A Very Special Edition
Good Morning VPK Providers,

We wanted to share with you a very special issue of Good Living magazine.  Not only are there some wonderful articles regarding happy, healthy kids and excellent reading resources, but your favorite neighborhood Coalition is featured as well!

CEO, Lindsay Carson, shares some ways that parents can interact with their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to instill in them the love of reading through talking and singing--many of the things you're doing with your students already!  In addition, there is a great mention of our Officer Friendly Program, quoting Chief Slaughter of the CPD, who states that it's "great for officers to take a moment away from dealing with crime and spend it with the children in our community."

Please click the below link to be directed to the Fall issue of Good Living magazine, and spend an extra minute or 2 on page 14.

Extra copies will be sent to your schools and centers so that you may share them with your families. Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone, and thank you for all you do for early learning!

Sponsorship by Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County., Florida's Office of Early Learning, 64% Federal Funds

Email: info@elcpinellas.net