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August 2016
Want to make sure you get Board Certified by a well respected Board relevant to your area of practice?  See a summary of our over 41 year history and more!
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ABPMs Over 40 Year History at a Glance...
The ABPM celebrates over 41 years of support to the American Podiatric community 
"Many people do not realize the extensive history of the ABPM," stated Dr. Marc Benard, who is celebrating 20 years as Executive Director of the ABPM this July. "We have had a few significant changes since 1975, but as a credentialing organization, our roots span 41 years."
When to Consult another Healthcare Practitioner
by Dr. Melissa Lockwood
A recent residency graduate from Florida, just entering private practice, asked me this interesting question last week. How do we, as podiatrists, know when to consult another health care professional and more importantly, who to consult, in a private practice setting?
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