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Things have been blooming at Archway Programs! On the first day of spring, we opened our first social enterprise, Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts. To celebrate, we had a grand opening event complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony and an unveiling of the new retail flower shop. Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts will employ individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusion and supporting the community. To read more, scroll down and take a look at the featured article below. And to get the latest Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts news and updates, please follow @ BlueVioletFlowersNJ on Facebook and Instagram .

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I want to thank everyone who has supported Archway Programs, including our clients and employees. Your support allows our organization to further our mission to help individuals in need and make an impact in our community.

Warm regards,
George Richards
Employee Spotlight On Amy Miller
We are proud to say that Amy has been part of the Archway family for nearly two decades. She currently serves as Program Supervisor at our Adult Counseling and Therapy (ACT) Program in Washington Township.

Prior to her current role, Amy served two years as a Music Therapist and Counselor. She has been a loyal supporter and advocate of the ACT program and its continued success throughout the South Jersey community.

She is always putting Archway clients first, making a tremendous impact in their lives. In fact, when we asked clients from the ACT Program what it was that made their program so special, they all answered the same, "Because of Amy."

Amy, thank you for your dedication, hard work and everything that you do each day to make such a difference in the lives of our clients.

What is it that you like most working at the ACT Program?

"The best part about working at Archway's ACT Program is just being in a place that compassion, empathy and kindness is a regular topic between staff and clients. When it works, it’s amazing and when it doesn’t it’s a teachable moment/concept."
What is your favorite Archway memory?

"When I was first hired, I was a Counselor/Music Therapist, so a large part of what I did was music. At one point, I had an ACT Choir that put on little concerts throughout the different programs on Archway's main campus. On this particular occasion we were performing for clients, family members and management. There was one woman in the choir who always kept cotton balls in her ears and sadly didn’t hear what we were singing at that moment, so she sang (very loudly) the song she thought we were singing. I was conducting and tears were rolling down my face (from suppressed laughter) and the rest of the choir just kept singing. When the song was over, her song went on for a few more beats. The audience loved it and gave us a standing ovation. I needed a tissue...
There was also the concert at the Admin building at Christmas time when one of the choir members sang her heart out and her teeth flew through the air landing on the carpet. Again, they kept singing and I was crying."
Program Spotlight On Adult Counseling & Therapy
The ACT Program is a caring place for adults to grow. Staff provide integrated, comprehensive care to each client. Our proven philosophy emphasizes the importance of utilizing individual strengths to improve social, occupational and educational functioning that is developmentally appropriate. The ACT Program allows all of the adults served to develop their own unique abilities at their own pace, providing individualized support to overcome obstacles obstructing functional skill improvement.

Each day, ACT consumers are cared for by dedicated, compassionate and highly qualified staff. Archway staff provides recovery focused services to educate about mental illness and develop the strengths and skills needed to manage them effectively. ACT features a variety of day-to-day activities, group therapies, community trips, special events, and holiday/dance parties.
The ACT Program works with families, case managers, and other supports throughout each phase of treatment planning to provide integrated, comprehensive care as they advocate for each client. Our goal is to ultimately maximize their functioning level.

If you think you might be a good fit for the ACT Program or know someone who could benefit from this program, please call us at 856.582.3900 or cli ck here to make a referral on our website.     
Archway Inspirations
Ta-Shawna, a resident from one of our Residential Community Homes, recently expressed to staff her desire to exercise.

Here she is happy to be on her new treadmill and on a path to getting healthier, both mentally and physically. Ta-Shawna has been exercising daily with staff assistance, and is already feeling stronger.

Staff and other residents have been cheering her on and said they've noticed an increase in her energy level.

Way to go, Ta-Shawna!

Congrats to Our Board Chair!
The Non Profit Development Center of Southern New Jersey (NPDC) honored Archway Programs ’ Board Chair, Tim Titus, at their 2019 Annual Nonprofit Organizations Awards Celebration on March 7 th , 2019 which was held at Adelphia’s in Deptford, New Jersey. Titus was named ‘NPO Co-Trustee of the Year’ and was recognized for his outstanding contribution and impact on the community. Executives and members of both leadership teams from Archway Programs and Woods Services joined Titus and others throughout the community to celebrate this special honor.

