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Employee Spotlight On – Lorin Powell
This month our Employee Spotlight goes to Mrs. Lorin Powell, long-standing Archway employee. Lorin has been successfully running the Just Kids Program for nearly 18 years. In her spare time, Lorin is either spending time with family or helping others in the community. She also serves as a small group leader at Fellowship Community Church, as well as coordinating and training the new support ministry for children with special needs. Something that everyone might not be aware of is that Lorin started her career as an art therapist and is a published author (click here to read an article published in School Leader Magazine ). P ictured to the right is Lorin with children she visited in Guatemala, as part of a children’s ministry and medical mission trip.

Always showing compassion, supporting others and embracing diversity, Lorin is constantly making a difference in the lives of others. She is very passionate about working with children, both professionally and through her volunteer work. Lorin has experienced working with children from all walks of life from urban to small South Jersey rural areas and specializes in child care, child welfare, administration, project management, communications, and leadership. Lorin is an influential leader at Archway Programs, especially with her Just Kids staff. She enjoys seeing individuals learn, develop and feel fulfilled at what they are doing every day.
What's your favorite Archway memory?
“My favorite memory is when I was visiting a Just Kids program and one of the little girls looked at my Archway ID (that happened to have the photo of when I originally started). She took it in her hands, looked at the photo, looked at me, looked at the photo, looked at me and said, ‘That must have been from a looonggg time ago.’ It just made me laugh so hard. Children are inquisitive and honest. They have not developed the social filter yet. You never know what they are going to ask or say. That is one thing I love about working with children.”

  What’s your proudest moment?
“One of my proudest moments as the Just Kids Director was when I was at the Just Kids John Glenn Talent Show several years ago. As I watched each performance and the parents and other adults smiling and applauding, I also took note of the Just Kids students sitting on the side waiting their turn to perform. It was astounding, not because they were patient and well behaved, but because they abounded with true admiration, support and praise for each other as their peers performed. Each child was greeted by peers with high fives, genuine applause, and words of support when they finished their performance. The Just Kids staff was teaching essential skills in loving and celebrating each other now matter your age, background or status at school. In my mind, this was Just Kids at its best!”

Thank you Lorin for all that you do for Just Kids, Archway Programs, families throughout our community and for always lending a helping hand to those in need. #ArchwayProud
Program Spotlight On Just Kids
This month our Program Spotlight goes to Just Kids, an Archway Program which recently celebrated 30 years. With programs in over 26 schools throughout New Jersey, Just Kids provides before and after school care to families in partnering school districts serving school-aged children, Pre-K through 8th grades. We want to take you back to when Just Kids began its journey.
The Just Kids Journey
In 1987, Archway Programs worked with the Lindenwold School District to pilot an after school program in two of the schools. In true Archway fashion, we had a competition in ’87 to come up with the program’s name. Kristina Fleming is the famous student from Lindenwold School Four who invented the name of today’s well-known before and after school care program, "Just Kids". Pictured below is former U.S. Congressman James Florio presenting the award to second grade student Kristina Fleming, who is standing with former Archway Programs Director Jackie Gettes and John Carey, former Principal of Lindenwold School #4.
Just Kids has cared for, engaged and inspired thousands of students throughout South Jersey. The program has experienced tremendous growth throughout the years. Just Kids currently has 21 program sites throughout 11 NJ school districts. And the growth has all been organic, with all new business coming directly from school district referrals. Just Kids is known for providing excellent care and has consistently received high ratings from parents. From a parent survey conducted in 2018, 97% of parents said they would recommend Just Kids to other parents, and 93% of our parents said that the Just Kids Program provides a good value.
What Parents Are Saying
“I am so thankful to have Just Kids in our community. My daughter has grown developmentally, socially, and feels a sense of belonging and purpose when she talks about Just Kids. The staff is some of the most positive influences in her life and I feel as though they treat my daughter like their own.”

“After being to a few different after school programs in the area, I have been extremely satisfied with Just Kids because of the staff. They are amazing and my kids are always sad when it’s time to go home.”

“Having Just Kids located within the school that the children attend is extremely beneficial. The children stay with children they know in an environment that they already feel secure in. This gives me peace of mind that my children are comfortable and are learning to trust their environment."
What School Districts Are Saying

“Because of our positive experience with Just Kids, I have not experienced the services delivered by other before and after school provider. With so many changes impacting the education field, I’m happy to say the high quality program offered by Just Kids is one of the few consistencies we experience day-to-day.”

“Over the years, we have asked Lorin Powell, Director of Just Kids, to investigate before and after school summer options. She does so in a comprehensive and forward-thinking manner, administering parent surveys and compiling data. As a result of these efforts, we have successfully offered both before and after school and summer programs over the last several years. Our parents are thrilled; our students are provided safe and enriching environments in which to extend their school day and school year.”
To learn more about Just Kids and download the program brochure, click here to visit the Just Kids website. To learn more about Archway Programs and see Just Kids in action, please click here .
Archway Inspirations

Although National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is observed in the month of October, Archway Programs celebrates disability inclusion each day. Providing services for individuals from birth throughout adulthood, this is something that hits home for Archway staff and families served. In fact, this is the very reason we chose to incorporate this section, "Archway Inspirations" into our newsletter. As advocates for individuals in our community, we strongly believe it's important to highlight each other's differences (not disabilities) to promote inclusion, for we can all learn something from one another and be inspired.

