Introducing Archway's First E-Newsletter...
Dear friends,

As we enter into fall at Archway Programs, we are also entering into an exciting time within our organization. As many of you know, Archway has expanded many of the programs and services offered to families throughout New Jersey. I am grateful for the continued support and dedication that our staff, affiliates and local community has shown Archway throughout the years. None of this would be possible without you.

I am pleased to announce the launch of Archway's first monthly e-newsletter, The Bridge . Our goal is to connect our Archway community, inspire new ideas and provide an added benefit to those we serve, our employees and stakeholders.I hope that you will be as eager as I am to share the positive news throughout Archway Programs!
To subscribe, please click here to email our communications department.

I hope you enjoy reading and I encourage you to share with others in order for Archway to continue to help individuals throughout our community.

George Richards, CEO/CFO
Archway's Name the Newsletter Contest Winner!
Archway held an employee-wide Name the E-Newsletter Contest and received over 100 submissions. Staff came up with some really thoughtful and creative suggestions.
Congratulations to Upper School Music Teacher/Therapist, Gabe Garcia! Gabe’s submission received the most votes from the internal committee and has been crowned the winner!

Pictured to the right is Gabe Garcia with Archway's COO Shawn Gibson, CEO/CFO George Richards and Upper School Principal Mark Letiziano, who helped pull off the surprise announcement.

Why “ The Bridge ”? The bridge is iconic at the main campus, since this is where it all began for Archway Programs back in 1965.

The Bridge ” doesn’t just symbolize Archway's history but also its future representing the bond between Archway, its interests, populations served, and the public to inform others of Archway Programs mission and vision. Click here to watch Archway's story.
Employee Spotlight On – John Petsch
This month our Employee Spotlight goes to Mr. John Petsch, newly hired Principal of The Archway School at Cooper's Poynt and former long-standing Archway employee. John has been actively involved in Education for nearly two decades. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University, a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Rowan University, and the following teaching certifications: Teacher of the Handicapped, Elementary Education, Supervisor and Principal.

John began his educational career as a Paraprofessional at Archway Programs. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, he served as a teacher at Archway’s Upper School. Once John received all of his teaching certifications, he was named Dean of Students at Archway’s Upper School. He eventually left the private sector to open a behavioral development program in the Woodstown-Pilesgrove School District where he successfully led the program for over five years while obtaining a Master’s Degree in School Administration.
What are you most excited about?
"I’m most excited about the opportunity to work with extraordinary staff, students and families throughout the Camden City and surrounding school districts. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead a new, innovative program and support all stakeholders to ultimately ensure student success."
Archway Programs is proud to have you back, John!
Program Spotlight On The Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt
This month our Program Spotlight goes to the Education Department's newly launched program, The Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt.

Archway’s highly trained staff will offer students the strategies and tools to support academic achievements as well as life experiences.This means helping students remove any barriers they may be facing, providing resources that will empower each of them to face their challenges, improve behaviors, to ultimately return to and thrive in their community schools.
Archway's New Program At A Glance...
  • Located in the neighborhood of North Camden.
  • An approved private school located within a public school, Cooper’s Poynt Family School.
  • Serving students in Camden City and surrounding school districts, grades K-5th, with behavioral, emotional, intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.
  • Staff focuses on each child’s strengths while providing positive developmental supports.
  • Archway's new innovative program features a multi-sensory approach delivering academics, social and life skills to youth.
  • Students are provided inclusion opportunities, as they are able to integrate with their non-typical peers.
  • The Archway School at Cooper's Poynt will operate during normal school hours on a ten month school year.
Here's what Archway staff had to say about the upcoming school year...

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to help change some lives in my hometown," Dennis Davis, Paraprofessional.

"I'm looking forward to changing the lives of our students," Rachel Edmondson, Teacher.
"I'm looking forward to working with the students and helping teach them necessary skills to be successful," Debbie Roach, Paraprofessional.

"This year I am looking forward to the social and emotional growth of the students," Bridget Rooney, Teacher.
"I'm looking forward to the behavioral progression of the students," Tyler Rozycki, Paraprofessional.
"I look forward to watching the students grow and learn skills that will help carry them through life," Megan Gluchoski, Social Worker.