“We are honored to celebrate Tim’s accomplishment in receiving this award. As Archway Programs’ Board Chair, he has provided very valuable strategic leadership and has supported positive development and growth throughout the nine years he has served on our board. This enables us to further our mission of helping those in need to make a real impact in our community,” said George Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Archway Programs.
To read more, please click here .
Around Archway...
Our Social Enterprise, Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts, is NOW OPEN!
On March 20th, 2019, Waterford Township officials, Archway employees, clients, customers and the local Atco community joined together to unveil Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts, a new retail flower shop located on the White Horse Pike in Atco, New Jersey. Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts employs individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusion and supporting the community. Directly improving the job skills of people facing barriers in the workplace, Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts employs adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as special needs students from the Archway Schools . This gives individuals with different developmental abilities an opportunity to achieve independence, productivity and integration into the community. To read the full story, please click here . To see more photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page .
Thank you to our friends at Waterford Township for live streaming our event! To watch part I click here ; for part II, please click here.
If you missed our feature in the Courier-Post, click here to read the online article and here to see the front page 3/17 print edition.

Congratulations to Maria (pictured below to the right) on winning the spring bouquet at the raffle. We would also like to give a special shout out to our new neighbor, Fabio's Pizza , for donating food for our Grand Opening event! Fabio delivered the pies himself and is pictured below (left-hand side) with our CEO/CFO George Richards. Fabio's Pizza is located just a couple doors down from Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts in the Town Square Plaza.

For a recap of our NJ 101.5 radio interview on March 25th, click here.
1000 Books Reading Nook Hosts First "Official" Reading Party

Last month the 1000 Books Reading Nook in Archway's Washington Township location had a successful reading party as local community members joined together to volunteer their time to read to youth. Thank you to all of our volunteers and a special thank you to Mrs. Robin Wright, wife of Winslow Township Mayor Barry White, for taking the time out of your schedule to help make a difference in young lives.
The 1000 Books Reading Nook is a safe place for parents, caregivers and children (birth to five years old) of Southern New Jersey to explore, cultivate their love of books, and dream the impossible. To read more about the Reading Nook, please click here.

To sign-up for a reading party please call or email the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten’s Community Director Jerrice Moore via phone at 856.362.4969 or via email at
Archway Programs Celebrates Black History Month
The very talented, world–renowne d Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble performed at the Archway Schools. We are honored to have these special guests back at Archway Programs. Our staff and students had a lot of fun learning and participating with the group!
Valentine's Day Fun With Archway Students

Everyone from Archway’s Lower School enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day with several fun activities. Archway students had a ball at their special Valentine’s Day dance! Thank you to all of our dedicated staff for making this an event students look forward to each year.
Black History Month Celebrations at HOPE and DISCOVER Programs
Staff and youth from both Partial Care Programs, HOPE and DISCOVER, demonstrated the core value of individuality throughout the month of February as they collectively celebrated Black History Month. The first initiative included a display of famous African-Americans on a hallway bulletin board which included famous civil rights leaders, scientists, politicians, astronauts, lawyers, athletes, writers, an abolitionist to name a few.

Tymeir Marshall was influential in selecting daily famous quotes to be displayed on a white board for example, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men," by Frederick Douglass. However, the highlight of each day was when a different youth was selected or volunteered to read the famous quote via intercom which resounded throughout the entire building and this brightened up the mood, causing a cheering response from the youth and staff members. In the group room, staff also engaged the youth in various Black History month discussions, word searches, handouts, food preparations and videos about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Emmett Till and Thurgood Marshall.
"Chill Stations" for Partial Care Youth
Archway staff finished the "chill stations" in the group rooms at HOPE and DISCOVER Partial Care Programs. Thanks to a grant from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation and a generous donation from Honda of Turnersville Partial Care Services staff was able to set up a “chill station” in each of the five group rooms to promote therapeutic, self-calming strategies and help nurture a sense of relaxation and healing. Adding the “chill stations” will provide students with a positive, safe place to give them a mental break to re-focus and calm down so they can return back to their group setting. This will allow the students to briefly get time away but still be in the same room under observation.

