Having hiked and whitewater rafted this summer, we figured now was as good a time as any to attempt mountain biking. To ensure we didn't injure ourselves irreparably in the process, we thought it wise to enroll in a 6-week beginners' mountain biking course for women. And WOW was it fun!!

Over the course of just six weeks we learned riding technique and skills we never thought we'd even be able to attempt, like rock drops, skinnies, stairs, pump tracks, rocky climbs and descents, narrow switchbacks, and so much more. I think it's fair to say we are hooked.

Want to meet up on the trails sometime for a ride? Just message us and we'll make it happen! (With as much or as little business chat as you want.) Happy trails!

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