Click here to read our press release and here to view news coverage.
Archway Inspirations

This month, Archway is proud to highlight talented clients from our Adult, Counseling and Therapy (ACT) Program as they recently held their 1 st Annual Art & Talent Show, A Daniel B Production . Clients and program staff put in a lot of hard work and spent many hours practicing to prepare for the big day. Adults in the ACT Program shined as they showcased beautiful artwork and participated in performances through song, dance and poetry.
Talented artists include: clients Jim, Cody, Keenan, Daniel, Elena, Carissa and Darlene. Performances whether it be through song, dance and reciting poetry by clients: Ben, Constance, Eric, Samantha, Shelly, Dennis, Joyce, Chris, Dena, Jim, Latifah, Renee, Vanessa, Juan, Darlene, Peggy, Richard, Daniel and Lori.
Around Archway
HOPE/DISCOVER, Partial Care Youth Programs

Archway’s Partial Care Youth Programs HOPE and DISCOVER celebrated the end of summer and start of a new school year with al Fun Day which included games and activities, special snacks and even a few surprises. Upon entering program, all of the youth were surprised with balloons and a special snack, soft pretzels and water ice. Soon after, the fun activities began! Thanks to Counselor Ioaki Sanchez for organizing the various fun stations, the kids had a blast!

After the activities ended, the staff and kids enjoyed a special dinner. The youth returned to their group activity rooms and later received a special cream from Mister Softee! At the end of the night all of the kids received a certificate of participation and selected one item out of the program's prize bag.
A huge shout out to PCS Supervisor Veronica Clifton and Lead Mental Health Worker Dawn Gares for all of the work that went into making the day a success for the kids! Thanks to donations from local community vendors, kids from the HOPE/DISCOVER programs enjoyed delicious food from Chick-fil-A , Philly Pretzel Factory and Angelo’s Pizza . Youth were overwhelmed with excitement from the day and appreciate the generosity of Archway staff and local business vendors.
Step By Step Program Expansion
Archway Programs has partnered with Voorhees Pediatric Rehabilitation Services to expand its early intervention program, Step By Step, serving children from birth through three years old. Early intervention services from both organizations feature highly trained staff that share the same vision and passion for helping those in need.

Click here to read the full story and here to view news coverage.
The 10th Annual Archway Games
Before summer came to a close, Archway staff and students from The Archway Schools celebrated the 10th Annual Archway Games, inspired by the Special Olympics. This fun annual event gives students an opportunity to compete in activities, work on skills including fine and gross motor, team building and sportsmanship.
To see additional footage from the event, visit the Archway Programs Facebook page . Click here to see media coverage from the event.
Saturday Respite Program

Before summer came to a close, individuals in our Saturday Respite Program enjoyed planting flowers (pictured to the right), the pool, going outdoors to play basketball, baseball, and walk around the lake. Other activities included making their own pizzas, as well as fun crafts and monthly field trips. Staff is looking forward to the cooler temperatures and many fun fall activities!

For more information about our Saturday Respite Program, click here .
Professional Development Training
As childcare staff from the Just Kids Program prepared for the upcoming school year, they participated in a five-day professional development training. This year’s theme was Game Changers. Part of the training included learning and practicing mindfulness, which includes using centering tools to support oneself and children in program.
Just Kids staff also created vision boards for each of the individual program sites. The vision boards help guide goals and create structure for the year as well as set the tone for each specific program. Other topics included: communication, conflict resolution, health and safety practices, cooking without ovens, gender identity inclusions, yoga in the classroom, pinball machine design, program management and interactive modeling.
For more information about the Just Kids Program, click here .
2nd Annual Social Innovations Lab Pitch

Archway employees had the opportunity to participate in the 2 nd Annual Social Innovations Lab Pitch on September 18 th . A total of twelve projects were presented. This was a four-month long process in which participants collaborated on and developed business plans for ideas that will enhance services or develop new ones, improve upon policies or systems, and have a greater social impact, and/or enhance the employee experience. The Woods Services Foundation has generously committed $100,000 in startup costs to fund the best ideas. Archway was honored to be among so many talented, inspirational individuals and is grateful to Woods for continuing this annual event.

We would like to give a special shout out to Archway employees -
  • Kristine Henle-Blank, Horticultural Instructor
  • Karen Todd, IT Director
  • Kim Zweier, Accounting Manager

They did an incredible job presenting and representing Archway Programs! #ArchwayProud
The Archway Schools Visit Adventure Aquarium
Students and staff from Archway’s Lower School recently enjoyed a field trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. Everyone had a blast discovering the world's aquatic treasures.

