Warm Summer greetings (literally!) to our friends in the ROI Search Group community!

The constantly changing situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt day-to-day life around the world. It is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Know that ROI Search Group understands we are all navigating a "new normal", and know that our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you.

I appreciate that you will be receiving many messages like this, and as a client who uses our services I want you to know we are here for you during these challenging times. Our focus has always been to ensure you have the most reliable support and service for your talent needs. Additionally, this crisis creates an environment where many are likely looking to use our services differently. Perhaps you are working or learning from home, or are looking to lay a forward course to excel through significant changes. Because of the way our business is set up we are able to offer you another distinct approach to help embrace and adjust to necessary transitions. We want you to know that we continue to endeavor going above and beyond in meeting your needs and goals using our expertise and adaptability to thrive. We are taking a range of actions to continue to help you flourish at this critical time, whether your talent needs are for permanent placement, interim leadership, physician recruitment, other specialized consulting projects, and/or outplacement services.

As a valued client and partner you may know that at ROI Search Group we already work remotely. Due to the nature of our business we have access to the best web-based technology available, through several of our trusted partners: Zoom and Reciprocal Technologies . We regularly connect our clients with out-of-state candidates remotely, throughout the full interview process, until the final stages, when in person meetings are typically requested. Over the next several weeks and for an unknown period of time, we expect our virtual meeting rooms to be a huge benefit as everyone tries to maintain a “business as usual” outlook. I want you to know you have our full commitment to continue providing you with the services you depend on. We have implemented our business continuity plan to ensure we provide you with the professionalism, commitment, and service you have become accustomed to.

At ROI Search Group, we pride ourselves on being flexible and providing unique solutions to our client needs. If we can be of assistance to your organization as we work through the challenges of the pandemic and continue moving to working in remote environments, please reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss how we might be able to assist and provide additional bandwidth to your team as we navigate these challenges. After all, we are all in this together.

Best Regards,
Stacey McCreery
Founder and President, ROI Search Group
Go INside Succession Planning with Stacey McCreery:

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As featured in:
ROI Search Group is hosting a series of webinars focusing on our Outplacement Services, and best practices for navigating career changes during these unprecedented times. Services can also be customized to fit your company's needs for individuals in transitioning roles, including: Executive Leadership, Directors, Management, and team member roles. Ask how we can personalize a solution for your organization. Group and individual classes are offered. Click through to learn more.

 ROISG Webinar Series

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Networking

Hosted by Julie Teixeira, Senior Client Consultant
The way you search for a new job has changed. Join us for an informative webinar, hosted by ROI Search Group Senior Client Consultant, Julie Teixeira, and learn how to manage your social media to maximize the results of your job search. In this 60-minute session, you will learn how to review and change social media privacy settings, craft your story and make appropriate posts, utilize various platforms to network for your next position, update your current position on social media, search for job postings on various social media and more.

Next Webinar :
July 30, 2020
10:00 am EST

ROI Search Group
Outplacement Program

What the Program includes:

  • Professional head shot and bio.
  • Resume writing and rewriting recommendations based on various positions.
  • Career transition coaching: what to say, not say, social media tips, and how to interact with colleagues and family during the transition.
  • In-depth coaching on how to fully utilize Indeed including setting up Indeed job alerts.
  • Marketing candidate background, as applicable.
  • ROI Search Group provides job leads, professional networking leads/introductions, and recommendations to associations.
  • Interview Practice and Coaching on how to craft your own individual story.
  • Executive Summary prepared by ROI Search Group for employee utilization.
  • Three Comprehensive Personal Reference Checks/Letters.
  • Detailed background check, including criminal, credit, employment history, professional license, or SEC violation checks.
From our team to yours:
We continue to be here supporting you whether it is an executive recruitment, a specialized recruitment, interim leadership, physician recruitment, outplacement services, all while providing you the guarantees you are accustomed to.

Six months on every recruitment.

We are #INthistogether.
ROISG Business Continuity Plan Update:
As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and what is in the best interest of the safety and health of our clients, candidates, and employees at ROI Search Group, we know these are challenging times for all. That said, in the best interest we will continue working virtually to support our clients and ensuring health and safety of our employees and clients through August 30.