This month, we want to share a story about two Archway staff members who joined forces to offer a new activity for students participating in the Archway Schools' Career Education Program. Career Trainer Miriam Caputi from Archway's Upper School and Accounting Manager Kim Zweier from Archway's Accounting Department organized a three-day exercise to benefit Archway students. Kim and Miriam chose different administrative staff members who then carved time out of their schedules for a series of interviews. The students came up with questions themselves and they interviewed staff members from different departments to learn about different career paths, gain insight from career experiences, and hear how important teamwork truly is for a business to operate successfully.
"The students commented on how 'cool' the experience was and how they enjoyed it. Although I know the information was a bit of a foreign language to some, I strongly feel that exposing them to a different environment gave them something to think about. I witnessed a personality change in some of the students during the interview that I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprised to see. The students commented on how nice everyone was, how fancy the administrative office looked, and how they felt important sitting at a big table."
- Miriam Caputi, Career Education Program

For anyone who is not familiar with Archway's Career Education Program, we invite you to schedule a tour. In the meantime, please enjoy this advertisement that some Archway students put together, showing off the Careers Center, a component of the Career Education Program.

Click here or on the video to the right to watch the short clip.
Welcome Back Home Tammy!
Everyone at Archway Programs has been sending well wishes to Tammy, a beloved resident from one of our Residential Community Homes. Tammy has had a rough road the past few weeks, but she never gave up. Her determination and sheer will to overcome this medical situation is admirable and inspirational to all of those around her.

Our hearts are full as Tammy returned home yesterday! Archway staff and residents from her community home were beyond excited and celebrated with a welcome home party. Archway's Human Services' Program Director Mickie Patetta and Archway's COO Shawn Gibson also attended the party to welcome Tammy back.

Here she is dancing her way back home, as residents cheer her on (click on the video below).
Tammy, we sure have missed you. It's good to have you back! #ArchwayFamily
Around Archway...

Kindness Matters

At Archway Programs, everyone fits in. Throughout the month of October and in honor of Bullying Prevention Month, Archway staff discussed ways to show compassion to students throughout our youth programs.

The Archway Schools’ enjoyed a Magic Show presented by Ken Northridge from Dovetail Productions. Ken’s show blends magic tricks with a positive message, showing the audience effective ways on how to handle bullies as well as techniques on how to be a good friend. To see more photos from this event visit Archway's Facebook page by clicking here .

Archway staff from our Partial Care Youth Programs, HOPE and DISCOVER, discussed how to support their peers, show compassion, and positive ways to handle negative feelings. Click here or on the video to the right to watch a video that shows what compassion means to kids in the HOPE and DISCOVER programs.
Just Kids childcare staff discussed ways to support their peers as well. To see firsthand what compassion means to students in Just Kids, click on the videos below. These were put together by staff and students from the Just Kids Tatem and Magnolia programs.
Supporting Our Archway Family

One thing that all Archway employees have in common is making a real difference in the lives of others. Last month, Archway held its 8 th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk and raised $2,000 to help support Archway employees and their families impacted by cancer and other related medical issues they may be facing. Thank you to all those who donated your time and money to support our Archway family.

A special shout out to Evesham Fire Rescue , t he Waterford Township Police Department and our parent affiliate Woods Services for attending this Archway event.

To see additional footage from the event, visit the Archway Programs Facebook page . Click here  to read our news release and here to watch a video from the event. To see news coverage, click here .
A Spook-tacular Halloween at Archway Programs!

Halloween at Archway Program was filled with trick or treating, haunted houses, festive parties, music and dancing! Archway staff, students and clients enjoyed celebrating. Thank you to our staff for your hard work on making it so much fun for our students and clients. Everyone had a spook-tacular Halloween, thanks to you!
Click here to see more pictures from the festivities.
The ‘1000 Books Reading Nook’ is NOW Open!
Archway Programs teamed up with 1000 Books Before Kindergarten , a nonprofit and nationwide early literacy program, as they launched their first satellite location at Archway Programs’ Washington Township location! Please help us spread the word about the 1000 Books Reading Nook!

To learn more about the program including how this partnership began, read our news release by clicking here . Click here to see news coverage from the event.
The Archway Schools' Annual Fall Field Trips
 Students and staff from The Archway Schools recently went on their annual fall field trips to Johnson's Corner Farm and the Philadelphia Zoo . Everyone had a blast picking pumpkins and learning about the animals they saw at the zoo!

For more sights and scenes from the day, visit the Archway Programs Facebook page .
Welcome Home Christine!

Christine moved into one of Archway's Residential Community Homes this past month. Please join us in welcoming Christine to her new home. We are proud to welcome her into Archway's growing family!
Upcoming Events...

Save the Date for Winter Wonderland at Woods!
Our parent affiliate, Woods Services , is having their 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland on 11/30 and 12/1.

Click here to view more details.
Supporting the Non-Profit Community
Archway Programs will be attending and participating in the 2018 New Jersey Non-Profit Conference. We are excited to be a part of this year's event! We will be sharing more information later this month, so stay tuned! #njnpconf

Click here to visit the Center for Non-Profit's website.
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