For more sights and scenes from the day, visit the Archway Programs Facebook page .
Welcome to the Archway Family!
We are proud to welcome new employees to our Archway Family as our organization expands, allowing us to help more families throughout the community.
Administrative Staff
Tasha Bacchus, Recruiter
Katie Baxendale, Admin. Assistant Education
Francis Gervasio, Accountant
Michael Kernan, Sr. Accountant 
Mona Weaver, Recruiter
The Archway Schools
Victoria Anderson, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Brooke Avellino, Speech Therapist (Lower)
Andrew Conover, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Suzanne Conover, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Nicole Cooper, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Alexa Elliott, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Deborah Fadako, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Lauren Fewer, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Luis Garcia, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Megan Gluchoski, Social Worker (Cooper’s Poynt)
Julie Gramlich, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Carla Guerreiro, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Marissa Guidos, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Brian Hairston, Paraprofessional (Upper)
JC Jackson, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Parissa Johnson, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Paris Robin Marie Johnson, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Megan Jones, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Thomas Kelley, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Erica Kirkland, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Mary Kostiuk, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Ariana Lutz, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Anthony Miles, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Antraye Miles, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Scott Nalick, Teacher (Upper)
Jonathan Pereira, Paraprofessional (Lower)
John Petsch, Principal (Cooper’s Poynt)
Bridget Rooney, Teacher (Cooper’s Poynt)
Michael Rozycki, Paraprofessional (Cooper’s Poynt)
Branson Shute, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Joshua Simpkins, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Danielle Shekhter, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Sharbrei Taylor, Paraprofessional (Upper)
Alissa Valeriano, Teacher (Upper)
Lucas Waldburger, Paraprofessional (Lower)
Katie Wertheim, Teacher (Lower)
Carly Wroblewski, Paraprofessional (Lower)
David Velazquez, Paraprofessional (Lower)
HOPE/DISCOVER, Partial Care Programs
Ashlee Banks, Human Services Technician
John Conroy, Driver/Aide

Just Kids, Before/After School Care 
Karen Allen, Assistant
Kimberly Bekisz, Pre-K Assistant
Michael Brown, Assistant
Jeanne Coffey, Supervisor
Crystal Davis, Assistant
Mecaela Dunson, Supervisor
Just Kids Program (continued)
Natalie Fanelle-Thompson, Assistant
Margaret Fitzgerald, Assistant Trainee
Maureen Forbes, Assistant
Kimberly Gollub, Supervisor
Kira Hands-Damiano, Assistant
Allison Holmes, Assistant
Brianna Johnston, Assistant
Alice Merschen, Pre-K Teacher
Patricia Nage, Supervisor
Erica Newton, Assistant
Tyler Parks, Assistant Trainee
Tania Pollock, Assistant
Mary Rossi, Assistant
Aja Smith, Program Coordinator Curriculum & Programs
Alicia Waldo, Assistant
Taneeka Weathers, Supervisor
Debra White, Supervisor
Arlena Wilson, Assistant
Sherry Zolinas, Assistant

Step By Step, Early Intervention Services
Jaime Dantonio, Speech Therapist
Allison Decky, Social Worker
Lauren Del Rossi, Physical Therapist (NE)
Alynson Sloan-Anderson, Assistant Director of EI
Kathleen Usher, Occupational Therapist (NE)
Residential Community Homes
Naquaysha Adams, Residential Aide
Flor De Maria Barba, Manager
Barbara Bethea, Residential Aide
Sabrina Carswell Baer, Residential Aide
Jacqueline Coachman, Residential Aide
Deona Edgerton, Assistant Manager
Perpetual Fosuhene, Residential Aide
Rosalind Harvard-Olufemi, Residential Aide
Brenda Hill, Manager
Chante Hines, Assistant Manager
Brielle Hood, Residential Aide
Rochelle Keaton, Residential Aide
Julius McAllister, Residential Aide
Janice Pasha, Residential Aide
Toni Pratt, Residential Aide
Courtney Raab, Residential Aide
Shaniece Randall, Assistant Manager
Positive Encounters
Scott Figueroa, Technician/Aide
Community Living Supports
Shaquana Hardy, Life Skills Counselor
Kevin Ferguson, Driver
Garry Moore, Driver
Upcoming Events...

Join us for the 8th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk

Archway Programs' staff, volunteers and community members are invited to attend the 8th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk on Wednesday, October 17th. Live music, entertainment and refreshments will be provided. Baked goods and cancer awareness items will be for sale.
Please help us spread the word and come support a great cause! If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation, please click on the " Donate " button here on the Archway Facebook page.
Save the Date for Winter Wonderland at Woods

Our parent affiliate, Woods Services , is having their 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland on 11/30 and 12/1. Click here to view more details.
Supporting the Non-Profit Community
Archway Programs is excited to announce that some of our leadership staff will be participating in the 2018 New Jersey Non-Profit Conference. We are excited to be a part of this year's event! We will be sharing more information soon, stay tuned!

Click here to visit the Center for Non-Profit's website.
Join Our Growing Team!
Do you want to work for an organization that values a healthy work/life balance while improving the lives of others in your community? Join our growing team as we continue to expand programs and services offered at Archway Programs!

To see a list of available full-time and part-time positions, visit our or click here . This will take you to Paycom which will show you all of the open positions at Archway Programs. Please take some time to browse the position that is the perfect fit for you.

Click on the you are interested in.
Scroll down and click " Apply for job ".
Create a Paycom username/password.
Login to track the status of your application.

We are happy to help, please call or email us at 856.767.5757 or Click here for additional contact information.
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