Read about the latest product of the month from Dri-Air on customizing a drying system.
March, 2016

This month's feature shows Dri-Air's flexibility to customize a drying system to suit a customers need.

Two hopper drying system to allow for  pre-drying of one  resin while another is in  process. Must have "bucket clearance" discharge for easy  removal from drying  hopper, at an ergonomic friendly level,  or use VTOB to convey to local machine.

40-lbs/hr. for each drying hopper  (as needed)

Various Engineered Resins

Two 150 pound hoppers on a special height floor  stand with shelf. Floor mounted HP-4X75 with  ADC control set up to control both hopper temperatures individually.  Takeoff box with slide gate discharge.

Some like it Hot:
Separate booster heaters allow for individual temperature settings for each drying hopper and resin.  Automatic valves control air flow to and from drying hoppers - eliminates the guess work of manual air valves.