Streaming our Sunday morning service has a huge impact on the church. For starters, any given Sunday about 1 in 10 people "attending" our morning service is watching online. And we expect that number to grow soon when we start streaming through Facebook Live. In addition, recent studies have shown that when people look for a new church, most check out the church's website and watch the Sunday service - before they ever set foot in the church building.

Our Stream Team makes all of that possible. And we need people to help keep our streaming up to the quality to which we've all grown accustomed. There's not a single person on our Stream Team that had experience with video or audio before joining the team. We have trained every single one. And we'll train everyone that steps up to the challenge now.

We don't necessarily need seasoned videographers or sound techs, we need people that want to see the church thrive and are willing to serve one Sunday a month to make it happen. In short, we need you. Our team ranges in age from 15 to 80. We have men and women serving. Some have advanced college degrees, others are still in high school. We have Jesus in common - and a desire to share the Gospel. If you have the desire to serve Jesus, we can train you to put that into practice by sharing our Sunday morning services to people outside the walls of our sanctuary.

To get involved, contact Rick Taylor at or connect with him after church on Sunday.