The RCE Water Resources Program has recently renewed their four-year partnership with the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, beginning in 2018. This new partnership will expand on the existing coastal communities program developed as part of the 2013-2017 work plan. In 2016, the RCE Water Resources Program partnered with the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and Whale Pond Brook Watershed Association (WPBWA) to bring impervious cover assessments and impervious cover reduction action plans to seven communities in Monmouth County: Keyport, Long Branch City, West Long Branch Borough, Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Ocean Township, and Lakewood. Since their development, the RCE Water Resources Program, in partnership with the WPBWA, has met with these municipalities to discuss the reports and the opportunity for green infrastructure in their neighborhood.

Moving into 2018, the RCE Water Resources Program plans to expand these efforts by supporting the implementation of eight (8) stormwater management demonstration practices across these seven (7) communities. The goal is to manage up to 500,000 gallons of stormwater as a result of these projects by providing outreach and education during the process. Without the support of the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, the RCE Water Resources Program would not have been able to develop these strong partnerships with these communities and leverage the resources necessary to expand them.