In addition, while we really enjoy traveling and speaking at conferences, we have made a conscious effort to delay those activities until after August 30. We miss our associations. The best practices we have in our recruitment efforts for all levels we do virtually have been very successful.

As many know we have worked remotely and virtually a majority of the time since we started the business, which enables us to position ourselves well. That said we always will put the health and safety of our clients, candidates, and employees first.

We can help you with your needs having an infrastructure in place and the flexibility. We are also trying to ensure we make this easy on you by mailing printed interview packets to your home office or sending materials digitally in advance, whichever your preference.

We are truly #INthistogether .
Tips on How to Lead Your Business Through the COVID-19
According to the Harvard Business Review here at 12 tips to get your business through COVID-19:
1 ) Update intelligence on a daily basis.
2) Beware of hypes/news cycles.
3) Don’t assume that information creates informedness.
4) Use experts and forecasts carefully.
5) Constantly re-frame your understanding of what’s happening.
6) Beware of bureaucracy.
7) Make sure your response is balanced.
8) Use resilience principles in developing policies.
9) Prepare now for the next crisis.
10) Intellectual preparation is not enough.
11) Reflect on what you’ve learned.
12) Prepare for a changed world.
How to Get the Most Return from Outplacement Services
Steve Spires, Managing Director of Career Services and Senior Executive Coach at BPI Group North America, discusses what HR needs to know about working with outside career transition firms at SHRM Online. 
"3 Traits of a Strong Professional Relationship"
By building professional relationships, you can help your company deliver results even in difficult times - whether you are "in the office" or not.

Click through to read this great article from the Harvard Business Review.
Giving Back to Healthcare
After 80 long days of not being able to walk into a hospital, our own Stacey McCreery was ecstatic to be able to deliver ROISG's donation of PPE to our friends at IU Health .  Thank you for making patients your first priority! We care about the front lines, and we appreciate you! Stay healthy. #MaskUpHoosiers #INthistogether
Giving Back to Those Who Need Us Most!
Giving back to the kids!
Another great way ROI Search group gave back to the community recently was by donating to a charity that has made an impact on us is Anna’s Celebration of Life. This represents why we do what we do every single day. People matter. We love people and the impact we can make at ROI Search Group. However, it is the mission and the ability to give back to kids. #celebrateability

For more information on how you can impact Anna's Celebration of Life, please watch the video.
1% of Every $ is Invested Into to the Community
Mental Health Check

It is important as states, companies, and daily life moves forward into the new normal to understand that no one person has had the same circumstances throughout this pandemic. This is a great article from the American Psychiatric Association Center for Workplace Mental Health on how to maintain mental health during these unprecedented times.
"4 Ways To Incorporate Diversity Into Your Workplace"
Great editorial from Dr. Art Langer, chairman and founder, Workforce Opportunity Services via the Huffington Post . We have made progress over the last half-century in terms of diversity and inclusion. But the work is far from done.
Communication for Effective Leadership
Clear, active, and strong communication is more important than ever as events continue to update and change throughout this pandemic. This is a great article from our own, Julie Teixeira, showcasing how strong and effective communication is built by leaders from active listening, asking the right questions, and more.
Physician Recruitment …. Celebrating Our 1st Year Anniversary!
After a few years of research of developing the best physician recruitment plan and after our owner spending a decade with the largest academic healthcare system in Indiana, we spent time with those who were industry experts and had done this work themselves. Then, we incorporated best practices, and like our executive search services, we incorporated a program that we believe is fair and equitable and leads to exceptional outcomes for our clients. We put together a program last year and this year, we refined the pricing for this program and wanted to highlight a few differences for you.

  • There is no minimum number of physicians to recruit.
  • Services can be cancelled with a 30-day notice.
  • Our talent acquisition team work on a 3:1 ratio, leading to a more personalized search.
  • Weekly 1:1 communication with your consultant to review our recruitment recap and metrics met and adjust the search accordingly.
  • No limits on the duration of the search.
  • The monthly cost is lower than the cost of a FTE; so why not try? And the 3-month cost is lower than the cost of a one-time list from MGMA.
Let’s talk how we can help you achieve your physician recruitment goals.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
We will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help your organization.

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