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A Note from Ilana

Do you Vacay??

Turns out that as a nation we average approximately 47-hour work weeks, don't get adequate sleep and experience stress more often than not.  A deprivation study showed that the average Americans got 14 vacations and only took 12 of them compared to Europeans who get 22 paid vacation days plus 12 national holidays and they take them! (I'm moving!!)
Here are some reasons why a vacay is the footpath to health and wellness and what the benefits are to taking time off and focusing on fun:


Spa Juice
SPARKS start flying and FINE things happen when...
The Florida Spa Association and The Club and Spa Fitness Association come together !
Spa Spotlight
Linda Higgs
Spa Director, The Spa at Shula's
The FSA is honored and proud to place a spotlight on Linda Higgs, the Co-Chair of the Advisory Board for the Florida Spa Association.  For over 3 years, Linda has found a passion for connecting Spa Vendors with Spa Directors to super-charge their business opportunities and networking.  

Vendor Highlight
CBD... it's all the BUZZ!

Verde Medicinals is the lead distributor of Mary's Nutritionals CBD products.

With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, the Brock family created Verde Medicinals in 2016 in hopes of spreading awareness about the healing benefits of cannabis and hemp plants and increasing the availability of elite CBD products throughout the country.    

Upcoming Events

The Florida Spa Association Presents
Get Well on Vacay
The Wellness Tourism Event
Monday, July 24, 2017
Enjoy a full day at the private and exclusive

- Wellness Amenities to Enjoy during your stay -

Fitness Feature

Why you should replace your a.m. workout with a sunset run

The early bird catches the worm-but if there's one thing that can rival a warm-weather happy-hour buzz, it's a runner's high at the end of a long day.
Yes, it's time to rethink when you log your miles; especially now that it's summer (longer days FTW), hitting the asphalt in the p.m. has its perks.    

Wellness Feature
Take Vacations for Stress Relief & Overall Health 
Vacations Are Important For More Than Just Fun... 

Many people don't take vacations often enough.  In fact, according to a poll on this site, around half of readers don't take annual vacations; in fact, many readers never take them!

Wellness Feature 2

Here's What You Need To Know About Medication & Nutrient Deficiencies

We've all seen drug commercials with the same narrative: After catching a glimpse of someone holding a pill bottle living the perfect life, an announcer quickly runs through a lot of awful-sounding side effects.     

Global Wellness Day
What the World Needs Now...More Wellness!!

Global Wellness Day 2017
On June 10,  GWD was celebrated in 100 countries at 4,000 locations!
Many Florida Spas participated on June 10 th celebrating and welcoming "wellness awareness" with the public. 
Made us proud!
Ilana Moses, Global Wellness Day Ambassador, USA
Featured Article

Genetic Tests and Wellness Integrated at Global Wellness Summit

At the 2017 Global Wellness Summit (GWS), one of the main topics of discussions will be on the emergence of individual genetic tests, personal biomarker, genome-based nutrition and well-being testing. 

July Calendar
  • July   4 - Independence Day
  • July 15 CSFA - Florida Round Table
  • July 16  -  CSFA - 10 th Anniversary Regional Conference
  • July 16  -  National Ice Cream Day
  • July 24  -  FSA "Get Well on VACAY" Event - Ocean Reef Club
  • July 30 - International Friendship Day
FSA Foodie

Layered Strawberry-Mango Margaritas

Summertime delight!

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