The revamping of the "chill stations" will hopefully engross the youth more with the colorful and relaxing atmosphere. The new changes will include having a combination of sensory toys such as slime, kinetic sand, stress balls, Rubik’s cubes, an ergonomic chair, new desks, floor mats and a canopy in the designated group room.
We are excited to help our youth learn how to identify early on when a intervention is needed and making a positive choice of using these "chill stations" as opposed to engaging in the familiarity of their negative behaviors. To read more, please click here.
Spreading the Love at Just Kids

Creating new things is a favorite activity in our Just Kids Program. For Valentines Day, children from our Just Kids Avon Program designed their own "love tree" cards and bookmarks to give to those they care about.

Just Kids Learns About Teamwork

Joining together in pairs, kids were able to design and create anything we could imagine and build with all those Legos. One team thought of and developed a flying care that landed on a building! A high school student came to judge the designs on creativity. Children also worked in pairs playing the game "Stuck on You". They had to walk a ball between each other, across the room and drop it in a basket, without using any hands! It took great coordination and communication skills to not drop the ball!
To learn more about the Just Kids Program please click here.
The ACT Program Celebrates Love
Staff and clients from our ACT Program had a blast at their annual Valentine’s Day Party. Besides the typical music , dancing and food, Archway staff also incorporated several team building games and observed a lot of kindness shared.
To learn more about the ACT Program please click here.
Human Services: Residential Community Homes

Residents from one of our Residential Community Home attended "A Night to Shine" prom at The Merion in Cinnaminson hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation. They dressed in gowns and had a ball dancing the night away! As you can see, blue was a very popular color this year. How beautiful do these ladies look?
Human Services: Community Living Supports
Last month, clients from our Community Living Supports Program had a great time attending the Annual Car Show at the Philadelphia Convention Center. They also attended a professional wrestling event in Philadelphia and even got to meet some of the biggest stars! Everyone had a wonderful time and is looking forward to attending more sporting events in the near future.  
Welcome to the Archway Family!

We are proud to welcome new employees to our Archway Family as our organization expands, allowing us to help more families throughout the community.
Administrative Staff
Eddie Tate III, Business Development Manager
The Archway Schools
Taylor Coffey, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Shelby Davidson, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Walter Bradford Dilg, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Samantha Ann Friedman, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Elijah Noah Gaines, Paraprofessional (Upper)
William Gordon, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Shalesah Hall, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Matt James Luisi, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Raven Malava, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Gabrielle Martinez, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Kayla McCouch, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Daniel Monek, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Ryan Morrone, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Amanda Leigh O’Hara, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Casey Teal, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Whitney Lavel Tigner, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Blue Violet Flowers & Gifts
Rebecca Louise Holman , Cashier
Salim Mahmoud , Cashier
Erika McGonigle, Floral Designer
Christina Patton, Cashier
Mary Priestley, Floral Designer
Colleen Tortu, Cashier
HOPE/DISCOVER, Partial Care Programs
Shavonne Burnett, Driver/Aide
Marnique Funches, Assistant Director
Timothy Hawn, Driver/Aide
Earl Joseph Wade, Human Services Counselor
Just Kids, Before/After School Care 
Brandon Alwan, Assistant
Cheryl Marie Aupperle, Child Care Provider
Just Kids (continued)
Madison Burke, Child Care Provider
Melinda Susan Dalabes, Supervisor
Monique Detreville, Supervisor
Elizabeth El, Child Care Provider
Gail Eppinger, Assistant
Carolyn Granate, Assistant
Traci Gugliotta, Admin. Assistant
Kelly Hill, Assistant
Jessica Marie Hunt, Child Care Provider
Catherine Mazza, Child Care Provider
Kimberly Ann Reckeweg, Child Care Provider
Brittany Nicole Rescinito, Child Care Provider
Caren Schank, Child Care Provider
Patrick Sweeney, Child Care Provider
Lauren Marie Tuller, Child Care Provider
Karen Valloreo, Child Care Provider
Residential Community Homes
Anjelica Clark, Direct Support Professional
Tammy Dawson, Direct Support Professional
Demond Doman, Direct Support Professional
Rashid Dunbar, Direct Support Professional
Melissa Engel, Direct Support Professional
Alisha Figueroa, Direct Support Professional
Norlyn Garlic, Direct Support Professional
Moesha Taraia Johnson, Direct Support Professional
Robert Jones, Direct Support Professional
Milton Lewis, Direct Support Professional
Benjamin Bernard McAllister, Direct Support Professional
Onyedika Callistus Opara, Direct Support Professional
Joshua Thompson-Quartey, Direct Support Professional
Positive Encounters
Joseph Christopher Squire, Technician/Aide
Community Living Supports
Montana Elwell, Life Skills Counselor
Archway Programs Launches a Wellness Initiative... Fitbit challenges!

