Hello church family! We have some wonderful news! Worship service in the sanctuary will begin Sunday, November 22nd at 10 a.m.! These past several months your Session, staff and Re-opening Task Force have been hard at work preparing for this day. Here are some things YOU need to know as we return to our sanctuary.

1.     Please wear a mask for the entire service. Presenters who participate in the worship may remove their mask when talking to the congregation, placing it back on when returning to their pew. If you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, we invite you to continue to watch online services. Masks are available at church, if you forget to bring yours from home.

2.     Please do not attend if you are someone that is immune compromised, has any symptoms or has a fever.

3.     Please refrain from physical contact (such as shaking hands or hugging) according to CDC guidelines of social distancing.

4.     Passing the Peace of Christ (greeting neighbors during service) will be done through hand gestures Marcie taught last week.

5.     An offering box will be located next to the AV booth for members who want to bring their offering with them to church. 

6.     Online services will continue. Do not feel obligated to attend in person. 

7.     Please social distance.

8.     Please refrain from singing at this time. Use this time to listen to the music and allow God to speak to you through the lyrics.   

9.     You are welcome to bring your own communion items on the first Sunday of each month. 

10. Online services are still being offered at the 10 a.m. time on Sundays. 

11. Please read and follow all signage on campus.

12. Those seated in front of the pew decorations, please exit to the corresponding side exit. Those seated behind the pew decorations, please exit the rear, maintaining a 6 foot social distance.

13. Please keep social distancing while visiting/conversing before and after the service. There will be no patio refreshments. 

14. Church doors will open at 9:45 a.m. for the 10 a.m. worship service. 

15. By entering the worship center, you give consent to be photographed for contact tracing. We are documenting where people are sitting on Sundays. Why? If it so happens someone is diagnosed with covid-19, contact can be made to those in attendance and let them know. 

Please be sure to contact Pastor RJ or the church office (787-5687) if you have questions. Again, do not feel obligated to attend. We are doing our best to make things as safe as possible but there are no guarantees. 

God bless all of you,

Pastor RJ and the Session