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KRC-4936: #6AN Long Stainless Steel Fuel Filter w/element & shut off valve

Long Stainless Steel Fuel Filter with ball valve shut-off so you can can remove the filter to clean the debris. Quick and simple.
Available in: Black, Blue & Red; #6, #8, #10, & #12AN
KRC-5000: Cyclone Thru-Hole Ratchet 29 piece set
  • Thru-Hole design eliminates deep sockets. Long bolts and studs pass thru socket head.
  • Patented double back-loaded pawls eliminate all slippage.
  • One hand operation of forward and reverse.
  • Push button socket for release.
  • Lowest head profile in the market today. Head and socket assembly is 30% smaller than conventional air ratchets and sockets. The profile is 40% smaller, ideal for small places that a conventional ratchet will not fit in.
  • Short stroke ratcheting action for confined areas.
  • Rear exhaust for safety.
  • Corrosive-resistant impact sockets.
  • Laser etched socket marking for high visibility.
  • Rubber grip for superior support.
  • Max. torque is 90 ft-lbs and is fully adjustable.
  • Lifetime warranty on sockets.
KRC-7100: Powerglide Lockup (Push Start)
Allow push starting of cars equipped with Power Glide Transmissions. No more waiting until the starter cools down. Includes flare fitting and bleeder valve. Requires single foot pedal, small master cylinder, #4 fitting and braided or steel brake line. Automatic Transmission. Push Start. 
KRC-7400: Bert Shifter

KRC's Bert Shifter features a lightweight aluminum dual handle designed for rough tracks and rough terrain conditions. 1/4" levers can be locked in with simple detent so it can't jump out of gear. Includes 20" Rods, Clevis Kit & Mounting Brackets for complete installation.
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