Archway employees have been active throughout their first monthly Fitbit challenge! The Fitbit Challenge is part of a new health and wellness program for Archway employees. Employees on Archway’s medical plan received free Fitbits and all employees with a Fitbit were invited to join a fun Fitbit Challenge! Last month, over 100 Archway employees joined a Fitbit Challenge to super-charge their New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and enjoy some friendly competition with their coworkers.
Congratulations to our January Fitbit Challenge Winners! Employees from Archway’s Lower School and our ACT Program won the January challenge. Archway Lower School employees include Terri Peiffer, Jennifer Mitchell and Monica Donley; and Amy Miller from our ACT Program. Way to go, Archway Family! These winners each won a $50 Foot Locker gift card.

Challenge details –
  • Joining Archway’s Fitbit challenge is a great way to a healthier you and a fun way to compete with your colleagues.
  • The challenge started January 1st and will run through 2019.
  • For the first challenge, everyone walking at least 5k, 7,500 or 10k average steps per day were entered into the drawing with one, two or three virtual tickets.
  • There will be different challenges every other month with chances to win different prizes.
  • The next challenge just started, good luck everyone!
Save the Date!

10th Annual Hands Around the Lake

Archway staff, volunteers and community members are invited to join us for our 10th Annual Hands Around the Lake event on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 as we promote Autism Awareness and raise money for a good cause. Participants are encouraged to arrive by 10:20 a.m. to start forming a circle around the lake. We will be sending out more information as we get closer to the event. If you have any questions, please email us at .

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019*


Archway Programs

What time?

Promptly at 10:30 a.m.

*Rain date: April 18th, 2019 at 11 a.m.
5th Annual Run For Woods Event

Join Archway's team ('Archway Programs') at the Annual Run4Woods event on Saturday, May 4th, 2019! This event raises money for the special needs children and adults served by Woods Services. The local community, family and friends of Woods are invited to participate by running, walking, or rolling (strollers & wheelchairs welcome). This event will be held at Woods' main campus (40 Martin Gross Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047) at 8:30 a.m. To visit Archway’s team page, please click here. If you cannot attend but would like to donate, please click here.
Affiliate News & Happenings

"Soaring to New Heights"

Archway Programs' CEO/CFO George Richards, COO Shawn Gibson and Executive Director Education Susan Lafferty attended Woods' Fete and Fundraiser late January which raised funds for Woods' social enterprise businesses. Communications Manager Jillian Pustizzi also attended the event and served on the Planning Committee.
It's "Official"...welcome Legacy!

New Jersey officially approves Legacy Treatment as the fifth non-profit human services agency to affiliate with Woods Services.

“We are delighted that Legacy will be joining Woods, Archway Programs, Allies, Inc., Woods Community at Brian’s House, and Tabor Services as part of the Woods family,” said Kevin Sheetz, Board Chair of Woods Services. 

“Together, we are creating a dynamic population health management organization that draws on our combined expertise to provide the highest quality of compassionate and evidenced-based care,” he said.

Click here to read Woods' news release.
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