April 2019

Springtime always poses a dilemma for me: when selecting a photo for the newsletter intro, do I go with my heart (sunny flowers) or reality. In light of our little "snow event" just last week, there really wasn't much choice. (Now let's all break into a chorus of "The Sun'll Come Out - Tomorrow!!")
Explore the West Where Legends Live
Vanishing Trails
Fort Union Trading Post, on the border of North Dakota and Montana, was featured in USA Today on March 27. This amazing recreation of an American Fur Company trading post is included in both our Legendary North Dakota program, and the Lewis & Clark Trail
Utah's Mighty 5 - June 3-8*
Newfoundland Explorer - June 4-12*
Grand Circle Experience - June 10-19*
Bay of Fundy - June 11-17*
Atlantic Maritimes - June 11-23*

* multiple departures
Stories from the Trail
Smallpox had already impacted the Natives of the Northern Plains by the time the Corps of Discovery paddled, poled and sailed their way up the Missouri River in 1804. With no natural resistance to European diseases, many native tribes had been severely reduced in 1780 and ‘81. With this knowledge and undoubtedly with the encouragement of President Thomas Jefferson, Read more...
Did You Know?

Typewriters use the QWERTY keyboard format because inventor Christopher Latham Sholes noticed this letter arrangement prevented jamming.

Quote of the Month

Education is not something you can finish.

Isaac Asimov

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